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166420 individuals, 63212 families from file 20210918.ged (18 Sep 2021)

George Wilcox --to-- Stephen Wilcox
Stephen Wilcox --to-- Eliza Wilder
Elizabeth Wilder --to-- Judson Pilcher Wilhoit (III)
Benjamin Wilier --to-- Luke Wilkins
Luke Abial Wilkins --to-- Andrew Jackson Wilkinson
Angeline Wilkinson --to-- Edward Smith Wilkinson
Edward Thayer Wilkinson --to-- Henry B. Wilkinson
Henry N. Wilkinson --to-- John Lawrence Wilkinson
John Lawrence Wilkinson --to-- Mary Ann Wilkinson
Mary Ann Wilkinson --to-- Sarah Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson --to-- Willard
Willard --to-- Emma Louisa Willard
Enos Goss Willard --to-- Jennie Willard
Jerome H. Willard --to-- Micah Willard
Minnie Amelia Willard --to-- Herbert Willett
Hezekiah Willett --to-- Althea Williams
Amasa Williams --to-- Cornelius Coffin Williams
Cyrus Williams --to-- George F. Williams
George Washington Williams --to-- John Williams (Jr.)
John Williams --to-- Lydia Williams
Lydia Williams --to-- Oscar Williams
Othniel Williams --to-- Sara Ann Williams
Sara L. Williams --to-- William C. Williams
William C. P. Williams --to-- Jennie Willis
John Willis --to-- Joseph Wilmarth
Joseph Wilmarth --to-- Charles S. Wilson
Charles W. Wilson --to-- Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson --to-- Llewellyen Whipple Wilson
Lois Wilson --to-- Shegay Suzanne Wilson
Shirley Wilson --to-- Prudence Winchester
Sarah Winchester --to-- Phebe Wing
Phoebe Elisabeth Wing --to-- Allyn Stone Winslow
Amey Eliza Winslow --to-- Albert Ira Winsor
Albert Olney Winsor --to-- Charles Winsor
Charles C. Winsor --to-- Eva Arnold Winsor
Evelyn Winsor --to-- James Henry Winsor
James J. Winsor --to-- Martha Winsor
Martha Augusta Winsor --to-- Prudence Winsor
Prudence Winsor --to-- William Winsor
William Winsor (Jr.) --to-- Emma Wippell
Emma J. S. Wippell --to-- John E. Wise
Joseph Wise --to-- Thelma Witham
Edwin Chaplin Witherby --to-- Daniel Brigham Witt
James D. Witt --to-- Michael Wolff
Oliver Edwin Wolff --to-- Anna L. Wood
Anna or Hannah Wood --to-- Frank J. Wood
Franklin William Wood --to-- Kenneth Wood
Laura Wood --to-- Roscoe S. Wood
Russell Wood --to-- Woodbury
Woodbury --to-- Edward Norman Wooden
George Woodfall --to-- Woods
A. F. Woods --to-- Barney James Woodward
Betsy Woodward --to-- Melissa Woodward
Metta Ursula Woodward --to-- Alfred Calvin "Al" Wooll
Betty Jane Wooll --to-- Yvonne Cherie Workman
Almon Works --to-- Nettie Worthington
Walter Wilbur Worthington --to-- Christine May Wright
Clara E. Wright --to-- Lorri Wright
Lucian Wright --to-- Stephen Wrightington
Samuel Wrighton --to-- Matt Wyllie
Nancy Wyllie --to-- Edward Moore "Edley" Yates
Frank A. Yates --to-- Yerrinton
Alice W. Yerrinton --to-- Sarah Jane York
Tammy York --to-- Arta D. Crista Young
Arthur Young --to-- Edith H. Young
Edith Harriett Young (twin) --to-- Gideon Young
Gilbert Young --to-- Joseph Young
Joseph Young --to-- Mary Anne Young
Mary E. Young --to-- Seraph Young
Seth Young --to-- Rex Smith Yount
Rex Smith Yount (Jr.) --to-- Dawn Zimmerman
Dorothy Ruth Zimmerman --to-- Mildred E. Zumr
Vincent Zumr --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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