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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

A. C. --to-- Herbert Holden Adams
Hope Spencer Adams --to-- Lucinda Arnold
Lucinda or Lucretia Arnold --to-- Barbara Beal
George Beal --to-- Margaret Bradford
Mary Bradford --to-- Mary Anna Burr
Mary Melville Burr --to-- Ashley Nicole Christensen
Becky Christensen --to-- Richard Cox
Robert Cox --to-- Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter --to-- William Whipple Esterbrook or Easterbrooks
Sylvester Hale Esterbrook or Easterbrooks or Estabrook --to-- Jacob Frutcheney
Charley D. Frutchey --to-- Thomas Greene (Jr.)
Thomas Greene --to-- Robert Havens
Ruth Havens --to-- Dorcas Hovey
Eleazer Hovey (Dr.) --to-- Blance Helene Johnson
Blanche S. Johnson --to-- David James Kurapka
Peter James Kurapka (VIII) --to-- Isaac B. Lowell
James Jackson Lowell --to-- Mary A. Meade
Philip Nelson Meade (Reverend) --to-- Grace E. Muckey
John E. Muckey --to-- Waity Olney
Wallace Lorin Olney --to-- Lewis Perkins
Lewis Henry Perkins --to-- Ellen Elmira Rand
Ellen F. Rand --to-- Willis Andrew Rosser
William Rossie --to-- John Short
John S. Short --to-- Federal Constitution Sprague
Flora Frances Sprague --to-- Hezekiah Stone
Hezekiah Stone --to-- Zachary White Taylor
Zelia Taylor --to-- Amy Sue Van Uirert
Lawrence Van Valkenburgh --to-- Alexander Charles Wellman
Alvah S. Wellman --to-- Dorcas Whipple
Dorcas Whipple --to-- John Albert Whipple
John Aldrich Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Robert J. Whipple
Robert J. Whipple --to-- Samuel A. Wilkinson
Samuel Chase Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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