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161655 individuals, 61170 families from file 20191128.ged (28 Nov 2019)

Charles Dunbar --to-- David Robert Duncan
Duncan Duncan --to-- William Dunfree
Barbara Dungan --to-- Sarah Dunlap
Sarah Dunlap --to-- Jeannie Power Dunnell
Lucy Randolph Dunnell --to-- Sarah Durant
Sarah Jane Durant --to-- Oliver Durkee
Paine D. Durkee (Lieutenant) --to-- Drodatus Dutton
Elias Warren Dutton --to-- Ernest Bennett Dye
George Warren Dye --to-- Jewell Dyke
Jonathan Dyke --to-- Herbert "Herb" Eames (Jr.)
Herbert Howell Eames --to-- Emily Wilbour Earle
George Benjamin Earle --to-- George Edward Eason
George Richard Eason --to-- Mary Olney Easton
Robert C. Easton --to-- Lucy Eaton
Lydia Eaton --to-- Martha M. Ebright
Thomas Eccleston (III) --to-- Betsey Eddy
Caleb Eddy --to-- Frederick A. Eddy
Freelove Eddy --to-- Lyman H. Eddy
Margaret Eddy --to-- Richard Eddy
Richard Eddy --to-- Zephaniah Eddy
Zerviah Eddy --to-- Amy Edgley
Agnes Victoria Edhegard --to-- Hugh C. Edsall
Jane Edsall --to-- Eliza Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards --to-- Oliver Edwards
Peter Edwards --to-- William Kim Eggett
Eggleston --to-- James David Eisentrager
Joy Ann Eisentrager --to-- Phebe Eldrich
Eldridge --to-- Mary Ellery
Clifton Ellett --to-- Addie Eliza Ann Ellis
Adeline Ellis --to-- Miriam Day Ellis
Myrtle Ellis --to-- Laura Ellsworth
Louis Ellsworth --to-- Ammie Estella Elston
Bertha Mae Elston --to-- Jesse Ely
John Ely --to-- Hannah Sarah Emerson
Harold Emerson --to-- Timothy Emerson
Walter S. Emerson --to-- Josephine Marietta Emmons
Laura Emmons --to-- Jolynn Engleking
Katherine Engleking --to-- Eugene C. Ensminger
Frances Lorraine Ensminger --to-- Ida Erlandson
Alfred Ernie --to-- Ernest L. Essex
George Washington Essex --to-- Esek Esten
Esek Esten --to-- Marjorie Retta Estes
Mary Estes --to-- Patricia "Patsie" Estrada
Sandra "Sandy" Estrada --to-- Bessie Evans
Betsey Evans --to-- Jack Evans
James Clarence Evans --to-- Rozilla Evans
Ruth A. Evans --to-- Sarah Ann Everett
Sarah Aurelia Everett --to-- William Eyre
Lucile Eyring --to-- Phineas Fairbanks (Deacon)
Phineas Fairbanks --to-- Joyce Elaine Falenschek
Roger Wayne Falenschek --to-- David Fanning
Elisha Fanning --to-- Roy Farnes
Celia Farnham --to-- Charles Herbert Farnum
Charles Roper Farnum --to-- Ithiel Farnum
James Farnum --to-- Robert Edward Farnum
Rose Blanchard Farnum --to-- Ronald Lee Farr (Jr.)
Sarah Farr --to-- Harvey Farrington
Ira Putnam Farrington --to-- William Farwell
William Farwell --to-- Thomas Faulkner
Alden Faunce --to-- Joel Fay
Jonas Fay --to-- Cheri Fehr
Diane Fehr --to-- Manuel Fellows
Marietta Fellows --to-- Samuel Morse Felton (Jr.)
Delores Ann Feltrop --to-- Eleanor Mae Fenner
Eliza Angell Fenner --to-- Lillian Blanche Fenner
Lydia Fenner --to-- Uriah Fenner

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