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Index of Persons

160210 individuals, 60477 families from file 20190310.ged (10 Mar 2019)

A. C. --to-- Constance "Connie" Affeldt
Florence Emma Affeldt --to-- Wendell Phillips Ashley
Ada Ashton --to-- Albert Francis Bennett
Alexander Hill Bennett --to-- Agnes Brown
Agnes G. Brown --to-- Sarah Canedy
Sarah Canedy --to-- Freeman R. Coffman
Gary Lee Coffman --to-- Sewall Sylvester Cutting (Reverend)
William Cutting --to-- Abner Dunton
Hepsibeth Dunton --to-- Cordelia Fletcher
Daniel Fletcher --to-- Charles Howard Gordon (Dr.)
Cheyene Travis Gordon --to-- Christopher Lawrence Harris
Cindy Sue Harris --to-- Sarah Ann Holliman
Thomas Jefferson Holliman --to-- Sarah Jenks
Sarah Jenks --to-- Grant Knowlton
Gurdon E. Knowlton --to-- Lucy Lovett
Lucy Lovett --to-- Grace Medbery
Harold LaVerry Medbery --to-- Mary Ellen Myers
Maxine Myers --to-- Mira J. Pace
Shawna Ann Pace --to-- Nettie Phetteplace
Newell Phetteplace --to-- Roy O. Reese
Sonna Reese --to-- John Savage (Captain)
Laura Angeline Savage --to-- Harriet Eliza Smith (twin)
Harriet Lillian Smith --to-- Horatio Stewart
Irene Stewart --to-- Alice Stratton
Alice Holman Stratton --to-- Samuel R. Tower
Samuel S. Tower --to-- Louisa Waterman
Louisa Honlet Waterman --to-- Charles A. Whipple
Charles A. Whipple --to-- Irma Maurine Whipple
Irma or Emma Whipple --to-- Pamela Whipple
Pamela Lynn Whipple --to-- Frank Austin Wilkins
Frank Eugene Wilkins --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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