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149994 individuals, 59800 families from file 20220924.ged (24 Sep 2022)

A. C. --to-- Allen C. Alderman
Amelia Anne Alderman --to-- Horace Brayton Austin
Isaac Austin --to-- Thomas Henry Bess
Nancy Nichols Besse --to-- Judah Brown
Julia A. Brown --to-- Ella S. Carter
Emily Ann Carter --to-- Amey Cook
Amey Cook --to-- Daniel Jones De Mar
James Blaine De Mar --to-- Enquist
John Enright --to-- Louisa Haven Gale
Nahum Gale (Captain) --to-- Thomas Gurking
Chelley Gurley --to-- Lewis Herreshoff
Louise Chamberlin Herreshoff --to-- Gordon Henry Ira
Guy Bentley Ira (Dr.) --to-- Theodocia Kimball
Waity Ann Kimball --to-- Adam Lockwood
Adelia Sophia Lockwood --to-- Alonzo Harris Medbery
Alva Medbery --to-- Clarence Edward Nelson
Clarence J. Nelson --to-- Ida F. Paine
James Paine --to-- Seth S. Pitts
Susan Lydia Pitts --to-- Riddle
Riddle --to-- Henry Shattuck
Henry Shattuck --to-- Mary Elizabeth Spencer
Mary Elizabeth Spencer --to-- Ida A. Stone
Ida Estella Stone --to-- Clara D. Thomas
Clara Helen Thomas --to-- Natalie Scarrit Wales
Nathaniel Wales --to-- Amelia Whipple (twin)
Amelia Whipple --to-- Glenna Whipple
Glenys Ardell Whipple --to-- Moses Whipple
Moses Whipple --to-- Margaret May Wildenhain
Theodore F. Wildenhain --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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