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Index of Persons

161345 individuals, 61013 families from file 20191109.ged (9 Nov 2019)

A. C. --to-- Henry Mahlan Adams
Herbert Holden Adams (Jr.) --to-- Lemuel Hastings Arnold (Governor)
Lena I. Arnold --to-- Mary Bazadier
Ann Rose Bazara --to-- Abbie Frances Bradford
Abby Angell Bradford --to-- Lydia Yates Burr
Margaret Burr --to-- Frank Chollett Matthews
Augustus "Gus" Chollett Neely --to-- Mary Jane "Jane" Cox
Mary Karren Cox --to-- Ada or Adah Dexter
Adalade S. Dexter --to-- Charles E. Estes
George L. Estes --to-- Russell Thurston Fry
Salfear Terry Fry --to-- William Crawford Greene
William Frederic Greene --to-- Francis Christopher Hawes
Freelove Maria Hawes --to-- Abraham How
Alfred How --to-- Charles C. Johnson
Charles E. Johnson --to-- Joan Kwiencinski
Kathrine Kyed --to-- Francis Lowney
Michael F. Lowney --to-- Ann Eliza Mecham
Ariamiah Mecham --to-- Blane C. Mullenaux
Clay L. Mullenaux --to-- William H. Olney
William H. Olney (Jr.) --to-- Lydia Perkins
Lydia Perkins --to-- Almira "Allie" F. Randall
Almon Randall --to-- Edwin Rounds
Elizabeth A. Rounds --to-- M. L. Shuart
Marshall George Shuart --to-- Jonathan Sprague
Jonathan Sprague --to-- Howard Clayton Stone
Howard Clifton Stone --to-- William Henry Taylor
William Henry Taylor --to-- Stephen William Van Natta
Emma Jane Van Ness --to-- Gay Welge
Harry Welge --to-- Donald Owen Whipple (twin)
Donald Perry Whipple --to-- John Whipple
John Whipple --to-- Robert George Whipple
Robert Gilmer Whipple --to-- Russell Wilkinson
Ruth Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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