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161720 individuals, 61205 families from file 20191215.ged (15 Dec 2019)

Ellen Mirinda Wedge --to-- Hilda Weeks
Ida Belle Weeks --to-- Alan Weight
Alfred William Weight --to-- Marian Weise
Marjorie Pauline "Polly" Weiser --to-- Welch
Welch --to-- Sue Wellbrock
Welldow --to-- Robert Wellman
Robert Cockburn Wellman --to-- Joseph Wells
Joseph A. Wells --to-- Joan Welsh
Joseph Wickes Welsh (Jr.) --to-- William Stone Wentworth
Christopher John Wentz --to-- Jane Eliza Wescott
John Wescott --to-- Fred Les. West
Frederick West --to-- Stephen Ely West
Susan West --to-- Henry Westcott
Huron Westcott --to-- Robert Lawrence Westervelt
Almyna Barbara Westfall --to-- Betsey Wetherbee
Betty Wetherbee --to-- Sarah Atwood Whaley
Savannah Irene Whaley --to-- Whedon
Lucy Whedon --to-- Darling Saben Wheeler
David Wheeler (Jr.) --to-- Henry L. Wheeler
Henry Olney Wheeler --to-- Mary Wheeler
Mary Wheeler --to-- Samuel Wheeler
Sarah Wheeler --to-- Harriet Wheelock
Hiram Wheelock --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Aaron Whipple
Aaron "Joseph's Aaron" Whipple --to-- Abigail Whipple
Abigail Whipple --to-- Abram Olin Whipple
Achsah Whipple --to-- Adelaide "Adelia" "Addie" Whipple
Adelaide F. Whipple --to-- Alan Claire Whipple
Alan Henry Whipple --to-- Albert Fellows Whipple
Albert Franklin Whipple --to-- Alfred Whipple
Alfred Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Alice Whipple
Alice Whipple --to-- Allen Whipple
Allen Whipple --to-- Almira B. Whipple
Almira Elizabeth Whipple --to-- Alvin L. Whipple
Alvin M. Whipple --to-- Amelia Whipple
Amelia Whipple --to-- Amos P. Whipple
Amos W. Whipple --to-- Andrew Brown Whipple
Andrew Clarence Whipple --to-- Ann Elizabeth Whipple
Ann Elizabeth Whipple --to-- Anna C. Whipple
Anna C. Whipple --to-- Anne Whipple
Anne A. or Ann Whipple --to-- Anson R. Whipple
Anthony Whipple --to-- Arlon Mann Whipple
Arlyn Dean Whipple --to-- Arthur Garfield Whipple
Arthur George Whipple --to-- Ashley Elizabeth Whipple
Ashley George Hoyt Whipple --to-- Avery Whipple
Avery Paige Whipple --to-- Barton Whipple
Barton "Bartie" Whipple --to-- Benjamin Whipple
Benjamin Whipple --to-- Benjamin Irving Whipple
Benjamin Jackson Whipple --to-- Bertha Kingsbury Whipple
Bertha L. Whipple --to-- Betsey Whipple
Betsey Whipple --to-- Beverly Roberta Whipple
Bevian Whipple --to-- Bradley Morgan Whipple
Brady Rex Whipple --to-- Bruce H. Whipple
Bruce Jay Whipple --to-- Calvin Whipple
Calvin Whipple --to-- Carol Whipple
Carol A. Whipple --to-- Caroline T. Whipple
Carolyn Whipple --to-- Catharine Alice Whipple
Catharine Amanda Whipple --to-- Celinda Whipple
Celinda A. Whipple --to-- Charles Whipple
Charles Whipple --to-- Charles Augustus Whipple
Charles Aurelias Whipple --to-- Charles F. Whipple
Charles F. Whipple --to-- Charles L. Whipple
Charles L. Whipple --to-- Charles W. Whipple
Charles W. Whipple --to-- Charlotte Hastings Whipple

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