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148884 individuals, 59271 families from file 20220115.ged (15 Jan 2022)

Joseph Holmes --to-- Curtis H. Holt
Dinah Holt --to-- Evaline Holtz
John Holtz --to-- Charles E. Hooper
E. C. Hooper (Sr.) --to-- Charles H. Hopkins
Charlotte E. "Lottie" Hopkins --to-- Herbert A. Hopkins
Hope Hopkins --to-- Samuel Hopkins
Samuel H. Hopkins --to-- Darla Horne
Edith Temple Horne --to-- Lydia A. Horton
Mabelle Frances Horton --to-- John Hotchkiss
John Hotchkiss --to-- Richard W. Houghton
Richardson Houghton --to-- Isaac Hovey
Jacob Hovey (Dr.) --to-- Abijah Howard
Adelia Howard --to-- Dorothy May Howard
Earl Howard --to-- Henry Howard
Henry Warren Howard --to-- Lysander Bradford Howard
Mabel Cecile Hornby Howard --to-- Roger Howard
Ronald Howard --to-- Ann Howe
Augustus Howe --to-- Aaron Howell
Abby Howell --to-- Elizabeth Howland
Elizabeth B. Howland --to-- Abigail Hoyt
Albert Angel Hoyt --to-- Luther Hoyt
Lyda Marie Hoyt --to-- George Hubbard
George Moses Hubbard --to-- Denis Hucsteppe
Edward Hucsteppe --to-- Sarah E. Hudson
Smith G. Hudson --to-- Ellis Hughes
Ellis Hughes --to-- Joanna Crombie Hulburt
Miner Hulburt --to-- Warren Humes
Will E. Humes --to-- John Humphries
Judge Humphries --to-- Daniel Augustus Hunt
Daniel Augustus Hunt (Jr.) --to-- John Hunt
John Hunt --to-- Thomas Hunt
Timothy Westin Hunt --to-- Henry Huntington
Jabez Huntington --to-- Rachel G. Hurd
Ruth Hurd --to-- Dorothy Huse
Dorothy J. Huse --to-- Ethel M. Huston
George S. Huston --to-- Thomas Hutchins
Thomas Hutchins --to-- Rachel Hutchinson
Richard Garvin Hutchinson --to-- Judith Hyde
L. Eldred Hyde --to-- Rachel Illingworth
Charles Ilsley --to-- Frank P. Ingraham
Grace Bernon Ingraham --to-- John Inman (Jr.)
John Inman --to-- Kirsten Ipsen
Lise Margrethe Ipsen --to-- Freelove Irons
Georgiana B. Irons --to-- Waity Irons
Waterman Irons --to-- Hester Adelaide Ivers
Lucy Ivers --to-- Abigail Jackson
Abram Jackson --to-- John Romney Jackson
John William Jackson --to-- Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson --to-- Richard Jacobs
Ruel Jacobs --to-- Edward C. James
Eliza F. James --to-- Anna Barbra Janisch
Edward Janisch --to-- Edith Jarvis
Erma Jarvis --to-- Sarah W. Jefferson
William J. Jefferson --to-- Charles Everett Jenckes
Charles F. Jenckes --to-- George Kimball Jenckes
George N. Jenckes --to-- Joseph Sherbourne Jenckes (IV)
Joseph Sherbourne Jenckes (V) --to-- Parley Jenckes
Patience Jenckes --to-- Agnes Tanner Jencks
Albert Cheney Jencks --to-- Preserved Arnold Jencks
Preserved Arnold Jencks (Jr.) --to-- Horace Montford Jenkins
Hosea Burnice Jenkins (twin) --to-- Benjamin Jenks
Benjamin Jenks --to-- Jeremiah Whipple Jenks
Jesse Chamberlain Jenks --to-- William Jenks
William Jenks (Dr.) --to-- Forrest Jennings
Francis E. Jennings --to-- Peter Jenny
Ernest Burton Jense --to-- Ellis Claud Jenson
Jesse Scott Jenson --to-- James Jerauld
James Jerauld --to-- B. Jester
Craig Jester --to-- Asa Jillson
Augustus Franklin Jillson --to-- Martha Jillson
Mary Jillson --to-- (Berndine) Marie Johannesdatter Elle
Anna Lena Johannesdotter --to-- Alice Elaine Johnson

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