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Index of Persons

159543 individuals, 60198 families from file 20181118.ged (18 Nov 2018)

A. C. --to-- Martha Alcorn
Newton Burley Alcorn --to-- Henry Lester Austin
Horace Brayton Austin --to-- Jan Andre Berry
Jennifer Gwendolyn Berry --to-- Hosea Brown
Hugh Card Brown --to-- Willard Carpenter
Willard Ezra Carpenter --to-- Sarah Conant
Sarah D. Conant --to-- Howard Guy Davis
Huldah Davis --to-- Avis Rosemary Eldridge
Charlotte A. Eldridge --to-- Ruth Freeman
Ruth Freeman --to-- Joan Greenleaf
John Cameron Greenleaf --to-- Sarah Haynes
Sarah Ann Haynes --to-- Myrna Huffmann
Lori Huffstutler --to-- Lucius C. Judson
Marjorie Lucille Judson --to-- Addie E. Lee
Amanda Lee --to-- Mather
Amasa Stone Mather --to-- Kelly Morgan (Jr.)
Kevin Morgan --to-- Ella G. Olney
Ella Geddings Olney --to-- Geoffrey de Percy
Henry Percy (Earl of Northumberland) --to-- Samuel Putnam
Samuel Putnam --to-- Sarah Rounds
Simeon A. Rounds --to-- Hayley McKenna Singer
Joseph Singer --to-- Dorothy Elizabeth Stearns
Dorothy Grace Stearns --to-- Polly Stone
Polly Stone --to-- Darren Lee Tinjum
David Mark Tinjum --to-- Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward --to-- Bessie Willet Whipple
Beth Whipple --to-- Henry Chandler Whipple
Henry Christopher Whipple --to-- Nora F. Whipple
Nora Joyce Whipple --to-- Polly Wilder
Priscilla Ann Wilder --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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