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160908 individuals, 60799 families from file 20190817.ged (17 Aug 2019)

Margaret German --to-- Mary Catherine Gfell
Charles Gfeller --to-- Robert Gibbs
Robert M. Gibbs --to-- M. Gibson
Margaret Gibson --to-- Mary Ellen Giddings
Nancy Giddings --to-- William Gifford
William Addison Gifford --to-- Thaddeus Gilbert
Thomas G. Gilbert --to-- Cynthia Maclean Gill
James M. Gill --to-- Gillingham
Tina Gillingham --to-- Ardis Ruth Gilmore
Asa Gilmore --to-- Dana Ranae Ging
Emily Lauren Ging --to-- Tina Marie Glaus
Amy Glaze --to-- Nathaniel Gleason
Otis Gleason --to-- Katherine Glover
Kathrin M. Glover --to-- Charlotte Ives Goddard
Clara G. Goddard --to-- Hepzibah Goddard
Hepzibah Goddard --to-- Nichols Goddard
Parny Goddard --to-- Mary Godfrey
Mary Ann Godfrey --to-- Henry Goldrup
James Edward Goldrup --to-- Rosalia Goodale
Rowland Goodale --to-- Benjamin Goodhue
Bessie Sophia Goodhue --to-- Remember Goodhue
Rodney Goodhue --to-- Felicity Goodrich
Francis Marion Goodrich --to-- Darren McKean Gordon
Dorris Jenevieve Gordon --to-- Mary "Polly" Gore
Mercy Gore --to-- Charles A. Gorton
Daniel Gorton --to-- Polly Gorton
Raymond Gorton --to-- Mary Goss
Mary "Polly" Goss --to-- Ebenezer Gould (Jr.)
Ebenezer Gould --to-- Samuel Lawrence Gould
Sincerie Gould --to-- Lilian Candace Gowdy
Lorin Gowdy --to-- Harriet Frances Grafton
Samuel Grafton --to-- Melissa Rae Grams
Stephanie Nicolle Grams --to-- Clara L. Grant
Clyde Grant --to-- Mary F. Grant
May Grant --to-- Elizabeth Edna Graves
Ella M. Graves --to-- Enos M. Gray
Enos M. Gray (Jr.) --to-- Walter Gray
William Gray --to-- Charles P. Green
Charles Selick Green --to-- Joanna Green
Joel Green --to-- Samuel Green
Samuel Green --to-- Ardeliza G. Greene
Arzilla M. or Arrilla C. or Arvilla Greene --to-- Dulinda Greene
Edith Sherman Greene --to-- Isabella Mary Greene
Jabez Greene --to-- Lucy Ann Greene
Lydia Greene --to-- Phebe H. Greene
Phebe Low Greene --to-- Susannah Greene
Susannah Greene --to-- Burton Edgar Greenfield
Dorothy Eunice Greenfield --to-- Jeremy Greenwood
John Greenwood --to-- Virginia Norbeth Lee Gregory
George Greib --to-- Jonathan Griffin
Joseph Griffin --to-- Sarah Ann Isobella Griffith
VaNita Maud Griffith --to-- Elizabeth Grissell
John B. Grissom --to-- Olive Hannah "Ollie" Groom
Rebecca Groombridge --to-- Maxwell Wayne Grove
Michael Grove --to-- William Earl Grubb
William R. Grubb --to-- William Guest
Maria E. Guevara --to-- Miriam Guise
Ellen Margaret Gulbrandsen --to-- Anna Elizabeth Gunnison
Anna Maria Gunnison --to-- George Gunnison
George Gunnison --to-- Mary Gunnison
Mary Gunnison --to-- Hylah Jean Gunther
Valerie Jean Gurden --to-- Frank S. Gzwinski
Dorothy Maud "Maudie" Götz --to-- William Hadfield
Annie Hadler --to-- John Hagan
John A. Hagan --to-- Mary Jane Ernestine Hahn
Mina F. Hahn --to-- Ambrose Hale
Anna Hale --to-- Lorenzo Hale
Lorinda Hale --to-- Abigail Hall
Abigail Muzzy Hall --to-- Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall --to-- Joseph Henry Hall (Jr.)

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