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Index of Persons

162224 individuals, 61430 families from file 20200216.ged (16 Feb 2020)

A. C. --to-- Abigail S.
Abigail W. --to-- Alice
Alice --to-- Alvisa
Alyson --to-- Ann
Ann --to-- Anna
Anna --to-- Annie
Annie --to-- Barbara
Barbara --to-- Betsey
Betsey --to-- C.
Caleb --to-- Catherine
Catherine --to-- Christin
Christina --to-- Cornelia
Cornelia --to-- Deliverance
Deliverance --to-- Drusilla
Dusty --to-- Eliza
Eliza --to-- Elizabeth
Elizabeth --to-- Elizabeth
Elizabeth --to-- Ellen Emma
Ellen H. --to-- Emma A.
Emma A. --to-- Eunice
Eunice --to-- Frances
Frances --to-- Grace
Grace --to-- Hannah
Hannah --to-- Harriet Alice
Harriet Allen --to-- Hester
Hettie --to-- Jackie
Jacob --to-- Jemima
Jemima --to-- Joanna or Johanna
Joanne --to-- Juliette
June --to-- Kris
Kris --to-- Linda
Linda --to-- Louisa Mary
Louisa S. --to-- Lucy A.
Lucy A. --to-- Lydia F.
Lydia F. or W. --to-- Margaret
Margaret --to-- Maria A.
Maria A. --to-- Martha
Martha --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary
Mary --to-- Mary E.
Mary E. --to-- Mary Margaret
Mary Margret --to-- Melissa
Melissa --to-- Miranda
Miranda --to-- Naomi A.
Narcissa --to-- Pall B.
Pamela --to-- Phebe
Phebe --to-- Polly Ann
Poul --to-- Rebecca
Rebecca --to-- Rowena M.
Roxanna --to-- Sadie
Sadie --to-- Sarah
Sarah --to-- Sarah
Sarah --to-- Sarah E.
Sarah E. --to-- Simonetta
Sin-San-A'Wit --to-- Susan
Susan --to-- Tammy
Tammy --to-- Viola E.
Violet --to-- Anne Francis Abbott
Caroline Livermore Abbott --to-- Caroline Cornelia Aborn
Edward Aborn --to-- Robert Saunders Ackerly (Jr.)
Adabelle Ackerman --to-- Eva Irene Adair
John Dale Adair --to-- Charles Ezra Adams
Charles Fowler Adams --to-- Eunice Adams
Eva Lillian Adams --to-- John Deloss Adams
John L. Adams --to-- Mary Ann Adams
Mary B. Adams --to-- Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams --to-- Ellen Addington
Robert R. Addis --to-- Margarett Ailes

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