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160803 individuals, 60754 families from file 20190714.ged (14 Jul 2019)

A. C. --to-- Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams --to-- Samuel Arnold
Samuel A. Arnold --to-- Robert Geoffrey Beckwith
Robert Lincoln Lippitt Beckwith --to-- Daniel Sumner Briggs
David S. Briggs --to-- Allieen Mae Cain (twin)
Amanda Jo Cain --to-- Charlotte Elderkin Clarke
Charlotte Elizabeth Clarke --to-- Mary E. Crossman
Mary Jane Crossman --to-- Nathan B. Dodson
Willa Nell Dodson --to-- Herbert Angell Fenner
Howard Irving Fenner --to-- Laura Whipple Getman
Ruthi Getting --to-- Orrin N. Hall
Parley Hall --to-- Thankful Hersey
Elizabeth Hershey --to-- Polly Hyde
Richard Hyde --to-- Jeanne Kelly
John D. Kelly --to-- William Lemon
William Lemon --to-- Thomas Mathews
William J. Mathews --to-- Freeman H. Moore
Garry Deen Moore --to-- Jennie Elizabeth Olmstead
Jessie Randolph Olmstead --to-- Claire Eleanor Montcalm Payzant
Donald Anderson Payzant --to-- Henry H. Potter
Henry M. Potter --to-- Orrin C. Rix
Orrin S. Rix --to-- Anna Pauline Serger
Ralph Serum --to-- Roena Burdette Snyder
Rollin Otis Snyder --to-- Dwight Sanford Stone
Dwight W. Stone --to-- Harvey C. Syfert
Omer Ordel Syfert --to-- Katharine Tuttle
Lavinia Tuttle --to-- Electra Weathers
Floyd Cecil Weathers (Jr.) --to-- Daniel Whipple
Daniel Whipple --to-- Jesse Champlin Whipple (Jr.)
Jesse Champlin Whipple --to-- Richard Eldsworth Whipple
Richard Elton Whipple --to-- Rufus Wilkinson
Russell Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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