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151023 individuals, 60334 families from file 20230520.ged (20 May 2023)

Thomas Cruff --to-- Georgia Belle Culpepper
Allen M. Culver --to-- Joseph Priestley Cummings
Joseph T. Cummings --to-- Mildred G. Cunha
Raymond Cunha --to-- Ephraim Currier
Eudora Currier --to-- Blanche Curtis
Byam Heber Curtis --to-- Orson Curtis
Otis Curtis --to-- Lois Cushing
Luther Hosea Cushing --to-- Charles Cutler
Clorinda H. Cutler --to-- Atherton Gerard Cutter
Eunice Cutter --to-- Nancy K. Dabney
Thomas Todd Dabney --to-- Raymond Dake
Virginia "Virgie" Dake --to-- Adolf Johannes Dam
Alice Dam --to-- Melinda Dam
Oliva Kirstine Dam --to-- Nathaniel G. Dana
Orva Elizabeth Dana --to-- William Augustus Dane
Dorothy Danfield --to-- Martha Elizabeth Daniels
Mary A. Daniels --to-- William Walter Darby
Benjamin Darby or Derby --to-- Esther Darling
Esther Darling --to-- Mary Louise Darling
Mary Rhodes Darling --to-- Hannah Darrow
Hattie Darrow --to-- Roger Walker Davenport
Russell Stearns Davenport --to-- George Davies
George Allen Davies --to-- Benajah Davis (3rd)
Benajah Lorraine Davis --to-- Edward Davis
Edward B. Davis --to-- George Benton Davis
George Benton Davis (Jr.) --to-- James Davis
James Davis --to-- Lucy Davis
Lucy Diane Davis --to-- Milton Herbert Davis
Milton Herbert Davis (Jr.) --to-- Roswell Davis
Rudolph Davis --to-- William Davis
William Davis --to-- Minnie Jane Dawson
Ralph Thomas Dawson --to-- Parmela Day
Polly Day --to-- Gene A. DeBarthe
Cheryl DeBelle --to-- James DeWolf
James F. DeWolf --to-- Nancy Dean
Nellie M. Dean --to-- Decker
Alice Decker --to-- Auryn Matthias Deem
Beth Ann Deem --to-- Olena Deem
Orville Joy Deem --to-- Juan Delavalle
Rosa Delavalle --to-- Charles Henry Denison
Daniel Denison (Major General) --to-- Maria L. Dennis
Martha P. Dennis --to-- Dent
Carrie Mae Dent --to-- Annis Deuel
Aurelia Deuel --to-- Charles O. Dewell
Clarence A. Dewell --to-- Abby Greene Dexter
Abby L. Dexter --to-- Anna Dexter
Anna Medora Dexter --to-- Clifton Ellsworth Dexter
Clinton Dexter --to-- Frances Susan Dexter
Francis Dexter --to-- Henry R. Dexter
Herbert C. Dexter --to-- John Dexter
John Dexter --to-- Maria or Mary Dexter
Marie Dexter --to-- Orissa B. Dexter
Otis Dexter --to-- Sarah Sophia Dexter
Sebastian A. Dexter --to-- William Dexter
William Dexter --to-- Margaret Dickenson
S. S. Dickenson --to-- Charles Dickson
Charles Dickson (Major) --to-- James Russell Dietrick
Rosanna Diette --to-- Anna Dimmock
Benjamin Dimmock --to-- Hannah Ellen Dix
Lena Dix --to-- David Doblemont
Mellie Dobler --to-- Deborah Dodge
Deliverance or Martha Dodge --to-- Martha L. Dodge
Martha Woodbury Dodge --to-- Hepsibah Doggett
John Doggett --to-- Maria Donaldson
Susan Donaldson --to-- Abby Lippitt Doolittle
Duncan Hunter Doolittle --to-- Florence Adelle Dorrel
George M. Dorrel --to-- Elizabeth Doubleday
Ella Lettea Doubleday --to-- Mary Jennette Douglass
Maxwell Douglass --to-- May Dowding
Richard E. Dowell --to-- Sarah Doying
Doyle --to-- Ada Draper
Albert L. Draper --to-- Isabell "Belle" Drew

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