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Index of Persons

162224 individuals, 61430 families from file 20200216.ged (16 Feb 2020)

A. C. --to-- Margarett Ailes
Rachael Elizabeth Ailey --to-- Alice Atkins
Cora Belle Atkins --to-- Eunice Bennett
Eva Bennett --to-- Amy J. Brown
Amy Jo Brown --to-- Douglas Forrest Cannon
Emily Ada Cannon --to-- Norman Fletcher Colbert
Raymond Lester Colbert --to-- Thomas Todd Dabney
Deborah Elizabeth Dace --to-- Charles Henri Neuville Dupre
Emily Dupre --to-- Esther Fletcher
Eugene Franklin Fletcher --to-- Daisy Gordon
Daisy Dell Gordon --to-- Daniel J. Harris
Daniel Kennedy Harris --to-- Frederick Hollister
Gertrude I. Hollister --to-- Charles Wayne Jennings
Christopher Allen Jennings --to-- Nettie E. Knowlton
Olive Knowlton --to-- Josiah Low
Lester Brooks Low --to-- Mabel Ann Medbery
Mabel M. Medbery --to-- Nathaniel Naromore
Polly Naromore --to-- David Andrew Packard
David Temple Packard (Reverend) --to-- Darius Olney Phillips
David Phillips --to-- Eric James Reinhart
Harold Reinhart --to-- Philena S. Sawyer
Ravonda K. Sawyer --to-- Howard Newton Smith
Hubbard M. Smith --to-- Shenille Stewart
Stacey Lee Stewart --to-- Frederick V. Streeter
George Streeter (Lieutenant) --to-- Amelia R. "Roundy" Tozer
Silas Tozer --to-- William Waterman
William Waterman --to-- Charles Whiting Whipple
Charles Wiley Whipple --to-- James Whipple
James Whipple --to-- Philomena Mary Whipple
Phineas Leland Whipple (Rev.) --to-- Jeptha Avery Wilkinson
Jeremiah Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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