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Index of Persons

163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

A. C. --to-- Rebecca Adams
Reed Alvin Adams --to-- Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold --to-- Robert Lincoln Lippitt Beckwith
Robert Lippitt Beckwith --to-- Amey Briggs
Amos Briggs --to-- Julia Cady
Julia L. Cady --to-- Thomas M. Clark
Tiley Clark --to-- Jacob Cross
James Cross --to-- Hannah Dodge
Hannah Whipple Dodge --to-- Abigail Felt
Alanson Roach Felt --to-- Stephen Geer
Thankful Amelia Geer --to-- Alice Hall
Alice E. Hall --to-- Robert Stark Heriot
Starbe Heriot --to-- Benjamin Hutchins
Benjamin Hutchins --to-- Christena Keller
David Keller --to-- Benjamin Leete
Elizabeth Leete --to-- Isaac Mason
Israel Bowen Mason --to-- J. Money
Sarah Jane Money --to-- Elizabeth O'Neil
Michael O'Neil --to-- Julia Ann Pattee
Martha Pattee --to-- Eugene J. Pope
Francis Pope --to-- Deloris Lea Riddle
Dolphia Riddle --to-- Charles Seaman
Claude Seaman --to-- Tricia Smith
Unity Smith --to-- Caroline E. Stone
Caroline Emilia Stone --to-- Charles Owen Sweet
Charlotte Amelia "Lottie" Sweet --to-- Judith Elizabeth Tucker
Lemuel Tucker --to-- Sarah Elvira or Sarah Emma Watrous
Sarah Hammond Watrous --to-- Clifford Charles Whipple
Clifford Charles Whipple --to-- James O. Whipple
James O. Whipple --to-- Phila M. Whipple
Phila or Philander Alford Whipple --to-- Alpha W. Wilkinson
Amanda Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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