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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Charley D. Frutchey --to-- John Cushing Fuess
Christian Fugg --to-- Elijah Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller --to-- Martha Sophia Fuller
Martin Fuller --to-- Donna A. Fultz
Frank Fultz --to-- Eileen Marie Gaddy
Harold Laverne Gaddy --to-- Lilyan Gainer
Marlee Redwood Gainer --to-- Maude Elizabeth Gallery
Thomas Aloysius Gallery --to-- Irene Galpin
Sarah Happer Galt --to-- Roger Garcia
Valeria Garcia --to-- Andrew Gardner
Andrew B. Gardner --to-- Henry Gardner
Henry Wood Gardner --to-- Margaret Charlotte Gardner
Marianna Field Gardner --to-- Walter Reginald Gardner
Wendell Gardner --to-- Llewellyn L. Garner
Marie Garner --to-- Elizabeth Gary
James Gary --to-- Everett Gassett
Francis "Frank" Gassett --to-- James Preston Gates
Jemuel Clinton Gates --to-- Elezide Gautreaux
Leticia Gautreaux --to-- Mildred Stewart Gay
Moses Gay --to-- Hiram Geer
Jacob Geer --to-- Gentry
Ada Mae Gentry --to-- Jacqueline German
Margaret German --to-- Mary Catherine Gfell
Charles Gfeller --to-- Robert Gibbs
Robert Gibbs --to-- Louisa Gibson
M. Gibson --to-- Mary Giddings
Mary Ellen Giddings --to-- William Gifford
William Gifford --to-- Sophronia Gilbert
Stanley Day Gilbert --to-- Mary Gilkison
Adrian B. Gill --to-- Joseph Smith Gillies
Judy Gillies --to-- Gilmore
Ada Adelle Gilmore --to-- Louisa M. Gilson
Luke H. Gilson --to-- Elfriede Glaser
Glaskill --to-- Isaac Gleason (2d)
James Gleason --to-- Elisha Glover
Elizabeth Glover --to-- Benjamin Goddard
Betty Goddard --to-- George Francis Goddard
George Osmer Goddard --to-- Molly Goddard
Moses Goddard --to-- Elizabeth Godfrey
Elizabeth Godfrey --to-- Stacey Marie Golden
Barbara Jean Golder --to-- Douglas Good
Edward Good --to-- Eleanor Elvira Goodenough
Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough --to-- Lydia Goodhue
Margery Goodhue --to-- Richard Rinnadi Goodman
Sarah Goodman --to-- Jane A. Goodwin
Jerusha Drake Goodwin --to-- Robert Vern Gordon (twin)
Robert Vern Gordon (twin) --to-- David Gorlinsky
Arthur P. Gorman --to-- James Dexter Gorton
James W. Gorton --to-- Edward Gosney
Scott Gosney --to-- Jonathan Gottschalk
Mabel Gottschalk --to-- Juliet Gould
Julius Gould --to-- Abigail Gove
Arthur Gove --to-- Avril Goza
Charles Goza --to-- Elba May Graham
Ellie Mariah "Ella" Graham --to-- Ella Elizabeth Granger
Floyd Granger --to-- Ellen Grant
Ellen F. Grant --to-- Reuben Grant
Robert Hector Grant --to-- Kent Jones Graves
Lillian May Graves --to-- Harold Gray
Harriet Gray --to-- Aaron Greathouse
Esther Doratea Greathouse --to-- Delancy A. Green
Edna Green --to-- Joseph W. Green
Julius Green --to-- Theodora Green
Theodore Milton Green --to-- Benjamin Greene
Benjamin Greene --to-- Elisha G. Greene
Eliza Greene --to-- James Carr Greene
Jeanette Greene --to-- Martha Almira Greene
Martha Gertrude Greene --to-- Ray Greene
Ray Greene --to-- Thomas Greene (Jr.)

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