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Index of Persons

161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

A. C. --to-- Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams --to-- Sabra Arnold
Sabra Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Beckwith
Ella Amanda Beckwith --to-- Daniel T. Bridges
Harry Bridges --to-- Lucy Cady
Luther Cady --to-- Susan Lorraine Clark
Susan Lynette Clark --to-- Ephraim Cross
Esther Cross --to-- George Alvin Dodge
George B. Dodge --to-- Robert Felt
Sarah H. Felt --to-- Herbert Richard Gentry
Ruth Evelyn Gentry --to-- Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Carrie Hall --to-- Clarence DeWolf Herreshoff
Constance Mills Herreshoff --to-- Benjamin Hutchinson (Jr.)
Betsey Hutchinson --to-- Kelley
Abby Kelley --to-- Mary Legg
Mary "Polly" Legg --to-- Kiara Marie Mason
Kittie Josephine Mason --to-- Rachel Montano
Mercedes Martos Montecino --to-- Charles Oborn
Emma Jane Obray --to-- Nellie Katherine Patterson
Oliver Patterson --to-- Jane Bradley Porter
Jennie Porter --to-- Irma Grey Ridley
Lucas James Ridley --to-- Virginia Claire Searls
Alexander Sears --to-- William Oscar Smith
William S. Smith --to-- Charles Clinton Stone
Charles Cushing Stone --to-- Etta A. Sweet
Flora Theodosia Sweet --to-- John Tucker
John Hyme Tucker (Sr.) --to-- Richmond Earl Watrous
Robert Watrous --to-- Clement Whipple
Clement Howland Whipple --to-- James O. Whipple
James O. Whipple --to-- Phidelia Whipple
Phila Whipple --to-- Alfred Wilkinson
Alfred Oziel Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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