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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Rebecca Adams --to-- Vera Adams
Vera Adams --to-- Mary Aebi
Boyd Hamilton Aebli --to-- Stephen Aitken
Susan Elizabeth Aitken --to-- Samuel Henry Albert
Wayne Albert --to-- John Alden
John Alden --to-- Aaron Robinson Aldrich
Abbie Ann S. Aldrich --to-- Arvesta Allace Aldrich
Asahel Aldrich --to-- Eber Aldrich
Edward Aldrich --to-- Hannah Aldrich
Hannah Aldrich --to-- Louena Elizabeth. Aldrich
Louis Sherman Aldrich --to-- Nathan Aldrich
Nathan Comstock Aldrich --to-- Samuel Aldrich
Samuel Aldrich --to-- Wilson W. Aldrich
Windsor French Aldrich --to-- Martha Alford
Abby F. Alger --to-- Abigail Brown Allen
Abigail Crawford Allen --to-- Charles Allen
Charles Allen --to-- Eliza Slover Allen
Elizabeth Allen --to-- Hannah Allen
Hannah Allen --to-- Judith Kathleen Allen
Judy Allen --to-- Mary J. Allen
Mary Jane Allen --to-- Richard J. Allen
Robert Allen --to-- William Allen
William Allen --to-- Petra Alling-Dam
Poul Alling-Dam --to-- Kenneth Alm (Jr.)
Kenneth Alvin Alm --to-- Uriah Alverson
William Alverson --to-- Emeline Florence Ames
Emeline Rhoda Ames --to-- Valeria Ames
Valeria Ames --to-- Emma Lucretia Amsbury
Fanny Amsbury --to-- Kirstine Andersen
Kirstine Andersen --to-- Cutler Richard Anderson
Dallas Anderson --to-- Larry D. Anderson
Laura Melissa Anderson --to-- Thomas D. Anderson
Thomas Davis Anderson --to-- Anne Andrews
Anne Clare Andrews --to-- Elizabeth Eddy Andrews
Elizabeth Lippitt Andrews --to-- Howard Andrews
Howard Royal Andrews --to-- Lucy Andrews
Lucy Andrews --to-- Robert L. Andrews
Russell Andrews --to-- Angell
Angell --to-- Alice Angell
Alice E. Angell --to-- Annphillis or Amphillis Angell
Anson E. Angell --to-- Caroline M. Angell
Caroline Randall Angell --to-- David Angell
David Angell --to-- Emeline Angell
Emeline Frances Angell --to-- Fred Walter Angell
Freelove Angell --to-- Herbert Angell
Herbert Charles Angell --to-- James Evans Angell
James Gilbert or James Gideon Angell --to-- John Jay Angell
John R. Angell --to-- Lydia H. Angell
Lydia Olney Angell --to-- Mary Isabelle Angell
Mary Jane Angell --to-- Olney Angell
Olney Angell --to-- Ruth Angell
Ruth Angell --to-- Stanley Pardon Angell
Stephen Angell --to-- Wallie P. Angell
Walter B. Angell --to-- Blanche Opal Angove
Matilda Augusta Anker --to-- Charles W. Anthony
Comfort Locklin Edwin Anthony --to-- Jerry Aomodt
Matt Philip Aparicio --to-- Frances E. Appleton
Francis Randall Appleton --to-- Thomas Sadler Archer
W. J. Archer --to-- Calista Armes
J. L. Armes --to-- Jane Armstrong
Job Armstrong (Jr.) --to-- Abigail Arnold
Abigail Arnold --to-- Anna Francis Arnold
Anna Maria Arnold --to-- Carlton Arnold
Caroline E. "Carrie" Arnold --to-- David Arnold
David Arnold --to-- Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold --to-- George Gridley Arnold
George H. Arnold --to-- Horace Arnold
Horatio Arnold --to-- John Arnold
John Arnold --to-- Levi B. Arnold
Lewis Arnold --to-- Martha Arnold
Martha Arnold --to-- Mercy Arnold
Mercy Arnold (twin) --to-- Philip Arnold
Philip Rhodes Arnold --to-- Sabra Arnold

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