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Index of Persons

162673 individuals, 61666 families from file 20200402.ged (2 Apr 2020)

A. C. --to-- Richard William Ahrens
Margaret Bock Ahrne --to-- David Atcheson
Gladys I. Atcheson --to-- Asa Bennett (Deacon)
Asher Bennett --to-- Adeline Brown
Afton Brown --to-- Mary Bridges Canedy
Mary Brown Canedy --to-- Robert Wilkinson Coe
Sanford Coe (Colonel) --to-- Helen Hazel Cutler
Henry Harrison Cutler --to-- Mary Kay Dunger
Robert Dunger --to-- Dennis Don Flake
Dennis Edson Flake --to-- Marion Solon Goodhue
Martha Goodhue --to-- Michael D. Harrington
Nancy Harrington --to-- Randall Holden (Jr.)
Randall Holden --to-- Benjamin Jenks
Benjamin Franklin Jenks --to-- Kevin John Knighton
Willis Morse Knighton --to-- Frank E. Louette
Joseph Louette --to-- Henry K. "H. Kenneth" Meaker
Leroy Meaker --to-- Catharine Murphy
Chester A. Murphy --to-- Mary A. Ottaway
William Ottaway --to-- Bryan Lee Pfander
Cloyd William Pfander --to-- Cornelia Elizabeth "Eliza" Redman
Ervin Redman --to-- Wealthy Sanders
William Franklin Sanders --to-- Elisha Smith
Elisha Smith --to-- Alvah Stevens
Andrew Stevens --to-- Henry John Stopplecamp
John Alvin Stopplecamp --to-- John Tower
John Tower --to-- Benjamin Waterman
Benjamin Waterman --to-- Carrie M. Whipple
Carrie May Whipple --to-- Hugh Glen Whipple
Hugh Leroy Whipple --to-- Oliver George Whipple
Oliver Guy Whipple --to-- Elizabeth Wilde
Eugenia Wilde --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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