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165727 individuals, 62946 families from file 20210801.ged (1 Aug 2021)

Norman Cox --to-- Cynthia Crabtree
Nancy Crabtree --to-- Christian Harding Craig
Claude Craig --to-- Eliphalet Cram
Elizabeth Beaumont Cram --to-- Crandall
Abby Crandall --to-- Frederick Bartlett Crandall
Gayle Crandall --to-- Mary Elizabeth Crandall
Mary Elizabeth Crandall --to-- Carl Crane
Caroline Crane --to-- James R. Cravath
Ruth Cravath --to-- Margaret Crawford
Maria Louisa Crawford --to-- Thelma Bertha Cremers
Dorothy Kelly Crermer --to-- Emily Jane Crismon
Polyanna Crispel --to-- Israel Ferdinand Crocker
John Crocker (Deacon) --to-- Alpheus Gustus Cron
Inez Jonella Cron --to-- George Emmons Crosby
Georgie Ella Reed Crosby --to-- Jacob Cross
James Cross --to-- Henry Crossman
Hortense W. Crossman --to-- Clara Crouch
Clara Fenella Crouch --to-- Fern Crouch
Flora Geneva Crouch --to-- Judy Crouch
Julia Crouch --to-- Ralph Leslie Crouch
Raymond Crouch --to-- Deborah Crow
Louisa J. Crow --to-- Robert Ward Croxall
Trace Taylor Croxall --to-- Christina Cecilia Margareta Cube
Anna Cuddington --to-- Charles J. Cummings
Clara Lang Cummings --to-- Geraldine Faye Cummins
Grace Cummins --to-- Danny Cupp
Curcura --to-- Verona H. Currier
William Oscar Currier --to-- Ellen May Curtis
Elmer R. Curtis --to-- Sabra Curtis
Samuel Frederick Curtis --to-- Mary Benedict Cushing
Matthew or Mathew Cushing --to-- Delbert Cutler
Drew David Cutler --to-- Fred Bertram Cutter
Grace Warren Cutter --to-- Annette Keane Dabney
Cora Dabney --to-- Greg Dainiak
John Dainiak --to-- John Luther Dalton (Sr.)
John Luther Dalton (III) --to-- Carl Wilhelm Røboe Dam
Christian Dam --to-- Malthe Arthur Dam
Margarethe Larsen Dam --to-- Francis Dana
Francis F. "Frank" Dana --to-- Martha "Molly" Dane
Martha Abba Dane --to-- Dorothy Daniels
Eliza S. Daniels --to-- Danley
Calvin T. Danley --to-- Alpha Frances Darling
Althea Louise Darling --to-- James Greene Darling
Jeannie Wallace Darling --to-- Rhoda Darling
Richard Darling --to-- George William Dart
Herbert George Dart --to-- Sarah Davenport
Stearns Godfrey Davenport --to-- John Lester Davies
John M. Davies (M.D.) --to-- Benajah Davis (3rd)
Benajah Lorraine Davis --to-- DonnaJoy Christine "DJ" Davis
Doris Elmira Davis --to-- Ferman Ennis Davis
Flora A. Davis --to-- Howard Guy Davis
Huldah Davis --to-- Julia Nadine Davis
Julie Davis --to-- Mary Davis
Mary Davis --to-- Orson James Davis
Orville F. Davis --to-- Sarah Ann Davis
Sarah C. Davis --to-- Daniel Davison
John Davison --to-- Charles H. Day
Comfort Day --to-- Dayton
Abner Dayton --to-- Cheryl DeBelle
Nellie DeBolt --to-- Robert DeSantes
Wilfred W. "Bill" DeVoe --to-- Alice Pamelia Dean
Caroline Cordelia Dean --to-- Lucia M. Dearborn
Lydia Dearborn --to-- Loretta Decker
Loretta Elmina Decker --to-- J. Klaren Deem
Jack Lames Deem --to-- Louise Deering
Marion Deering --to-- Ella Delong
J. Frank Delong --to-- Perry Alden Denham
Sarah Denham --to-- Kellie Dennis Dennis
Kelly Ann Dennis --to-- Lafayette Densmore
Loana E. Densmore --to-- Charles P. Detamore
Detmering --to-- Abigail Devotion
Daryl Dean Devries --to-- Mary Dewey
Mary Woolsey "Polly" Dewey --to-- Amey Dexter

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