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Index of Persons

160580 individuals, 60653 families from file 20190519.ged (19 May 2019)

A. C. --to-- Ada Isabelle Adams
Adah Adams --to-- David Arnold
David Arnold --to-- Basford
Aaron Basford --to-- Anne or Anna Bowen
Annie S. Bowen --to-- Lily Burgess
Louisa Burgess --to-- Eliza Chandler
Elizabeth Ester Chandler --to-- Zebina Cook (Jr.)
Ziba Cook --to-- Paula Davis
Pauline Davis --to-- Zephaniah Eddy
Zerviah Eddy --to-- Nelson Charles Follett
Nelson Craig Follett --to-- Thomas Campbell Gordon (Jr.)
Thomas Campbell Gordon --to-- Zetta Ellen Harn
William Harnack --to-- Thomas Hoadley
William Hoadley --to-- Clara Bartlett Jackson
Cleda Faye Jackson --to-- Edward Wilfred Ker
Eugene Ker --to-- James A. Leonard
James Stewart Leonard --to-- John W. Mason
Jonathan Mason --to-- Ruth Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell --to-- Marcy Northrup
Martha Northrup --to-- Theron Panning
David Panning Brubaker --to-- David Pierce
David Pierce --to-- Frances Almena Remington
Freelove Remington --to-- Frances Antoinette Sanders
Frances Celinda Sanders --to-- Alice Mary Smith
Alice Mary Smith --to-- John Kimball Stearns
John Robert Stearns --to-- Mary Stone
Mary Stone --to-- Thompson
Thompson --to-- Donna Jean Vogt
Dorothy Mae Vogt --to-- Henry Westcott
Huron Westcott --to-- Edna Alberta Whipple
Edna Almira Whipple --to-- John M. Whipple
John M. Whipple --to-- Robert Leroy Whipple
Robert Leslie Whipple --to-- John J. Wilkinson
John J. Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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