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151292 individuals, 60466 families from file 20230922.ged (22 Sep 2023)

A. C. --to-- Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams --to-- Simeon Arnold
Simeon Arnold --to-- George E. Bedurtha
Henry J. Bedurtha --to-- Laureate Britton
Olney Britton --to-- Michael James Calkins
Parthenia Calkins --to-- Frances Clement
Sarah "Abbie" A. Clement --to-- Ralph Taylor Croxall
Robert Ward Croxall --to-- Oscar Drescher
Aaron Dresser --to-- Charles Edwin Fisher
Charles Henry Fisher --to-- Sarah Catherine Gnau
August Gnuse --to-- Julius Happel
Beverly Happen --to-- Preston Hodges
Richard Manning Hodges --to-- Daniel Jenckes (Jr.)
Daniel Jenckes --to-- Judith Bell Kirk
Luella Beatrice Kirk --to-- Loomis
Alice Loomis --to-- Nathaniel Mead
Nathaniel F. Mead --to-- Jack Yost Murphy
James Henry Murphy --to-- Alice Packard
Alice Packard --to-- Esther W. Phillips
Ethel M. Phillips --to-- Harold Reinhart
James Howard Reinhart --to-- Clark Sayles
Clarke Sayles --to-- Jesse Smith
Jesse Lucius Smith --to-- Ernest C. Stickel
Ettie M. Stickel --to-- Samuel Stowell
Sarah Stowell --to-- William Henry Tower
William J. Tower --to-- Thomas W. Waterman (2d)
Thomas William Waterman --to-- Charles Wellington Whipple
Charles Wesley Whipple --to-- James Whipple
James Whipple --to-- Raymond W. Whipple
Rayna Whipple --to-- Betsey Willard
Betsey Willard --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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