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166432 individuals, 63216 families from file 20210926.ged (26 Sep 2021)

Jonathan Akers --to-- Albridge
Cassandra Leigh Albright --to-- Rufus Alden
Saba Alden --to-- Alfred K. Aldrich
Alice Aldrich --to-- Celia Emma Aldrich
Charles Aldrich --to-- Emma Viola Aldrich
Enoch Aldrich --to-- James Franklin Aldrich
James Walter Aldrich --to-- Martha L. Aldrich
Mary Aldrich --to-- Priscilla Aldrich
Prudence Aldrich --to-- Stephen Aldrich
Stephen Aldrich --to-- John Park Alexander
Kirkland Barker Alexander --to-- Clara L. Allcott
Joseph Allcott --to-- Ashley Michelle Allen
Audrey Allen --to-- David Charles Allen
David Ronald Allen (III) --to-- Frederic Lee Allen (Jr.)
Frederic Lee Allen (III) --to-- Jennie Eliza Allen
Jeremiah Nightingale Allen --to-- Margaret Ellen Allen
Marguerite Adeline Allen --to-- Peggy Allen
Persons Allen --to-- Thomas Ridgway Allen
Thomas Scott Allen --to-- Charlotte Alling-Dam
Charlotte Alling-Dam --to-- Clifford Allyn
Eliza Allyn --to-- Miguel Eduardo Alvarez
Sarah Grace Alvarez --to-- Daniel Ames
Daniel Ames --to-- Roger Ames
Ruth Ames --to-- Amey Amory
Augustine Heard Amory --to-- Glen Andersen
Gustav Andersen --to-- Charlotte Lavonne Anderson
Cheryl Anderson --to-- John Anderson
John H. Anderson --to-- Sharon Lisa Anderson
Signe Marie Anderson --to-- Amos Andrews
Amos Andrews --to-- Elizabeth Andrews
Elizabeth Andrews --to-- Howard Andrews
Howard Royal Andrews --to-- Lura Andrews
Lydia Andrews --to-- Samuel C. Andrews
Sarah Andrews --to-- Abby E. Angell
Abby Maria Angell --to-- Alphonso D. Angell
Alva Angell --to-- Arthur Taylor Angell
Asa Angell --to-- Charles H. Angell
Charles H. Angell --to-- Edmond R. Angell
Edmund Angell --to-- Erma E. Angell
Erwin L. or Irvine Angell --to-- Gladys Williams Angell
Grace Angell --to-- Isaac Angell
Isaac Angell --to-- Joanna Angell
Joanna M. Angell --to-- Lewis H. Angell
Lillas A. Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nathaniel James Angell
Nebediah or Nedabiah Angell --to-- Richard Angell
Richard Angell --to-- Sarah Randall Angell
Sarah S. Angell --to-- Thomas Angell
Thomas Angell --to-- Zilpha Elizabeth Angell
Trya A. Angelly --to-- Joan Anter
A. Louise Anthony --to-- Craig Antonides
Kris Antonides --to-- Sarah Appleby
Seth Appleby --to-- Jesse Archer
Joan Archer --to-- Burleigh John Arey
Anna Belle Argyle --to-- Charles Carroll Armstrong
Charles E. Armstrong --to-- Marne Arnesen
Elsie Arnett --to-- Amie Arnold
Amie M. Arnold --to-- Benjamin Arnold
Benjamin Arnold --to-- Cynthia Arnold
Cynthia Arnold (twin) --to-- Elisha Arnold
Elisha Arnold --to-- Freelove Arnold
Freelove Arnold --to-- Helen Arnold
Helen M. Arnold --to-- Job Arnold
Job Arnold (Jr.) --to-- Keziah Arnold
Keziah Arnold --to-- Maria Arnold
Maria Arnold --to-- Mercy Arnold
Mercy Arnold --to-- Philip Arnold
Philip Rhodes Arnold --to-- Sally Arnold
Sally Arnold --to-- Stephen Arnold
Stephen Arnold --to-- Waite Arnold
Waite Arnold --to-- Woodrow Artz
Anna M. Arvedson --to-- Fannie Olney Ashley
George Bancroft Ashley --to-- Abigail Atherton
Artemas Atherton --to-- Henrietta Elizabeth Atkinson

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