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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Sarah A. Graves --to-- Leroy Gray
Leroy Morgan Gray --to-- Amy Green
Andrew Jackson Green --to-- Hilton Green
Hiram Green --to-- Ranae Lynn Green
Richard Green --to-- Anne Gladding Greene
Anthony Holden Greene --to-- Dinah Greene
Dulinda Greene --to-- James Greene
James Greene --to-- Marie Louisa Greene
Martha Almira Greene --to-- Rhoby H. Greene
Richard Greene --to-- Thomas Ingraham Greene
Thomas Lippitt Greene --to-- Hannah Greenleaf
Hannah Greenleaf --to-- Jacob Gregg
Louisa Gregg --to-- Willis Gridley
Anton Griesser --to-- Charles Lord Griffith
Charles W. Griffith --to-- Harriette Campfield Grinnell
Helen Eliza Grinnell --to-- Henry D. Groner
Pearl M. Groner --to-- Jahu Grover
Jerry E. Grover --to-- Harold Roger Grundy
Mary Betsey Grundy (twin) --to-- Grace Guilford
John Guilford --to-- Emily Gunning
Estella Gunning --to-- Emma Adelia Gunnison
Emma Gertrude Gunnison --to-- Lucina Gunnison
Lucy House Gunnison --to-- William Gunnison
William Gunnison --to-- Kenneth Earl Gwinn
Thomas W. Gwinn --to-- Andrew Payson Hadley
Azro Aaron Hadley --to-- John Van Hagan
Lawrence D. Hagan --to-- Eloise Gould Haight
Fred B. Haight --to-- David Hale
David Hale --to-- Otis Hale
Paninah Hale --to-- Anna Hall
Anna Conklin Hall --to-- Forest Hall
Forest Hall --to-- Manton Hall
Margaret Dunham Hall --to-- Sarah Ann Hall
Sarah Etta Hall --to-- LeRoy Halsey
Lindsley Halsey Halsey --to-- Lola Columbia (Decesaris) Hamel
Eliza Hamell --to-- Lucy A. Hamilton
Lydia Hamilton --to-- Clorinda or Clarinda Hammett
Ella Hammett --to-- Henry Hammond
Henry L. Hammond (M.D.) --to-- Reuben Hammond
Robert Hammond --to-- Jennie Hance
John Hance --to-- Harry Raymond Haney
Judy L. Haney --to-- Sidsele Hansdatter
Barnell Hansel --to-- Margrethe Hansen
Margrethe Hansen --to-- Nels Hanson (Jr.)
Nels M. Hanson --to-- Donovan "Tony" Harding
Donovan Lee Harding --to-- Frances Mable Hardy (Dr., M.D.)
Francis Louise Hardy --to-- Joseph Keith Harker
Leamy W. Harker --to-- Estella Harmon
Gaylen Tolman Harmon --to-- Mary Lane Harper
Mirium Harper --to-- Phebe Harriman
Rosina Bell Harriman --to-- Gilbert Harrington
Gladys Harrington --to-- Samuel Smith Harrington
Sarah Harrington --to-- Ann Harris
Ann Frances Harris --to-- Crawford W. Harris
Cyntha Lydia Hill Harris --to-- Emma Augusta Harris
Emma Isadore Harris --to-- Hezekiah Harris
Homer Harris --to-- Levi C. Harris
Lilis Harris --to-- Milan Harris
Mildred Josephine Harris --to-- Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris --to-- William Harris
William Harris --to-- Harry Hugh Harshbarger
John Harshbarger --to-- William Hartenstein
Andrew Harter --to-- Mary A. Harty
William Harty --to-- Edgar Nelson Harwood
Edmund Harwood --to-- Chauncey W. Haskell
Clarissa W. Haskell --to-- Katharine Flora or Catherine Haskins
Leda V. Haskins --to-- Stephen Hastings
Stephen Robinson Hastings --to-- Abigail Hathaway
Adah Edith Hathaway --to-- Louise May Hauck
Mabel Hauck --to-- George Augustus Haven
George Frederick Haven --to-- Prudence Haven
Prudence Eames Haven --to-- Eunice Hawes
Eva Louise Hawes --to-- Benjamin Hawkins
Benoni Hawkins --to-- Jane Hawkins

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