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166807 individuals, 63399 families from file 20211126.ged (26 Nov 2021)

Susan A. Fenner --to-- Melissa Fenton
Sarah Fenton --to-- Ray R. Ferguson
Richard E. Ferguson --to-- Ferris
Almira Ferris --to-- William C. Fick
Peter Fickett --to-- Hannah Field
Hannah Field --to-- Ruth Field
Samuel Field --to-- John Whipple Filoon
Abigail Finch --to-- Finnell
Elea Jean Finneman --to-- Nellie Blanche Fish
Orrin Fish --to-- Emma Jenne Fisher
Ernest Marshall Fisher --to-- Lottie I. Fisher
Lottie Iona Fisher --to-- Effie E. Fisk
Elisabeth Fisk --to-- Hannah Fiske
Hannah Fiske --to-- Fitch
Fitch --to-- Lewis Fitch
Lewis Chester Fitch --to-- Alan Fitz Flaald
John Fitz Marmaduke --to-- Allen Flagg
Benjamin Flagg (Colonel) --to-- Mary Flake
Mary Agnes Flake --to-- Raymond Fleet
Sherman Fleet --to-- Daniel L. Fletcher
David Fletcher --to-- Samuel Fletcher
Sewall Fletcher --to-- Ethel May Adel Flint
Euretta J. Flint --to-- Persis Flint
Rhoda Flint --to-- Daniel Floyd
Daniel Augustus Floyd --to-- Sumner Fogg
Dan Fogle --to-- Chester Edwin or Chester Edward Follett
Comfort Follett --to-- James Manning Follett
Jenckes Follett --to-- Nelson Craig Follett
Oliver Follett --to-- Abraham Fonda
Anna Fones --to-- Hepsibeth Forbush
Lucy Forbush --to-- Mary Ford
Mary Alden Ford --to-- Karen Laurie Forslund
Beatrice Forster --to-- Walter William "Butch" Foskett
Walter William "Walt" Foskett --to-- Dorothy Agnes Foster
Dwight Foster --to-- Martha "Mattie" Foster
Martha Adeline Foster --to-- Charles Fowl
Catherine Fowle --to-- Anna Jessie Fowles
Roberta Fowles --to-- Mary Fox
Mary Ann Fox --to-- Abraham Francis
Abraham Francis (Jr.) --to-- Abbie Sarah Franklin
Abel Franklin --to-- Thomas Franklin
Tim Franklin --to-- Macy Frazier
Mattie Frazier --to-- Celia Freeman
Christena J. Freeman --to-- Minnie Mae Freeman
Nathan Freeman --to-- Margaret Ann Freitag
Samuel Freitag --to-- Mary Brett French
Minerva E. French --to-- Madeline Carol Freyta
Agostino Frezza --to-- Fredrick A. Fritz
Garrett Matthew Fritz --to-- Henry Thornton Frost
Horace Frost --to-- Alfred Fry
Amos Fry --to-- Albert Gustave Fuhriman
Donna Mae Fuhriman --to-- Elijah Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller --to-- Martha Fuller
Martha Sophia Fuller --to-- Samuel B. Fulton
Arch Fultz --to-- Harold Raymond Gable
George E. Gabriel --to-- Sarah Renee Gagnon
Deborah Gagon --to-- Shirley June Gallaway
Teresa Galle --to-- Joseph Henry Gallup
Joyce Naomi Gallup --to-- Tori Ganmian
Tyler Ganmian --to-- Mary Jennie Gardiner
Melissa Florence Gardiner --to-- Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Ellen Gardner --to-- Judith Lynn "Judy" Gardner
Julie Hope Gardner --to-- Raymond Derwood Gardner
Raymond Thomas Gardner --to-- Samuel Garfield
Samuel Garfield --to-- Jennie Shephard Garrett
Josephine Garrett --to-- Samuel Gary
Stephen Gary --to-- Abbie R. Gates
Albert Lorraine Gates --to-- Lydia Gates
Mamie Jane Gates --to-- Kenneth Chester Gauvin
Kenneth James Gauvin --to-- Moses Gay
Orrin Gay --to-- George Geer
George Henry Geer --to-- Megan Elizabeth Gendron
Richard Gendron --to-- Jesse Allan Gerboth
Juel James Gerboth --to-- Albert Randolph Getchell
Anne Montgomery Getchell --to-- Frank E. Gibbs

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