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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Parker M. Paine --to-- Abram Palmatier
Laura Winifred Palmatier --to-- Lydia Palmer
Mabelle Frances Palmer --to-- David Panning Brubaker
Robert Panning Brubaker --to-- Afton Pardo
Brevin Pardo --to-- Richard Parke
Richard Parke --to-- Eleazer Parker
Elisha Parker --to-- Jennie May Parker
Jereboam Parker --to-- Patience Parker
Patience B. Parker --to-- Betsey Parkhurst
Caroline Louise Parkhurst --to-- Elizabeth Parks
Ernest A. Parks --to-- Donna Rae Parry
Fredrick Flynn Parry --to-- Eliza Augusta Partridge
Emily Dow Partridge --to-- Nicholas Patch
Nicholas Patch --to-- Simon Patt
Amanda A. Patt or Bassett --to-- Jane Patterson
Jason Allen Patterson --to-- James Paul
James Paul --to-- Charles Curtis Pavy
Charles Taylor Pavy --to-- Wendy Lee Payne
William Payne --to-- Anne Peadon
James Peadon --to-- Mary Jo Pearce
Michael Pearce --to-- Jeffrey Glenn Pearson
Jeffrey Glenn Pearson (Jr.) --to-- Amey Peck
Amy Mahala Peck --to-- Isaac Peck
Isabella Lavina Peck --to-- Sarah M. Peck
Sarah Temperance Peck --to-- Aage Frederik Vilhelm Pedersen
Anders Pedersen --to-- Beth Ann Pedro
Blake William Pedro --to-- Sally Mason Peirce
Samuel Rice Peirce --to-- Ralph Waldo Pemberton
Rhoda Isabel Pemberton --to-- Travis Steven Penney
Veralyn Grace "Sis" Penney --to-- Mary Jane Penrod
Mazetta Penrod --to-- Richard Percy
Richard de Percy --to-- Perkins
Perkins --to-- Anna Perkins
Anna Perkins --to-- Caleb Dwight Perkins
Carl Leroy Perkins --to-- Civil Perkins
Clara Perkins --to-- Edward Henry Perkins
Edward Henry Perkins --to-- Ellen C. Perkins
Ellen E. Perkins --to-- Frank Augustus Perkins
Frank Eliphaz Perkins --to-- Grace Tod Perkins
Gurdon Perkins --to-- Herman Wesley Perkins
Hezekiah Perkins --to-- Jerusha Perkins
Jesse Perkins (Captain) --to-- Joseph Perkins
Joseph Perkins --to-- Lewis Woodbury Perkins
Lillian Perkins --to-- Marian Perkins
Marion Perkins --to-- Mary Jane Perkins
Mary Jane Perkins --to-- Oliver Ellsworth Perkins
Ora Marshall Perkins --to-- Samuel Perkins
Samuel Perkins --to-- Sparks Perkins
Stephen Perkins --to-- Zebulon Perkins
Zephaniah Perkins --to-- James Perry
James Perry --to-- Sarah Jane Persons
Perticari --to-- Theda Peters
Thomas Edward Peters --to-- Kelly Jo Peterson
Keven Chris Peterson --to-- Mabel D. Pettengill
Catherine Amanda Pettes --to-- Althea Huntington Pew
Catherine Whipple Pew --to-- Lemuel Henry Phelps
Lydia Lovina Phelps --to-- George Thornton Phetteplace
Georgina Haswol Phetteplace --to-- Kenneth E. Phifer
Annie Laura Philbrick --to-- Betsey Phillips
Betsey Phillips --to-- George W. Phillips
George Washington Phillips --to-- Lori Michelle Phillips
Lottie Phillips --to-- Sarah A. Phillips
Sarah Agnes Phillips --to-- Jedediah Phipps
John Edward Owen Phipps --to-- Patricia Louise Pickering
Percy Pickering --to-- Horace A. Pidge
Ida E. Pidge --to-- Clarendon W. Pierce
Clarissa J. Pierce --to-- John Pierce
John Pierce --to-- Stephen Pierce
Stephen Smith Pierce --to-- Karl M. Pike
Louisa Pike --to-- Elizabeth Pillsbury
Elizabeth Pillsbury --to-- Kittie Pillsbury
Leonard Calvin Pillsbury --to-- Susannah Pillsbury
Thamar Pillsbury (twin) --to-- Edward S. Pinkham
Ellen Elizabeth Pinkham --to-- John Piret

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