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Index of Persons

160908 individuals, 60799 families from file 20190817.ged (17 Aug 2019)

A. C. --to-- Reed Alvin Adams
Richard Adams --to-- Samuel Arnold
Samuel Arnold --to-- Lynne Beckwith
Martha Beckwith --to-- Caroline Cordelia Briggs
Carrie Briggs --to-- William Caham or Cahon
Lena Bell Cahart --to-- William Edwin Clark
William G. Clark --to-- Ruth Ann Cross
Ryan Lucas Cross --to-- Mary Jennette Dodge
Mary Susan Dodge --to-- Arthur Fenner
Benjamin Fenner --to-- Jacqueline German
Margaret German --to-- Joseph Henry Hall (Jr.)
Joseph S. Hall --to-- Lucelia Uretta Herrick
Lydia Herrick --to-- Cecil Hutt
Corbin Hutt --to-- Jonathan Kellogg
Laura Kellogg --to-- Ezra Leland
Fanny Leland --to-- William Ezra "Ezra" Mason (Jr.)
William F. Mason --to-- Job B. Moor
John Moor --to-- Sarah Olds
Sarah Eliza Olds --to-- Gladys Pavy
John Pavy (Reverend) --to-- Carmelita A. Potter
Carrie Amanda Potter --to-- Philip Davenport Rising
Alvin R. Risinger --to-- Leo Seidel
Rhonda Lynne Seidel --to-- Levi Mason Snow
Lippitt Cory Snow --to-- Czarina Stone
D. DeWitt Stone --to-- Martha Curry Sweiggart
Adam Sweikata --to-- Lydia Turner
Lydia Turner --to-- Simeon Watts
Stanford Waugh --to-- Cyprian Whipple
Cyrenius Albert "Rene" Whipple --to-- Jeffrey William Whipple (twin)
Jemima Whipple --to-- Raymond H. Whipple
Raymond Homer Whipple --to-- John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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