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166807 individuals, 63399 families from file 20211126.ged (26 Nov 2021)

Samuel Whipple --to-- Sandra Whipple
Sandra Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah Cornelia Whipple
Sarah E. Whipple --to-- Sarah M. Whipple
Sarah M. Whipple --to-- Seth Whipple
Seth Whipple --to-- Shirley Whipple
Shirley Whipple --to-- Simon B. Whipple
Simon B. Whipple --to-- Stacy E. Whipple
Stacy Elizabeth Whipple --to-- Stephen Bennett Whipple (III)
Stephen Bennett Whipple (II) --to-- Stuart Allen Whipple
Stuart E. Whipple --to-- Susan M. Whipple
Susan M. "Susie" Whipple --to-- Sylvia Whipple
Sylvia Whipple --to-- Thankful Whipple
Thankful Whipple --to-- Thomas Whipple
Thomas Whipple --to-- Thomas M. Whipple
Thomas Mason Whipple --to-- Titus Whipple
Tobe Whipple --to-- Urilla Whipple
Ursula Whipple --to-- Vickie Ann Whipple
Vickie Lee Whipple --to-- Virginia Ruth Whipple
Virginia Sabra Whipple --to-- Walter Bryan Whipple
Walter C. Whipple --to-- Ward Joseph Whipple
Ward Priest Whipple --to-- Wayne Michael Whipple
Wayne Reuben Whipple --to-- Wilder Whipple
Wilder Charles Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple (Sr.) --to-- William Anson Whipple
William Anson Whipple --to-- William Edward Whipple
William Edward Whipple --to-- William Horace "Willie" Whipple
William Howe Whipple --to-- William Newton Whipple
William O. Whipple --to-- William W. Whipple
William W. "Willie" Whipple --to-- Willis Zebulon Whipple
Willoughby Whipple (twin) --to-- Zebulon "Zeb" Whipple
Zebulon W. Whipple --to-- Sara Olga Whipple Soffia
Dale Marie Whipple or Anna Marie Holbrook --to-- LeRoy Whitaker
Lorah Jerusha Whitaker --to-- Levi Whitcomb
Levi Prentice Whitcomb --to-- Andy White
Andy White --to-- Ebenezer White
Ebenezer White --to-- H. Ralph White
Hannah White --to-- Lois Emily White
Lola Elizabeth White --to-- Nelson White
Nettie F. White --to-- Welcome White
Welcome White --to-- Henry W. Whiteman or Wightman
Harriet Whitemore --to-- Louisa M. Whiting
Mary Whiting --to-- Lovicy Whitman
Lucy Whitman --to-- Laurelia Whitmore
Martha Whitmore --to-- Hannah Whitney
Harriet Whitney --to-- Payne Whitney
Ralph Edward Whitney --to-- Laura Whittemore
Mary Whittemore --to-- Cora E. Wickham
Gertrude Lucy Wickham --to-- Benjamin Wight
Blanche Wight --to-- Harold Wilber
Luella Wilber --to-- Harriet Peirce Wilbur
Henry Byron Wilbur --to-- Waite or Watey Wilbur
Walter Wilbur --to-- Janna Wilcox
Janna Wilcox --to-- Robert Wilcoxen
Ruth Wilcoxin --to-- Irene Wilder
Isabella Wilder --to-- Victoria Julia Wilk
Gretchen Anne Wilke --to-- Linda Elaine Wilkins
Lucy Jane Wilkins --to-- Amy Wilkinson
Amy Wilkinson (twin) --to-- David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson --to-- George E. S. Wilkinson
George Edwin Wilkinson --to-- Joanna Wilkinson
Joanna Wilkinson --to-- Lydia Wilkinson
Lydia A. Wilkinson --to-- Rebecca Wilkinson
Rebecca S. Wilkinson --to-- Victoria J. Wilkinson
Vienna Wilkinson --to-- Brady Elihu Willard
Carolina Amelia Willard --to-- George Willard
George Willard --to-- Joseph Melvin Willard
Josephine Willard --to-- Rachel Ann Willard
Ray Earl Willard --to-- Abel White Willey
Ada Francis Willey --to-- Amy Williams
Amy Williams --to-- Daniel Williams
Darel Williams --to-- Garrett Lee Williams
George Williams --to-- Jinks Williams

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