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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Thankful Amelia Geer --to-- Lucy George
Mary George --to-- Gerritson
Beverly Jean Gerritson --to-- Carol Fox Gibbs
Caroline Gibbs --to-- Daisy Clyde "Clyde" Gibson
Daniel Gibson --to-- Thomas John J. Gibson
Thomas W. Gibson --to-- Edsmond Wesley Gifford
Edwin Gifford --to-- Helena Brakel Gilbert
Isaac Gilbert --to-- Sarah Ann Gilchrist
Velda Jane Gilchrist --to-- John Gillespie
John Gillespie (Jr.) --to-- Betsey Gilman
Carrie Rosa Gilman --to-- James Gilmore
Joe Gilmore --to-- Ellis Preston Gish
Gayle Jean Gish --to-- Kathleen Glaze
Mary V. Glaze --to-- Mary Vashti Glenn
Richard Delmar Glenn --to-- August Gnuse
Jean Marie Gnuse --to-- Della M. Goddard
Diantha Goddard --to-- John Goddard
John Bailey Goddard --to-- Sally Goddard
Samuel Goddard --to-- Estella Maria Goering
Edna L. Goethe --to-- Laura Elizabeth Golds
Maria Lavona Goldsby --to-- Persis Goodall
Richard P. Goodall --to-- Ebenezer Goodhue
Edward Solon Goodhue --to-- Verna-Lou P. Goodhue
Victoria Goodhue --to-- Matilda Goodrich
Robert E. Goodrich --to-- Eliza Gordon
Eunice Annette Gordon --to-- Samuel Gore (Sergeant)
Bruce Gorell --to-- Benjamin Borroughs Gorton
Benjamin Earle Gorton --to-- Osgood A. Gorton
Othniel Gorton --to-- Leland Robert Goss
Leonard Carlyle Goss --to-- Cynthia Gould
Daniel Gould --to-- Ruth Gould
S. W. Gould --to-- Sarah Jane Gove
Sophia Gove --to-- Mary Grace
Robert Grace --to-- Matilda Ellen Graham
Michael Edward Graham --to-- Allan Grant
Almira Grant --to-- Josephine Salome Grant
Karen Grant --to-- Frank Grasso
Mary Ellen Grasso --to-- Alec Ryan Gray
Alena Gray --to-- Mary Gray
Mary Beth Gray --to-- Amy Green
Andrew Jackson Green --to-- Hannah Abigail Green
Hannah Lily Green --to-- Mary Henrietta Green
Mary Katherine Green --to-- Albert Greene
Albert "Allie" H. Greene --to-- Charles Aborn Greene
Charles Coffin Greene --to-- Freelove Greene
Gary F. Greene --to-- John W. Greene
John Waterman Aborn Greene --to-- Nancy Greene
Nancy Greene --to-- Samuel Burrows Greene
Samuel Littlefield Greene --to-- William Greene (Jr.)
William Greene --to-- Roger Henry Greeno
Scott Roger Greeno --to-- Mary "Polly" Gregg
Patricia Barrett Gregg --to-- Helson C. Gridley
Sarah Goodman Gridley --to-- Alice Schmidt Griffith
Barbara Griffith --to-- Mary Grimes
Susie Grimes --to-- Ralph Newton Griswold
Robert Lowell Griswold --to-- James Brown Grosvenor
Lemuel Grosvenor (General) --to-- William F. Groves
Woodrow Groves --to-- Karen Grundy
Lila Agnes Grundy --to-- Phebe Guild
Rebecca Guild --to-- Louise Gundlach
Alexander Addison Gunn --to-- Celestia H. Gunnison
Charles Gunnison --to-- Isaac Chauncy Gunnison
James Gunnison --to-- Ora Parker Gunnison
Orasmus Britton Gunnison --to-- Susan Kay Gustaveson
Abijah Gustin --to-- Jimmie Donald Haberman
Thersea Habisreittinger --to-- Gertrude Hadley
Gladys Lloyd Hadley --to-- Leona Hagar
Sarah Hagar --to-- Louise Alice Haight
Sally Ann Haight --to-- Clarissa Hale
David Hale --to-- Nathan Hale
Nellie Hale --to-- Alice Hall

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