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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Hope Spencer Adams --to-- Lillie Chapman Adams
Llewellyn Adams --to-- Rebecca Adams
Reed Alvin Adams --to-- Walter Moses Adams
Walter Raymond Adams --to-- Florence Emma Affeldt
Judy Affeldt --to-- Arthur Clarence Akers
Bernadine Akers --to-- Milciades Camilo Albert Fiorinelli
Enid L. Albertson --to-- Lillian Alden
Loretta Alden --to-- Abigail Greene "Abby" Aldrich
Abigail Whipple Aldrich --to-- Benjamin Winsor Aldrich
Bernice Aldrich --to-- Elizabeth Cutler Aldrich
Elizabeth F. Aldrich --to-- Ishmael Aldrich
Ishmael Aldrich --to-- Mariah Aldrich
Marion Aldrich --to-- Philana Aldrich
Philip Aldrich --to-- Simon Aldrich
Simon Whipple Aldrich --to-- Hattie Alexander
Hattie Alexander --to-- Richard Victor Allaire
Barbara Prudence Allan --to-- Arthur Webb Allen
Asa Louis Allen --to-- David Allen
David Allen --to-- Fred J. Allen
Fred Rawle Allen --to-- Jeanette Allen
Jeannie Allen --to-- Margaret Allen
Margaret Ann Allen --to-- Paul Wendell Allen
Peddy Ann Allen --to-- Thomas Allen
Thomas Holden Allen --to-- Anita Alling-Dam
Annelise Alling-Dam --to-- Christopher James Allyn
Clifford Allyn --to-- José E. Alvarez
Lowell Luis Guillermo Alvarez --to-- David Packard Ames
Delbert C. Ames --to-- Simeon Whipple Ames
Simeon Whipple Ames --to-- Annie E. Amsbury
Atala Amsbury --to-- Joseph Alvin Andersen
Judo Hans Andersen --to-- Condell Richard "Cory" Anderson
Connie M. Anderson --to-- Lamont Whipple Anderson
Larry D. Anderson --to-- Thomas D. Anderson
Thomas Davis Anderson --to-- Anson Andrews
Arthur Walton "John" Andrews --to-- Ellen Mareille Andrews
Elsie Lavinia Andrews --to-- Jacob Andrews
Jacob Theodore Andrews --to-- Manus Andrews
Margaret Alice Andrews --to-- Sophronia Andrews
Stanley Andrews --to-- Abiah Angell
Abigail Angell --to-- Amasa W. Angell
Ambrosia Angell --to-- Asha Angell
Asha Angell --to-- Charlotte Angell (twin)
Charlotte Angell --to-- Edward F. Angell
Edward L. Angell --to-- Ethan Earl Angell
Ethel D. Angell --to-- Hannah Angell
Hannah C. Angell --to-- Isabella Angell
Israel Angell --to-- Job Angell
Job Angell (Jr.) --to-- Louden P. Angell
Louis K. Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nehemiah Angell
Nehemiah A. Angell --to-- Richard Angell
Richard Anthony Angell --to-- Sarah Smith Angell
Sarah Williams Angell --to-- Thomas Holden Angell
Thomas L. Angell --to-- Gardiner E. Angier
Ruth Angier --to-- Arthur Wilbur Anthony
Atala Lee Anthony --to-- Katherine B. Antonson
Elizabeth Antram --to-- Frances Appleton
Frances E. Appleton --to-- William Archer
Ivetta de Arches --to-- William Armes
William Armes --to-- John L. Armstrong
Karen Armstrong --to-- Abigail Arnold
Abigail B. Arnold --to-- Anne Arnold
Anne Arnold --to-- Catharine Amanda Arnold
Catherine Arnold --to-- David Arnold
David Moses Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold --to-- George W. Arnold
George W. Arnold (Jr.) --to-- Isabella Marr Arnold
Isabella or Isabelle Arnold --to-- John R. Arnold
John Rhodes Arnold --to-- Lucinda Arnold

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