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150582 individuals, 60101 families from file 20230128.ged (28 Jan 2023)

A. C. --to-- Faye Lenore Aldrich
Frances L. Aldrich --to-- Robert Hall Babcock (M.D.)
Robert L. Babcock --to-- Seth Bird
Vernon Bird --to-- Brownlee
Agnes C. Brownlee --to-- Winifred Chambers
Eleanor "Mel" Chambliss --to-- Jennifer Cosler
Mitchell Arthur Cosler --to-- Waterman Thomas Dexter
Waterman Willard Dexter --to-- Joseph Almy Fenner
Joseph B. Fenner --to-- Ebenezer Gleason
Edwin Gleason --to-- David Edgar Harriman
Edward Harriman --to-- Betsey Homer
Joseph Homer --to-- Elmer Hezekiah Johnson
Elnette May Johnson --to-- Odber Lassen
Peder Lassen --to-- John W. Mason
Jonathan Mason --to-- William Gibson Morrow
Lucinda Morry --to-- Marion Clemence Olney
Marion E. Olney --to-- Washington Perkins
Willard H. Perkins --to-- Edith May Reed
Edward Reed --to-- John Scadding
Keagean Aundre Scakacs --to-- Sarah A. Smith
Sarah Adelaide Smith --to-- Edward Stone
Edward Stone --to-- Elsie B. Taylor
Emily Cycle Taylor --to-- Gertrude Wackrill
John G. Wackrill --to-- Albert Whipple
Albert Whipple --to-- George W. Whipple
George W. Whipple --to-- Myrtie Whipple
Myrtie J. Whipple --to-- Christopher Wilkinson
Clara Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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