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161146 individuals, 60913 families from file 20191004.ged (4 Oct 2019)

Lemuel Dunbar --to-- Mary Butler Duncan
Mary J. Duncan --to-- Jamie A. Dunham
Laura Antoinette Dunham --to-- Porter Lee Dunn
Robert Dunn --to-- Cora Durand
Edward Everett Durand --to-- Julianne Merrie Durham
Leah Durham --to-- Sarah Amelia Dutcher
Susan Laurinda Dutcher --to-- Justin King Dwinelle
Louise Sarah Dwinelle --to-- Tamara Dyer
Thomas Dyer --to-- Elisabeth Mary "Beth" Eames
Elizabeth Eames --to-- Benjamin Dexter Earle
Benjamin M. Earle --to-- Nickolas Earns
Richard Emery Earns --to-- Sarah Eastman
Timothy Eastman --to-- Levi Eaton
Levi Curtis Eaton --to-- Judy A. Ebinger
Milton Ebinger --to-- Benjamin Eddy
Bessie Eddy --to-- Frank C. Eddy
Frederick A. Eddy --to-- Lyman H. Eddy
Margaret Eddy --to-- Richard Eddy
Robert Lauriston Eddy --to-- Zilpha Eddy
David Eddy or Edie --to-- Ruth Evangeline Edhegard
Anna Mary Edie --to-- A. J. Edson
Abigail Edson --to-- Emmer Davis Edwards
Enoch Edwards --to-- Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards --to-- Martha Eggleston
Mary Ann Eggleston --to-- Lewis N. Eklund
Christina Ekstrom --to-- George W. Eldridge
Halbert Eldridge --to-- Elliot
Benjamin F. Elliot --to-- Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis --to-- Sidonia Ellis
Stephen Ellis --to-- Lettie Ellwood
Edna Elly --to-- Norman Elsworth
Norman Elsworth --to-- Willie W. Ely
Winnie E. Ely --to-- Lydia Emerson
Lydia P. Emerson --to-- Jo Tuttle Emery (Jr.)
John Emery --to-- Julia Ann Eneas
Vera Eneas --to-- May Engstrom
Michael Jerold Engstrom --to-- Andrew Garrett Erbland
Casey Meredith Erbland --to-- William G. Erwin
William H. Erwin --to-- Haddon Bates "Bates" Estabrooks (Jr.)
Harold M. Estabrooks (Sr.) --to-- Esterbrook
Chloe Genevieve Esterbrook --to-- Mercy Estey
Minnie L. Estey --to-- Evans
A. D. Evans --to-- Ellen E. Evans
Elmer E. Evans --to-- Martin L. Evans
Martyn Evans --to-- William Evens
Elizabeth Everden --to-- Annette Gates "Anne" Ewing
Camella Charlotte Ewing --to-- Annie Fairbanks
Betsey Fairbanks --to-- Fairringer
Crystal Rose Fairringer --to-- William Fallass
William Fallass --to-- John Farmer
Marie Farmer --to-- Alice Randall Farnum
Alonzo Tyler Farnum --to-- Gregory Edward Farnum
Hannah Farnum --to-- Noah Farnum
Noah Farnum (Jr.) --to-- Lazarus Farr
Martha Farr --to-- Clinton Benjamine Farrier
Derrel Eugene Farrier --to-- Lydia Farwell
Malinda Farwell --to-- Philena Faulkner
Polly Faulkner --to-- Harriet Eleanor Fay
Harriet Lucilla Fay --to-- Joseph H. Fee
Mary Fee --to-- James Fellows
James Harlow Fellows --to-- Cornelius Conway Felton
Cornelius Conway Felton --to-- Dinah Fenner
Dorothy Wade Fenner --to-- Joseph B. Fenner
Joseph Herbert Fenner --to-- Susan A. Fenner
Thomas Fenner --to-- Lana Fenton
Louisa Fenton --to-- Mary Ellen Ferguson
Maxine W. Ferguson --to-- Hazel Ferrell
William L. Ferrett --to-- Mary G. Few
Robert Fewlass --to-- Eunice Field
Fannie Almena Field --to-- Mary Green Field
Mary Jane Field --to-- Eddie Fields
Francis F. Fields --to-- Gabrielle Elizabeth Findley

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