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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Esther Cross --to-- Danforth Crossman
Eleazer Crossman --to-- Chester Crouch (Jr.)
Chester George Crouch --to-- Eunice Crouch (twin)
Evelyn Eugenia Crouch --to-- Joseph Lewers Crouch (Jr.)
Joseph Solomon Crouch --to-- Rachel Crouch
Rachel Violet Crouch --to-- Caroline Crout
Patricia Ann Crouthamel --to-- Melvin Croxall
Ralph Taylor Croxall --to-- Katlyn Lynn Ctvrtlik
Gladys Cubbler (Mrs.) --to-- Charles Cummings
Charles J. Cummings --to-- Grace Cummins
Kimberly Cummins --to-- Stephen Curcura
Alpha Royal Curl --to-- Samuel Currier
Sargent Currier --to-- Earl Myron Curtis
Edgar Franklin Curtis --to-- Rhea Curtis
Robert Theodore Curtis --to-- Mary Cushing
Mary Cushing --to-- Collins Whipple Cutler
David Sanford Cutler --to-- Eunice Cutter
Ezekiel Cutter --to-- Thomas Todd Dabney
Deborah Elizabeth Dace --to-- James Robert Nathaniel Dake
Jesse R. Dake --to-- Orville Clair Dalton
Patricia Ann Dalton --to-- Ellinor Dam
Else Margrethe Dam --to-- Niels Christian Røboe Dam
Niels Otto Olsen Dam --to-- Julia Ann Van Ness Dana
Lee Howard Dana --to-- Samuel H. Dane
Sarah Dane --to-- James Anderson Daniels
Jared W. Daniels --to-- Donna Katrina Daout
Carolyn Rae Darby --to-- Edward Barnard Darling
Edward F. Darling --to-- Maria Eliza Darling
Maria Frances Darling --to-- Ziba Darling
Edward C. Darnall --to-- Edson Davenport
Edward Davenport --to-- Margaret Davidson
Marie Davidson --to-- Ann Davis
Anna Davis --to-- Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis --to-- Elnora Davis
Elverett M. Davis --to-- Harrison Henry Davis
Harvey Davis --to-- John C. Davis
John C. Davis --to-- Mabel Effie Davis
Mabel S. Davis --to-- Nathan James Davis
Nathan William Davis --to-- Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis (Jr.) --to-- William Abraham Davis
William Clyde Davis --to-- Walter Lee Dawson
Walter Oscar Dawson --to-- Rachel Suzanne Day
Robert Day --to-- Clara Anna De Wolf
Sarah De Wolf --to-- James H. DePue
Giuseppe Marian DePuglio --to-- Lynn Lee Deal
Mabelle Angeline Deal --to-- Lydia Dearborn
Narcissa Dearborn --to-- Margaret Decker
Margaret M. Decker --to-- JeNeal Deem
Jeffry Lynn Deem --to-- Theresa Marie Deese
Elizabeth Defosses --to-- James F. Demarest
Mary Lynn Demarest --to-- Troy Dennee
Andrew F. Dennegan --to-- Susan Dennis
Wayne Mowry Dennis --to-- George Anthony Deraney
Anna Derby --to-- James A. Deuel
Joan Deuel --to-- Clarence A. Dewell
Daniel Dewell --to-- Abigail Dexter
Abigail Dexter --to-- Anna S. Dexter
Anna or Nancy Dexter --to-- Daniel Singer Dexter
Daniel Singer Dexter --to-- Frank Dexter
Frank Gregory Dexter --to-- Horatio Morris Dexter
Horatio O. Dexter --to-- John Willard Dexter
Jonathan Dexter --to-- Mary Dexter
Mary Dexter --to-- Phebe Dexter
Phebe Dexter --to-- Stephen Dexter
Stephen Dexter --to-- William James Dexter
William James Dexter --to-- Alton L. Dickerman
Amy Dickerman --to-- Charles Dickson (Major)
Charles W. Dickson --to-- Mary Dieter
Roy Finney Dieter --to-- Clara J. Dimmick
Franklin L. Dimmick --to-- Sally Divens
Eric Divincenzo --to-- Mary Doane
Mary Ann Doane --to-- Mary Dockray
May S. Dockstader --to-- George Alvin Dodge

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