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Index of Persons

158949 individuals, 59941 families from file 20180520.ged (20 May 2018)

A. C. --to-- Joseph Alden
Joseph Alden --to-- William Olden Austin
Zachariah Austin --to-- Rodney Bessolo
Ashley Marie Best --to-- Jennie Brown
Jennie L. Brown --to-- Elizabeth Carrel
Jonathan Carrel --to-- Mary Conklin
Maude Conklin --to-- Mary N. Davis
Matilda Davis --to-- Orin Ellis
Perl Ellis --to-- Edna L. Friden
Arlene Fridley --to-- William P. Griffin
Bob Griffis --to-- John Prescott Heald
John Prescott Heald --to-- Frank Frederick Humphrey
Galen Humphrey --to-- Rhoda Kee
Keech --to-- Jessie Leining
Gloria Madelyne Leiper --to-- Abraham Matteson
Addison Ambrose Matteson --to-- Calie "Cally" R. Morse
Caroline Morse --to-- Hugh Vance Olney
Hulda J. Olney --to-- Ebenezer Perkins
Ebenezer Perkins --to-- Meredith Ramsey
Richard Ramsey --to-- Apphia Russell
Arthur M. Russell --to-- Clifford K. Sleeper
Elizabeth Sleeper --to-- Enoch Steere
Enoch Steere --to-- Sophronia Stone
Sophronia Stone --to-- Abigail Tower
Ada Tower --to-- Sherman Washburn
Stephen Washburn --to-- Catherine "Katy" Whipple
Catherine "Kitty" Whipple --to-- Israel Brown Whipple
Israel E. Whipple --to-- Polly Whipple
Polly Whipple --to-- Susannah Wilkinson
Susannah Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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