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160848 individuals, 60764 families from file 20190721.ged (21 Jul 2019)

Charlotte A. Moore --to-- John Moore
John Moore --to-- Robert Dale Moore
Rodie Owen Moore --to-- Isabelle "Belle" Mordue
Josephine Mordue --to-- Caroline Isabelle Morgan
Charity Morgan --to-- Kelly Morgan (Jr.)
Kevin Morgan --to-- Samuel Morrell
Winnifred Morrell --to-- Clara L. Morris
Claude Wessel Morris --to-- Waldo M. Morris
William Morris --to-- Zelda Venita Morrison
Joseph B. Morrissery --to-- Eliza Morse
Elizabeth Morse --to-- Marion Morse
Marion Meriwether Morse --to-- Denise Mortensen
Elisabeth Mortensen --to-- Emily Moses
Evelyn Jane Moses --to-- Hugh Mosher
Isabelle or Isabel Mosher --to-- Mary Alice Moss
Palmer Moss --to-- Andrea Moulton
Arthur Garland Moulton --to-- Abiel Mowry
Abigail Mowry --to-- Amie or Amey Mowry
Ananias Mowry --to-- Candice Mowry
Caroline Mowry --to-- Diana Mowry
Dinah Mowry --to-- Emor Harris Mowry (Jr.)
Enos Mowry --to-- Gideon Mowry
Gideon Mowry --to-- Irving Mowry
Irving B. Mowry --to-- Joseph Mowry
Joseph Mowry --to-- Mabel L. Mowry
Mabel Steere Mowry --to-- Melonia Mowry
Melvina Mowry --to-- Phebe Mowry
Phebe Mowry --to-- Samuel Mowry
Samuel Mowry --to-- Susan Smith Mowry
Susanna Mowry --to-- William Mowry
William Mowry --to-- Bob Mueller
Henry Mueller --to-- John Harold Mullen (Sr.)
Kevin Michael Mullen --to-- Douglas Gordon Munger
Ervilla Elizabeth Munger --to-- William P. Munroe
Ellie Frances Munroe or Stone --to-- Silas Murdock
Sophia Murdock --to-- Kathleen Murphy
Latisha Jean Murphy --to-- Murtiff
Per Helgesen Muruaasen --to-- Albert J. Myers
Alta Lucretia Myers --to-- Sine Cĉcilie Mĝller
Agnes Müller --to-- Elizabeth Nash
Florence Laura "Florence" Nash --to-- Edward "Mick" Naughton
Masyn Nay --to-- Jack Neel
Lester Neel --to-- Nelson
Nelson --to-- Kathryn Mary Nelson
Keith Ammon Nelson --to-- James Clark Nesbitt
James R. Nesbitt --to-- Joan Neville
John Neville --to-- Paul Newburn
Adah Ashby Newbury --to-- Eunice Newell
Eunice R. Newell --to-- William Newell
William Newell --to-- Newton
Newton --to-- Rachel Newton
Robert Newton --to-- Berdina Nichols
Berentha or Berintha Nichols --to-- Harriet Nichols
Harriet Whipple Nichols --to-- Nan Kirk Nichols
Nancy Alice "Nan" Nichols --to-- William Calvin Nickolson
Grace Alta Nicodemus --to-- Lisbeth Nielsen
Lizzie Margrethe Nielsen --to-- Mary Niles
Mary Niles --to-- Danielle Marie Nixon
Douglas Alan Nixon --to-- Clara G. Norcross
George Norcross --to-- Joseph Wallace Norris
Joshua Sherwin Norris --to-- Daniel Anthony Northup
Daniel Anthony Northup --to-- John Maguire Norton (Jr.)
John Warren Norton --to-- Kevin Nowak
Leslie Nowak --to-- Robert Keith Nulf
Ronald Keith Nulf --to-- Sarah Nutting
Sarah Nutting --to-- Susan Nye
Velina Nye --to-- William M. O'Connell
Anna O'Conner --to-- Veronica O'Mara
Bridget O'Neil --to-- Annie Mabel Oatley
Carrie Oatley --to-- Orlando J. Odell
Simeon Odell --to-- Abby L. Oldfield
Alexander John William Oldfield --to-- Maria Olin

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