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165717 individuals, 62942 families from file 20210724.ged (24 Jul 2021)

George Alexander Gardner --to-- Kathy Gardner
Keith Allan Gardner --to-- Ora Gardner
Pauline G. Gardner --to-- Abigail Garfield
Abram Garfield --to-- William Glen Garner
Eva Garnes --to-- Jay Garvin
Kittie Garvin --to-- Ezekiel Gaskill
George Henry Gaskill --to-- Elisha Gates
Elizabeth Gates --to-- Nehemiah Gates
Nehemiah Gates --to-- Francis Gavaghan
Katherine Gavett --to-- Lucy Gay
Marion Gay --to-- Courtland H. Geer
David Austin Geer --to-- Charles S. Geerhart
Lewis S. Geesaman --to-- Ellicott George
Elmer George --to-- Honor Germon
AnnaLee Gerngross --to-- Lois Elaine Getz
Maren Getz --to-- George Homer Gibbs
Gracie Georgiana Gibbs --to-- Fred Gibson
George Wesley Gibson --to-- Sarah Maria Gibson
Scott Franklin Gibson --to-- Alva Gifford
Angela Gifford --to-- William H. Gifford
Nannie E. Gift --to-- Mary Whipple Gilbert
Melyssa LeeAnn Gilbert --to-- Jacob Benjamin Giles
Joshua Marshall Giles --to-- Cora Gillespie
Elizabeth Viola Gillespie --to-- John T. Gillock (Jr.)
John T. Gillock --to-- Angela Gilmore
Ann Whipple Gilmore --to-- Ernest Walton Gilson
Eva Lina Gilson --to-- Joseph F. Gladding
Lucretia Gladding --to-- Shirley Jane Glaze
Ted Austin Glaze --to-- Donald F. Gledhill
Donald Laurell Gledhill --to-- Gene Ivan Glover
Ivan LeRoy Glover --to-- Abigail Goddard
Addie Goddard --to-- Edward Goddard
Edwin N. Goddard --to-- John William Goddard
Jonathan Goddard --to-- Richard Goddard
Robert Goddard --to-- John Godfrey
John Godfrey --to-- George A. Golden
H. Jennie Golden --to-- Dennis Gonyea
Maria Gonyea --to-- Jonathan Whipple Goode
Louis Emmit Goode --to-- Daniel Goodhue
David Goodhue --to-- Miriam Goodhue
Priscilla Goodhue --to-- Sean Michael Goodman
Vilhjalmur Goodman --to-- Phebe Ella Goodspeed
Tabitha Goodspeed --to-- Lee Gordon
Leonard T. Gordon --to-- Benjamin Gorham
Benjamin Gorham --to-- Alma Jane Gorton
Ann Gorton --to-- John Anthony Gorton
John T. Gorton --to-- Betty M. Gosney
Edward Gosney --to-- Zebulon Goss
Zebulon Goss --to-- Ezra Palmer Gould (Professor)
Fanny Marion Gould --to-- Ruth Gould
S. W. Gould --to-- Hiram Gove
James R. Gove --to-- Jodie G. Goza
Lillie Goza --to-- Cora Carrie Graham
David Graham --to-- Sallie Graig
Amanda Louise Grams --to-- Aruna or Arunah Grant
Bela Grant --to-- John L. Grant
Joseph Grant --to-- Sidney Smith Grant
Silas Arkansas Grant --to-- Mark Gordon Graves
Mary Graves --to-- Flora Jane Gray
Florence Gray --to-- Ronald Leroy "Ronnie" Gray
Rosalie Gray --to-- Archie Everett Green
Aurelia Green --to-- George A. Green
George B. Green --to-- Louisa P. Green
Lucina B. Green --to-- Sarah Evelina Green
Sarah W. Green --to-- Anne Gladding Greene
Anthony Holden Greene --to-- Cornelia Robinson Greene
Curtis Benjamin Greene --to-- Freelove Greene
Freelove Greene --to-- John Greene
John Greene --to-- Mary Greene
Mary Greene --to-- Polly Greene
Polly Greene --to-- Spencer Greene

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