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What is Soundex?

Beginning with the 1880 U.S. Census, surnames were indexed using a phonetic system called Soundex. Soundex encodings have four characters--an alphabetic character followed by three numerics. The initial alphabetic Soundex character is the first character of the surname. The three numerics that follow are calculated as follows:

Letters Become Soundex number
B P F V 1
C S K G J Q X Z         2
D T 3
L 4
M N 5
R 6
A E I O U W Y H         (skipped)
  • If adjacent letters (not counting the first) have matching Soundex numbers, use the number only once.
  • If you reach the end of a short name before calculating all four Soundex characters, pad the remainder of the Soundex code with zeroes.
  • If you finish calculating all the four Soundex code characters before reaching the end of a long name, disregard the remaining letters in the name.

The Whipple Genweb Implementation of Soundex

If you click a "Use Soundex" checkbox, the search form attempts to convert the contents of the adjacent input field to Soundex. If the input field contains multiple words, the search form attempts to convert all of them to Soundex.

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