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163762 individuals, 62048 families from file 20200927.ged (27 Sep 2020)

Mary G. Weller --to-- Bertha Wells
Birdie Alice Wells --to-- Mary Wells
Mary G. Wells --to-- Alice Emma Wenham
Clarence DePere Wenham --to-- Katharine Wenzel
John Wenzel or Wenzell (Jr., Lieutenant) --to-- Rufus Wesson (Jr.)
West --to-- John West
John West --to-- Adah Westcott
Addie A. Westcott --to-- Mary A. Westcott
Mary Albro Westcott --to-- Westlake
John William Westley --to-- Louis Leavitt Wetmore
Muriel Wetmore --to-- Benezet W. Whealdon
Nathan Whealdon --to-- Alice J. Wheeler
Alice M. Wheeler --to-- Emma L. Wheeler
Ephraim Bernard Wheeler --to-- John Spencer Wheeler
Jonas Wheeler --to-- Nancy Wheeler
Nancy C. Wheeler --to-- Vashti Wheeler
Viola M. Wheeler --to-- Henry Alden Whetten (Sr.)
Henry Alden Whetten (Jr.) --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Abby Amanda Whipple
Abby B. Whipple --to-- Abigail Elizabeth "Aby" Whipple
Abigail Jean Whipple --to-- Ada Maranda Whipple
Ada Marion Whipple --to-- Adeline A. Whipple
Adeline F. Whipple --to-- Albert Whipple
Albert Whipple --to-- Albert Morton Whipple
Albert N. Whipple --to-- Alfred Peck Whipple
Alfred Peck Whipple --to-- Alice Florence Whipple
Alice Frances Whipple --to-- Allen Oldfather Whipple (III)
Allen Porter Whipple --to-- Alonzo Dean Whipple
Alonzo Jacob Whipple --to-- Amanda Whipple
Amanda Whipple --to-- Amey Whipple
Amey Whipple --to-- Amy D. Whipple
Amy Diantha Whipple --to-- Andrew M. Whipple
Andrew N. Whipple --to-- Anna Whipple
Anna Whipple --to-- Anna Lee Whipple
Anna Louisa Whipple --to-- Annette "Nettie" Whipple
Annette Adelia Whipple --to-- April Whipple
April Whipple --to-- Arther Whipple
Arthur Whipple --to-- Arthur Roy Whipple
Arthur W. Whipple --to-- Augustus Clark Whipple
Augustus Ford "Gus" Whipple --to-- Barbara Ann Whipple
Barbara Ann Whipple --to-- Bela Whipple
Bela Whipple --to-- Benjamin Allen Whipple
Benjamin Bertolt Whipple --to-- Bernice Whipple
Bernice Whipple --to-- Bessie B. Whipple
Bessie Bell Whipple --to-- Bettie Marie Whipple
Betty Whipple --to-- Blanche Estella "Jennie" Whipple
Blanche I. Whipple --to-- Brian Allen Whipple
Brian Curtis Whipple --to-- Burton William or William Burton Whipple
Bushnell Whipple --to-- Candace E. Whipple
Candice Ann Whipple --to-- Caroline Whipple
Caroline Whipple --to-- Carrie E. Whipple
Carrie Elizabeth Whipple --to-- Catherine "Kitty" Whipple
Catherine A. Whipple --to-- Charles Whipple
Charles Whipple --to-- Charles A. Whipple
Charles A. Whipple --to-- Charles Crary Whipple
Charles Cullen Whipple --to-- Charles H. Whipple
Charles H. Whipple --to-- Charles Orsemus Whipple
Charles Orville Whipple --to-- Charlie F. Whipple
Charlie Lee Whipple --to-- Chester Whipple
Chester Austin Whipple --to-- Christopher Andrew Whipple
Christopher C. Whipple --to-- Clare Dark Whipple
Claren Whipple --to-- Clarissa Whipple

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