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Index of Persons

159087 individuals, 60006 families from file 20180715.ged (15 Jul 2018)

A. C. --to-- John Alden
John Alden --to-- Susannah Austin
William Austin --to-- Robert Bess
Thomas Henry Bess --to-- James Ian "Jim" Brown
James Leon Brown --to-- Samuel Carr
Samuel V. Carr --to-- Welcome Congdon
William Miller Congdon --to-- Maria A. Davis
Marilyn Davis --to-- Frederick Eugene Ellis
Frederick Orin Ellis --to-- Donald Charles Frerk
Leo Roland Freshwater --to-- Arnold Bernard Griffin
Asa Griffin --to-- Mabel L. Heacock
Alice Medara Head --to-- Catherine Elizabeth Humes
Elsie J. Humes --to-- Benjamin Keach
Benjamin Keach (Jr.) --to-- Williams Leggett
Betty Lou Lehman --to-- Rachel Bicknell Mathewson
Rao Mathewson --to-- Joan Morrison
John Morrison --to-- Grace Olney
Gracie M. Olney --to-- Charles Perkins
Charles Perkins --to-- Hazel Belle Ramsay
Ralph Cheshire Ramsay --to-- Zetta Lucinda Rummel
George Frederick Rummelhart --to-- Thomas Slack
Wellington Slack --to-- Alice L. Steere
Allen Steere --to-- Sarah Richardson Stone
Sarah W. Stone --to-- William Toppan
Cordelia Topper --to-- Moses Warren
Myrtle Warren --to-- Caroline Whipple
Caroline Whipple --to-- Ira Jacob Whipple
Ira John Whipple --to-- Perley Arthur Whipple
Perley Arthur Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Lydia Wilkinson
Lydia Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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