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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Nancy Aldrich --to-- Sally or Katherine Aldrich
Samuel Aldrich --to-- Winsor Simon Aldrich
Zenca or Zenos Aldrich --to-- Evelyn F. Alger
Florence Alger --to-- Amelia Allen
Amelia Maria Allen --to-- Darius Cushing Allen
David Allen --to-- Frederick Allen (Reverend)
Frederick Allen --to-- John Jay Allen
John Orson Allen --to-- Mehitable Allen
Michelle Allen --to-- Seward Allen
Shirley Allen --to-- Mogens Peter Alling
Richard Alling --to-- Irvin H. Almy
Isaac Cook Almy --to-- Caroline Ames
Caroline Matilda Ames --to-- Mary Ames
Mary Reynolds Ames --to-- Heinrich Ammermann
Inez Lillian Ammermann --to-- Judo Hans Andersen
Kirsten Andersen --to-- Feleen Anderson
Frank Anderson --to-- Robert Funk Anderson
Rosalie Ruth Anderson --to-- Amos Andrews (Deacon)
Amos Andrews --to-- Elizabeth Andrews
Elizabeth Eddy Andrews --to-- Ione Andrews
Irene E. Andrews --to-- Manus Andrews
Margaret Alice Andrews --to-- Susan Malvina Andrews
Susanna Crawford Andrews --to-- Abigail Louisa "Abbie" Angell
Abigail Moulton Angell --to-- Amey Angell
Amey Angell --to-- Barbara Angell
Beatrice Eleanor Angell --to-- Cora Margaret Angell
Cora May Angell --to-- Elisha Angell
Elisha Arnold Angell --to-- Fenner Angell
Fenner Angell --to-- Henry A. Angell
Henry Delose Angell --to-- James Angell
James Angell --to-- John Jay Angell
John Jay Angell --to-- Lydia Sprague Angell
Mabel Margaret Angell --to-- Matilda J. Angell
Mehitable Angell --to-- Patience Angell
Peleg Rounds Angell --to-- Sally Angell
Sally Angell --to-- Susan Angell
Susan Ann Angell --to-- William H. Angell
William H. Angell --to-- Theodore Anness
William R. Anness (Dr.) --to-- Mary Anthony
Mary Stafford Anthony --to-- John Smith Appleby
John Smith Appleby (Jr.) --to-- Elmer E. Archer
Frances "Fannie" Bishop Archer --to-- Poul Aristsen
Jacob Hyram Armbrust --to-- Gilbert S. Armstrong
Helen Eldredge Parker Armstrong --to-- Abagail Arnold
Abbie Virginia Arnold --to-- Anna Eliza Arnold
Anna Elizabeth Arnold --to-- Caroline Elizabeth Arnold
Carolyn Arnold --to-- David Law Arnold
David Moses Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Ann "Betsey" Arnold
Elizabeth Rotch Arnold --to-- Georgianna S. Arnold
Gertie Arnold --to-- Israel Arnold
Israel Arnold --to-- Jonathan Arnold (twin)
Joseph Arnold --to-- Lydia Arnold
Lydia Arnold --to-- Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Olney J. Arnold
Olney Rice Arnold --to-- Robert H. Arnold
Robert Haff Arnold --to-- Simeon Arnold
Simeon Arnold --to-- Thomas Croff Arnold
Thomas Fletcher Arnold --to-- Eletta Arrighetti
Ralph Arrowood --to-- Benjamin Franklin Ashley
Caroline Ashley --to-- Grace Atcheson
Myron Atcheson --to-- Helen E. Atkinson
Henrietta Elizabeth Atkinson --to-- Sabina Elizabeth Atwater
William Atwater --to-- Edward Omer Auclair
Omer Colbert Auclair --to-- Henry Lester Austin
Horace Brayton Austin --to-- Leverett Averill
Lillie Emaline Averill --to-- Lathan Avery
Laura Avery --to-- Erastus G. Ayers
Harold Ayers --to-- Almon Babbitt
Betsey Carpenter Babbitt --to-- Ichabod Babcock
Isabella Babcock --to-- Martha Magdalene Babl
Estella Babson --to-- Marion Bacon
Mary Bacon --to-- John Bagley
Mavis Ann Bagley --to-- Eva M. Bailey
Evelyn Bailey --to-- Samuel Bailey

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