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151924 individuals, 60777 families from file 20240218.ged (18 Feb 2024)

A. C. --to-- Sherry
Sheryl --to-- Marie D. Angell
Marietta Angell --to-- Emma Louise Ballou
Emma Mabel Ballou --to-- Whipple Bigelow
William Bigelow --to-- Albert E. Brown
Albert Earl Brown --to-- Patrick Butler
Rachel M. Butler --to-- Charlotte Childs
Charlotte L. Childs --to-- Willard A. Cooley
Coolidge --to-- Edward B. Davis
Edward Horace Davis --to-- Glenn Elwood Dutcher
Harriet Dutcher --to-- Henry Finch
James Allen Finch --to-- Anna Eliza "Annie" Geer
Barton Geer --to-- Elizabeth Gugerty
Alidore E. Guidry --to-- Moses Haven (Deacon)
Moses Haven (Captain) --to-- Esek Hopkins
Eugene Hopkins --to-- Patience Jenckes
Peter Jenckes --to-- Jerusha Kimball
Jerusha Kimball --to-- Dorothy Lester
Edith May Lester --to-- Mariette Martin
Marjory J. Martin --to-- Mary Miller
Mary Miller --to-- Melissa Sue Netherly
Nicole Elizabeth Netherly --to-- Horace Elwood Orton
Miriam Orton --to-- Joyce E. Perkins
Judith Perkins --to-- Harry Davis Prouty
Isaac Prouty --to-- Adelbert Roberts
Alice Elizabeth Roberts --to-- Molly Scott
Monte Hiland Scott --to-- John Smith (the Mason)
John Smith --to-- Enoch Mowry Steere
Erastus Newton Steere --to-- Lura E. Stone
Lurena Eunice Stone --to-- John James Tenney
John Lowell Tenney --to-- Jesse Upham
Jesse Upham --to-- Maxon Elliot Watrous
Melville Watrous --to-- Caroline Whipple
Caroline Whipple --to-- Gertrude Dora "Gertie" Whipple
Gertrude E. Whipple --to-- Margaret Whipple
Margaret Whipple --to-- Vilate Whipple
Vincent Whipple --to-- Mamie E. Williamson
Margaret Williamson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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