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Index of Persons

163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Amanda Wilkinson --to-- David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson --to-- Hannah Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson --to-- John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson --to-- Maria Wilkinson
Maria E. Wilkinson --to-- Ruth Wilkinson
Ruth Wilkinson --to-- William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson --to-- Clara A. Willard
Clara Amelia Willard --to-- Harold Addison Willard
Harriet Willard --to-- Lucy Trask Willard
Lurinda Elsie Willard --to-- Solomon Curtis Willard
Solomon Johnson Willard --to-- Williams
Williams --to-- Calesta E. Williams
Candace Elona Williams --to-- Elizabeth Head Williams
Elizabeth Weld Williams --to-- James Williams
James Cameron Williams --to-- Kerry Lee Williams
Kittie Downer Williams --to-- Mercy Williams
Mercy Williams --to-- Robert Sawyer Williams
Robert Seton Williams --to-- Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams (Jr.) --to-- Anne Willing
Dorothy Willing --to-- Temperance Wills
William Sherman Wills --to-- Wilson
Wilson --to-- Ella Wilson
Ella Wilson --to-- Jennette or Janet Wilson
Jennie Rosa Wilson --to-- Mattie Ethel Wilson
Maud E. Wilson --to-- William Wilson
William H. Wilson --to-- Lydia Fanny Windsor
Anna Winer --to-- Alonzo Winn
Elmer H. Winn --to-- Nathan Crane Winslow
Paul Winslow --to-- Anna Winsor
Anna Winsor --to-- Elisha Winsor
Elisha Winsor --to-- Howard B. Winsor
Huldah Winsor --to-- Lewis Leland Winsor
Lois Andrews Winsor --to-- Nicholas Steere Winsor
Obed Winsor --to-- Susan Smith Winsor
Susannah Winsor --to-- Annie R. Wippell
Bertha E. Wippell --to-- Alfred Tertius Wisdom
Ruth Belle Wisdom --to-- Beatrice Witham
Cathy Hutchins Witham --to-- Lothrop Withington (Jr.)
Lucas Withington --to-- Lois Wolf
Margaret Eleanor Wolf --to-- Abigail Wood
Abigail Wood --to-- Ella Wood
Ella F. Wood --to-- John Wood
John Wood (Jr.) --to-- Noah Wood
Nora Wood --to-- Donovan Woodall
Woodard --to-- Molly Woodbury
Nicholas Woodbury --to-- Rose A. Woodman
Sabrina Woodman --to-- Michael Alan Woods
Orrell P. Woods --to-- Irene Woodward
James Woodward --to-- Nathan Woodworth
Barbara McMillin Woody --to-- Zoe Woolworth
Benjamin Wooster --to-- Sarah Evelyn Worrall
William Henry Worrall --to-- Alice Wright
Alice Wright --to-- Frances E. Wright
Frank Joseph Wright --to-- Patrick Drew Wright
Paul Burgum Wright --to-- Lucian Wyatt
Lydia Wyatt --to-- Mary Jane Wyman
Melissa Wyman --to-- Stephen Yates
Susan Diane Yates --to-- Nellie Yerrinton
Phebe Boyd Yerrinton --to-- Margaret Amy Yost
Mary Ellen Yost --to-- Billy David Young
Blanche Young --to-- Elizabeth Young
Elizabeth Young --to-- Harriet N. Young
Harriet Page Young --to-- Joseph Snow Young
Joseph Watson Young --to-- Melissa Young
Mercy Caroline Young --to-- Sheldon A. Young
Sidney Young --to-- Hannelore Zacharias
Barbara Ann Zahn --to-- Dorothy Ruth Zimmerman
Earl Zimmerman --to-- Lena Zuckschwert
Elizabeth Zug --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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