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166818 individuals, 63403 families from file 20211204.ged (4 Dec 2021)

Stephen Aitken --to-- Wayne Albert
William Joseph Albert --to-- Joseph Alden
Joseph Alden --to-- Abel Aldrich
Abi Aldrich --to-- Augustus Aldrich
Augustus Aldrich --to-- Elisha Aldrich
Elisha M. Aldrich --to-- Henrietta Aldrich
Henry Aldrich --to-- Luther Aldrich
Luther R. Aldrich --to-- Olive L. Aldrich
Olive Lincoln Aldrich --to-- Sarah Aldrich
Sarah Aldrich --to-- Alexander
Alexander --to-- Evelyn F. Alger
Florence Alger --to-- Agnes Allen
Agnes Maxwell Allen --to-- Charles Howard Allen
Charles J. Allen --to-- Ella J. Allen
Elliott Allen --to-- Heart Allen
Helen Ida Allen --to-- Leah Ann Allen
Leah Jones Allen --to-- Michael Robert Allen
Micheal "Mickie" Allen --to-- Sanford Allen
Sanford Allen --to-- Sharon Marie Allender
William Michael Allenfort --to-- Ruby Lloyd Allison
Theodore S. Allison --to-- Howard Samuel Almy
Irvin H. Almy --to-- George Ambrose
Henry Ambrose --to-- Jesse Hazen Ames
Jessie Ames --to-- Edwin E. Amidon
Elijah Amidon --to-- Sarah Jane Amsbury
Amsden --to-- Anderson
Anderson --to-- Ellen A. Anderson
Emil Anderson --to-- Mabel Winneford Anderson
Margaret Anderson --to-- Alice Anderton
Anne May Anderton --to-- Bulah Andrews
Burlington Andrews --to-- Florance Andrews
Florence Andrews --to-- Janet L. Andrews
Jean Dorothy Andrews --to-- Mary Cooke Andrews
Mary J. Andrews --to-- Theodore Andrews
Theodore Andrews --to-- Abner Angell
Abner Angell (Jr.) --to-- Amey Angell
Amey Angell --to-- Avis Angell
Avis Angell --to-- Charlotte Frances Angell
Charlotte Walling Angell --to-- Edwin Gorham Angell
Edwin Martin Angell --to-- Evelyn Angell
Evelyn E. Angell --to-- Harley P. Angell
Harriet Angell --to-- Israel Angell
Israel S. Angell --to-- John Angell
John Angell --to-- Louis K. Angell
Louisa Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nehemiah Angell
Nehemiah A. Angell --to-- Richard Angell
Richard Anthony Angell --to-- Sarah Smith Angell
Sarah Williams Angell --to-- Thomas D. Angell
Thomas Holden Angell --to-- Abel Angier
Edward Angier --to-- A. Louise Anthony
Albert Lee Anthony --to-- Craig Antonides
Kris Antonides --to-- Priscilla Appleby
Sarah Appleby --to-- Isabell Archer
James Archer (Colonel) --to-- Arends
Helen Caldwell Areson --to-- Carl Armstrong
Carl Armstrong --to-- Carl I. Arndt
Carl W. Arndt --to-- Amaziah Arnold
Amey Arnold --to-- Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold --to-- Clarissa Arnold
Clifford Bowen Arnold --to-- Eleazer Arnold
Eleazer Arnold --to-- Francis Arnold (Jr.)
Francis Benjamin Arnold --to-- Harriet Arnold
Harriet Arnold --to-- Jean Arnold
Jenks Arnold --to-- Josiah Arnold
Josiah Arnold --to-- Madeline Dow Arnold
Manning Arnold --to-- Mary Elizabeth Arnold
Mary Elizabeth Arnold --to-- Penelope Arnold
Peter Arnold --to-- Roger Beebe Arnold
Rosamond Arnold --to-- Simeon Arnold
Simeon Arnold --to-- Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold --to-- Wilson W. Arnold
Zebedee Arnold --to-- Brian Leroy Ashe
Christopher Lee Ashe --to-- Margaret Aspinwall
Mary Rebecca Aspinwall --to-- Elizabeth Atkinson

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