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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Winfield Deriar --to-- Guy E. Devine
Robert B. Devine --to-- Hannah Dewey
Hannah Sophia Dewey --to-- Amelia Jencks Dexter
Amey Dexter --to-- Celia Dexter
Charles Dexter --to-- Else Dexter
Elton Dexter --to-- Henry Dexter
Henry Dexter --to-- John Dexter
John Dexter --to-- Martha Dexter
Martha Estelle Dexter --to-- Phebe Dexter
Phebe Dexter --to-- Stephen Dexter
Stephen Dexter --to-- Eaustace Dezendorf
Frederick Croft Dezendorf --to-- Cecilia Dickinson
Charles E. Dickinson (Jr.) --to-- Mary Dickson
Maude Dickson --to-- Sarah Jane Dill
Betsy Dill or Sill --to-- Peggy Annette Dipprey
Bjørk Langstrup Dirdal --to-- Ned Elvin Dixon
Robert F. "Bert" Dixon --to-- Warren S. Dobson
Edward Docker --to-- Elizabeth "Eliza" Dodge
Elmer E. Dodge --to-- Roderich Lathrop Dodge
Samuel M. Dodge --to-- Deborah Ann Dolly
Rosina Minerva Dolph --to-- Joseph Donnison
Joseph Donnison --to-- Frederick Dornburgh
Irwin Dornburgh --to-- Lawrence Edward Doty
Louisa Maria Doty --to-- Libbie Douglass
Lydia Douglass --to-- May Dowding
Francis Elizabeth Dower --to-- Eva M. Doyle
Frances Ann Doyle --to-- Bertha M. Draper
Charles E. Draper --to-- Isabel Drew
Isabell "Belle" Drew --to-- David Eugene Drorbaugh
Weldon Newell Drorbaugh --to-- Michael John Duben
Michael Stanley Duben --to-- Harry Dudley
Howard Silas Dudley --to-- Rachel Claire Duewel
Dufault --to-- Benjamin Dunbar
Betsey Dunbar --to-- Henry Boone Duncan
Isaac Duncan --to-- Edward H. Dunham
Elizabeth Dunham --to-- Thomas Dunn
Wesley Dunn --to-- Cornelius Durant
Jane Durant --to-- Annie Mabel Durrans
John Durrans --to-- Daniel Dwight
Daniel Dwight (Jr.) --to-- Lydia Dyer
Lydia Anne Dyer --to-- Diantha Eames
Dulcena or Dulcenia Eames --to-- Elizabeth Bickford "Lizzie" Earle
Emily Wilbour Earle --to-- Alice P. Easterbrooks
Ann Easterbrooks --to-- Daniel T. Eaton
Daniel W. Eaton --to-- Norman Eaves
Timothy Eaves --to-- Anna Eddy
Anna Eddy --to-- George Eddy
George Eddy --to-- Mary Eddy
Mary Eddy --to-- Sarah Eddy
Sarah Eddy --to-- Abby Slocum Edgerton
Albert I. Edgerton --to-- James Edmunds
James Edmunds (III) --to-- Emma Frances Edwards
Emmer Davis Edwards --to-- Sena Edwards
Sheldon Edwards --to-- Wanda Lynn Ehler
William Thomas Ehler --to-- Blanche Eldredge
Bradley Scott Eldredge --to-- Clara M. Ellerman
John D. Ellerman --to-- Bertha May Ellis
Caleb Ellis --to-- Thomas Ellis
Turner Ellis --to-- Amber Dawn Elmore
Dixie Darlene Elmore --to-- Sarah Elwell
William E. Elwell --to-- George Emerson
Gilman Emerson --to-- Willie Mervin Emerson
Carol Emert --to-- Robert Enders
Arthur Endicott --to-- Elsie Mae Enke
Erva Eliza Enke --to-- Glen "Whitey" Erfourth
Laida Erfourth --to-- Benjamin David Essex
Blanche Elizabeth Essex --to-- John Esten
John Esten (Jr.) --to-- Joseph Estey
Loren Estey (twin) --to-- Evans
A. D. Evans --to-- George C. Evans
Gerthude Evans --to-- Richard Lee Evans
Rozilla Evans --to-- Orson Everitt
Robert Evermoen --to-- Fair
Anna E. Fair --to-- Stephen Fairfield

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