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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Jacob Forsberry Gates --to-- Loretta Gauthier
Elezide Gautreaux --to-- Osmond Harris Gay
Pamala Gay --to-- Kate Geer
La Verna Geer --to-- Benjamin Geoghan
Madysen Geoghan (twin) --to-- Jacob Gerrish
James Gerrish --to-- Kate Martin Gibbon
Maria Gibbon --to-- Bertha E. Gibson
Betsey Gibson --to-- Sarah Gibson
Sarah Delia Gibson --to-- Corlinda M. Gifford
Daniel S. Gifford --to-- Jane Gilbert
Jane Spring Gilbert --to-- Ella Melvina Gile
Frank Herbert Gile (Jr.) --to-- Enos Stone Gillet
Henry Blake Gillet --to-- Herbert Gilman
Herbert Gilman (Jr.) --to-- Terry Lee Gilmore
Theodore S. Gilmore --to-- Timothy Gladding
Kathryn A. Glade --to-- Frank Lippitt Gleason
Freeman Gleason --to-- Anne Glover
Beth Glover --to-- Asa Goddard
Ashbel Goddard --to-- George Aldrich Goddard
George Alvin Goddard --to-- Moses Goddard
Moses Brown Ives Goddard (twin) --to-- Francis Godfrey
George Wilson Godfrey --to-- Tal Goldgraber
Teedhar Goldgraber (twin) --to-- Lydia Goodale
Nathaniel Z. Goodale --to-- Benjamin Goodhue
Bessie Sophia Goodhue --to-- Samuel Goodhue
Samuel Goodhue --to-- Lester Hiram Goodrich
Lizzie N. Goodrich --to-- Harriet Gordon
James Glenn Gordon --to-- Elizabeth Gorham (Mrs.)
George Gorham --to-- Elizabeth Gorton
Elnathan Gorton --to-- Sarah Gorton
Sarah Gorton --to-- William Goss
William Goss --to-- James Frank Gould
James Goodridge Gould --to-- Elmer E. Gourley
Isabella Grace Gourley --to-- Roy Goza
Tony Goza --to-- Helen M. Graham
Henry Eugene Graham --to-- Rob Granito
Romneya Granito --to-- Irving Oliver Grant
Jabez Grant --to-- Zachery Eugene Grant
Wanda Marlene Grantham --to-- Adelaide Gray
Albert Perry Gray --to-- Mary Eleanor Gray
Mary Ellen Gray --to-- Beau Michael Green
Benjamin Green --to-- Henry Green
Hezekiah Green --to-- Phebe Anne Green
Philena Belle Green --to-- Amey Greene
Amos Greene --to-- David Greene (Jr.)
David Greene --to-- Herbert Whipple Greene
Holden Rice Greene --to-- Louis Greene
Lucy Ann Greene --to-- Phebe Low Greene
Phebe Pearce Greene --to-- Talbot Pitman Greene
Thomas Greene --to-- Greenleaf
Greenleaf --to-- Sewell Elliott Greenwood
Thomas Greenwood --to-- Clifford Williamson Gress
George Gress --to-- Ralph Griffin
Ralph Dean Griffin --to-- Rhoda Griggs
Isabel Gright --to-- Marion Griswold (Dr.)
Martha Griswold --to-- Eunice Putnam Grosvenor
Hannah Grosvenor --to-- William F. Groves
Woodrow Groves --to-- Mark Grundy
Mary Betsey Grundy (twin) --to-- Frances Guile
Mehitable Guile --to-- Julia Gunn
Laura Gunn --to-- Elihu Gunnison
Elihu Gunnison --to-- Joseph Gunnison
Joseph Gunnison --to-- Seward B. Gunnison
Sophia Gunnison --to-- Ruth Guyett
Alice Mae Guyette --to-- John Wesley Hadcock
Aff Hadden --to-- Karen A. Hafner
Mary Hagadon --to-- Ethel D. Hahn
Francis Hahn --to-- Joseph Halberstadt
James Felix Halcomb --to-- Judith Hale
Judith Hale --to-- Abel Barnabas Hall
Abial Hall --to-- Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall --to-- Katharine Hall
Kenneth M. Hall --to-- Ruth Hall
Ruth Anna Hall --to-- Zadoc Hinsdale Hallock

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