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Index of Persons

159887 individuals, 60324 families from file 20190113.ged (13 Jan 2019)

A. C. --to-- Maude Ellen Ageton
Alexander Agnew --to-- John Aspinwall (Jr.)
John Lloyd Aspinwall --to-- David Richard Bennett
Deborah Bennett --to-- Amy Brown
Amy Brown --to-- Abram H. Cannon
Alma Eliza Cannon --to-- Mary Colburn
Nathaniel Wheat Colburn --to-- Brian Hylton Dale
Chalmers Dale --to-- Harriet Dutcher
Joseph Dutcher --to-- Jessie Flint
Jessie Alice Flint --to-- Hannah Gorton
Hannah H. Gorton --to-- John Harris
John A. Harris --to-- Marcus Holmes
Marcus Morton Holmes --to-- Eva Lucy Jensen
Eva O. Jensen --to-- Thomas Wayne Kopacz
Mary Kopaczewski --to-- Hendrick W. Lueder
Frieda D. Lueth --to-- Kate Megie
Benjamin Mehaffy --to-- Abiah Nelson
Ada Nelson --to-- Mary Packard
Mary Packard --to-- Stephen Phillips
Stephen C. Phillips --to-- Doris Reynolds
Doris Elaine Reynolds --to-- Mary Mowry Sayles
Mary Rosamond Sayles --to-- Louise Smith
Louise Dora Smith --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Everett Rogers Stuller
Gilbert Fitch Stuller --to-- Robert R. Triebold
Shirley Jo Trietsch --to-- Genevieve Watrous
George A. Watrous --to-- Clark Saunders Whipple
Claude Whipple --to-- Jason Patrick Whipple
Jason Stone Whipple --to-- Rhoda Whipple
Rhoda Whipple --to-- Abigail Willard
Abigail Yeomans Willard --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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