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159202 individuals, 60053 families from file 20180916.ged (16 Sep 2018)

A. C. --to-- Hannah Alden
Hannah C. Alden --to-- Phebe Austin
Phoebe A. Austin --to-- Maude Zella Besemer
Michael James Besemer --to-- James Brown
James Brown --to-- Joshua Alan Carr
Laura Carr --to-- Lena Hollingsworth Congdon
Lippitt Congdon --to-- Linda Davis
Linfield Stone Davis --to-- Mortimer E. Elliott
Nellie Hannah Elliott --to-- Leslie A. French
Mae French --to-- Chapman H. Grennell
Wilson Americk Grennell --to-- Phineas Hazelton
Robert Hazelton --to-- Charles Crosby Hull
Cora Hull --to-- Mary Kastner
Phebe Kathan --to-- George Washington Leete
Hiram Leete --to-- Mary Mathewson
Mary Mathewson --to-- Nettie S. Morris
Norman D. Morris --to-- George B. Olney
George Bailey Olney --to-- Benjamin Perkins
Benjamin Perkins --to-- Maude Opal Raines
William Raines --to-- Rix Rude
Ruthan Palmer Rude --to-- Richard Whipple Skouson
Roger Marlin Skouson --to-- George Thomas Steele
Hamish McKay Steele --to-- Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone --to-- Paul Tompson
Emily Tomsheck --to-- Harriet Warren
Harriet Amelia Warren --to-- Carl A. Whipple
Carl Black Whipple --to-- Ida Jane Whipple
Ida Jeanette E. Whipple --to-- Paul Whipple
Paul Whipple --to-- Jephtha A. Wilkinson
Jeptha Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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