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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Hannah Whipple Dodge --to-- Thomas Dodge
Thomas P. Dodge --to-- Dolton
Nile K. Dolton --to-- Elizabeth Quincy Donnison
Joseph Donnison --to-- David Dornburgh
Desiree Dornburgh --to-- Edward E. Doty
Eliza J. Doty --to-- Susan Douglas
Douglass --to-- Mason H. Dow
Mehitable H. Dow --to-- Genevieve Laura Downs
George Downs --to-- Elizabeth Drake
Emily Drake --to-- Bernard John Dreher
Eva Drehmer --to-- Frank Eugene Driggs
Frank Robert Driggs --to-- Louisa Drowne
Mary Leonard Drowne --to-- Carolyn Duby
Thomas Duby --to-- Linda Gene Dudley
Louisa Dudley --to-- Margaret Belle Duff
Margaret Ferguson "Maggie" Duff --to-- Charles Augustus Dunbar
Daniel Dunbar --to-- Isaac Duncan
Isis Duncan --to-- Delilah Dunham
E. Dunham --to-- Lena Lydia Dunn
Levina Dunn --to-- Noah Christophe Dupre
Melvina Dupree --to-- Julianne Merrie Durham
Leah Durham --to-- Austin Dutton
Austin Dutton --to-- George Warren Dye
Harvey Dye --to-- Alton James Dyson
Arnold Horton Dyson --to-- Mark Eames
Milicent Eames --to-- Sarah Jane Earle
Sophronia Earle --to-- Edward Francis Eastman
Eli Eastman --to-- James Ellery Eaton
James Ellery Eaton --to-- Elmina Gertrude Eberhardt
Frances Eberly --to-- Benjamin Eddy
Benjamin Eddy --to-- George Osborne Eddy
George Washington Eddy --to-- Mary Eddy
Mary Eddy --to-- Samuel Eddy
Samuel Eddy --to-- Samuel Edgecomb
Carolyn Jane Edgecombe --to-- John Edmonds
John G. Edmonds --to-- Annie Edwards
Annie Frances Edwards --to-- Mildred Edwards
Morris Edwards --to-- David D. Eggleston
Donald Edwin Eggleston --to-- Christina Ekstrom
Grace Virginia Elbourne --to-- Samuel Eldridge
Shirley How "Pop" Eldridge --to-- Catharine C. Elliott
Charles Otis Elliott --to-- Jane Ellis
Jane Ellis --to-- Clara Cornelia Ellsworth
Claude William Ellsworth --to-- Harriet Elsbee
Timothy Justin Elsbernd --to-- George H. Ely (Jr.)
Hazel H. Ely --to-- James Emerson
James H. Emerson --to-- Danny Delmar Emery
David Emery --to-- Milo John Endler
Annis Endsley --to-- Frederick William Enke
Lila Marie Enke --to-- Ronald Anton Erchul
James P. Erckenbrack --to-- Nicholas Espenscheid
Carol Espenschied --to-- Benjamin Esten
Bertha F. Esten --to-- Marjorie Retta Estes
Mary Estes --to-- Mary Alice Etheridge
Mina Lucinda Etheridge --to-- Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans (Jr.) --to-- Lillian Evans
Lily Evelyn Evans --to-- Isaac Eveleth
Leatha Evelin --to-- Camella Charlotte Ewing
Charles Alonzo Ewing (Jr.) --to-- Eunice Fairbanks
Eva "Effie" Fairbanks --to-- Alpheus Joseph Falenschek
Dawn Marie Falenschek --to-- John Fanning
Joseph F. Fanning --to-- Abigail Farnsworth
Anna Melissa Farnsworth --to-- Earl F. C. Farnum
Edith E. Farnum --to-- Louise J. Farnum
Lydia Farnum --to-- Benjamin Farr
Betty Farr --to-- Luna C. Farrell
Mae R. Farrell --to-- Leroy Thurber Farwell (twin)
Lydia Farwell --to-- Simon Faulkner
Sophia Faulkner --to-- Julius Rockwell Mathews Fay
Lucy Fay --to-- Charles Fein
Catharine M. Feler --to-- Abigail Felt

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