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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Caroline Aldrich --to-- Enoch Aldrich
Ephraim Aldrich --to-- Jeremiah Knight Aldrich (Reverend)
Jesse Aldrich --to-- Mary Brayton Aldrich
Mary Eliza Aldrich --to-- Richard Aldrich
Richard Aldrich --to-- William Aldrich
William Aldrich --to-- William S. Alexander
Winafred Alexander --to-- Allen
Allen --to-- Charles Allen
Charles A. Allen --to-- Ella J. Allen
Elliott Allen --to-- Henry Allen
Henry Clay Allen --to-- Lillian B. "Lillie" Allen
Linda Allen --to-- Nancy Ann Allen
Nancy Kaye Allen --to-- Shirley Allen
Shirley Frances Allen --to-- Dawn Elizabeth Alling
Jørgine Petrea Alling --to-- Mark L. Allred
Marnie Allred --to-- Alberto Alejandro Alvarez
Alexandria Faith Alvarez --to-- Daniel French Ames
David Ames (Captain) --to-- Simeon Whipple Ames
Simeon Whipple Ames --to-- Emma Lucretia Amsbury
Fanny Amsbury --to-- Marius Gustav Andersen
Mary Andersen --to-- Eliza Anderson
Emil Anderson --to-- Mary Eliza Anderson
Mary Lempi Anderson --to-- Selma Emilie Andreasen
Evelyn Joan Andreoni --to-- Charles L. Andrews
Charles L. Andrews --to-- George A. Andrews
George H. Andrews --to-- Jonathan Andrews
Joseph Andrews --to-- Perry Andrews
Phedora Dorcilia Andrews --to-- Thomas Jefferson Andrus
Thomas Jefferson Andrus (Jr.) --to-- Alfonso D. Angell
Alfred Angell --to-- Annie M. Angell
Annphillis or Amphillis Angell --to-- Celeste Angell
Charles Angell --to-- Dexter Angell
Diana Angell --to-- Emor Angell
Enoch Angell --to-- Gideon Angell
Gideon Angell --to-- Irving Howard Angell
Isaac Angell --to-- Joanna Angell
Joanna M. Angell --to-- Lois Shepard Angell
Louden P. Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nelson Angell
Newton E. Angell --to-- Rosabella Angell
Rosina Angell --to-- Solomon Angell
Solomon Angell --to-- Walter Elliott Angell
Walter F. Angell --to-- Esther Annable
George O. Annable --to-- Frank Anthony
Frank Henderson Anthony --to-- Esther Appleby
Everett Ervin Appleby --to-- Harry Apthorp
Carlos Araiza --to-- William Isaac Archibald
Armand Archibeck --to-- Anna E. Armstrong
Anna M. Armstrong --to-- Edna L. Arney
Arnold --to-- Amy Arnold
Amy Arnold --to-- Benjamin Greene Arnold
Betsey Arnold --to-- Daniel Arnold
Daniel Joseph Comfort Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold --to-- George W. Arnold
George W. Arnold --to-- Isabella or Isabelle Arnold
Israel Arnold --to-- John Vinton Arnold
Jonathan Arnold --to-- Lucy Lippitt Arnold
Lucy Lippitt Arnold --to-- Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Oliver Arnold
Oliver Arnold (twin) --to-- Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold --to-- Seth Arnold
Seth Arnold --to-- Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold --to-- William Rice Arnold
Wilson W. Arnold --to-- Asher
Annette Ashford --to-- William Vincent Astor
Sadie Astrop --to-- Frederick Charles Atkinson
Frederick Henry Atkinson --to-- Edward Atwater
Elizabeth Helfenstein Atwater --to-- William Baccus Atwood
William Mitchell Atwood --to-- Estella Austin
Eva Austin --to-- Elizabeth Averill
Fanna Averill --to-- Joshua David Avery
Kenneth Avery --to-- Willard Gilford Ayer
Arletta Jane Ayers --to-- Babay
Christopher Babbage --to-- Henry Milton Babcock

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