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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Robert J. Whipple --to-- Robert William Whipple
Robert Zenas Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Ronald Joseph Whipple
Ronald Leslie Whipple --to-- Roy Douglas Whipple
Roy Earl Whipple --to-- Russell Elsworth Whipple
Russell Elwood Whipple --to-- Ruth Gates Whipple
Ruth Harriet Whipple --to-- Sally Ann Whipple
Sally Cynthia Whipple --to-- Samuel Whipple
Samuel Whipple --to-- Sandy Whipple
Sandy Marie Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah "Sadie" Frances Whipple
Sarah "Sallie" Bailey Whipple --to-- Sarah Emily Whipple
Sarah Frances Whipple --to-- Sarah Sly Whipple
Sarah Smith Whipple --to-- Sharon Corrine Whipple
Sharon Darlene Whipple --to-- Sidney Orson Whipple
Sidney Scott Whipple --to-- Sophia Whipple
Sophia Whipple --to-- Stephen Whipple (Captain)
Stephen Whipple (Jr., Captain) --to-- Stephen T. Whipple
Stephen Thomas Whipple --to-- Susan Whipple
Susan Whipple --to-- Susannah Rogers Whipple
Susannah or Susanna Whipple --to-- Teri Sue Whipple
Terrance "Terry" Whipple --to-- Thomas Whipple
Thomas Whipple --to-- Thomas Hern Bailey Whipple
Thomas Husasa "Red Legs" Whipple (Chief) --to-- Timothy Douglas Whipple
Timothy Dwight Whipple --to-- Ulyate Kirkpatrick Whipple
Ulysses Grant Whipple --to-- Vesta M. Whipple
Vestella Whipple --to-- Virginia Lewis Whipple
Virginia Marie Whipple --to-- Walter Basil Whipple
Walter Bryan Whipple --to-- Ward Priest Whipple
Ward R. Whipple --to-- Wealthy Whipple
Wealthy Whipple --to-- Wilford Luke Whipple
Wilford Walden Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William B. Whipple
William B. Whipple --to-- William Franklin Whipple
William Franklin Whipple --to-- William Jefferson Whipple
William Jeffery Whipple --to-- William R. Whipple
William R. Whipple --to-- William Wesley Whipple
William Wesley or Wesley William Whipple --to-- Winsor Bernard or Windsor Bernard Whipple
Winston Whipple --to-- twin Whipple
twin Whipple --to-- Elisha Whitaker
Elizabeth Whitaker --to-- Israel Whitcomb
Israel Whitcomb (Captain) --to-- Alban M. White
Albert White --to-- Deborah White
Decema B. White --to-- Grace White
Grace Leora White --to-- Lola Elizabeth White
Louise White --to-- Nora White
Norine Dale White --to-- William Rial White
Willis Winsor White --to-- George Whitford
George A. Whitford --to-- Susanna Whiting
William Whiting --to-- Valentine Whitman
Anna Whitmann --to-- Charlotte Ruth Whitney
Chloe Whitney --to-- Lynn Carl Whitney
Marian Whitney --to-- Birdie Whitson
Whittaker --to-- Joan Wibble or Wiffle
Julia Hellen Wible --to-- Bethia or Bethiah Wigear
Eliza Wiggin --to-- Velva C. Wightman
Almond Clark or Daniel Clarke Wightman or Whitman --to-- Elam Wilbur (Captain)
Eleazer Wilbur --to-- Samuel Wilbur (Jr.)
Samuel Gordon Wilbur --to-- Harold Wilcox
Harriet Eunice Wilcox --to-- Stephen Wilcox
Sumner R. Wilcox --to-- Charles Wilder
Eliza Wilder --to-- Benjamin Wilier
Julian Justin Wilk --to-- Lucy Jane Wilkins
Luke Wilkins --to-- Amy Ann Wilkinson
Anawan Wilkinson --to-- Edward Deforest Wilkinson
Edward Smith Wilkinson --to-- Harriet "Hattie" E. Wilkinson
Harriett Wilkinson --to-- John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson --to-- Mary Wilkinson
Mary Wilkinson --to-- Samuel A. Wilkinson

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