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163762 individuals, 62048 families from file 20200927.ged (27 Sep 2020)

Almon Wade --to-- Jonathan Wade
Jonathan Wade --to-- John Wadleigh
Jonathan Wadleigh --to-- Joseph Wadsworth
Joseph Dennis Wadsworth --to-- Elizabeth Wager
Henry Wager --to-- Malon "Mike" Wagstaff
Nathan B. Wagstaff --to-- Judy Gail Waite
Julius Porter Waite --to-- Cynthia Walcott
Edmund Sewall Walcott --to-- Job Augustus Walden
Job Augustus Walden (Jr.) --to-- Carson Wales
Eldred Ballou Wales --to-- Alice Haigh Walker
Alice J. Walker --to-- Deanne Walker
Diontha Walker --to-- Huldah Walker
Ida Elizabeth Walker --to-- Lydia Walker
Lydia Walker --to-- Rachel Walker
Ralph E. Walker --to-- George W. Wall
John Henry Wall --to-- Rachel Houston Wallace
Ralph Wallace --to-- Charlotte Walling
Christina C. Walling --to-- Sarah Ann Walling
Sarah Paine Walling --to-- Loni Ann Walser
Lucille Walser --to-- Howard Reginald Walthers
Leslie Whitcomb Walthers --to-- Doris Bell Walzer
Emma Maria Walzer --to-- Peter Wanton
Polly Wanton --to-- David A. Ward
David H. Ward --to-- Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward (Deacon) --to-- Peter Ward
Phebe Ward --to-- Louise Marilyn Ware
Lydia Ware --to-- Eugene Warner
Ezra Warner --to-- Ruth Warner
Samuel Warner --to-- Clarissa Warren
Cordelia "Delia" Warren --to-- Jane Warren
Jemima Warren --to-- Polly Warren
Prudence Warren --to-- Mary Jean Wasden
Anna Waselkow --to-- Edith Vesta Waterhouse
Elizabeth Ann Waterhouse --to-- Amey Waterman
Amey Waterman --to-- Charlotte Leroy "Lottie" Waterman
Christopher Waterman --to-- Frank Eddy Waterman
Frank Leland Waterman --to-- Jessie Mathewson Waterman
Joanna Waterman --to-- Lydia Sheldon Waterman
Lydia Steere Waterman --to-- Nancy Waterman
Nathan Waterman --to-- Sarah Waterman
Sarah Waterman --to-- William E. Waterman
William F. Waterman --to-- Aurilla May Watkins
Burt Watkins --to-- Angeline Watrous
Angeline May Watrous --to-- Cynthia Gertrude Watrous
Cynthia Helen Watrous --to-- Euretta Lillian Watrous
Evangeline Martha Watrous --to-- Ira Watrous
Irene Elizabeth Ann Watrous --to-- Lucy Ann Watrous
Lucy Delilah Watrous --to-- Olive Watrous
Olive Watrous --to-- Silas Watrous
Silas Watrous (Jr.) --to-- Annie Potter Sprague Watson
Arthur George Watson --to-- Matthew Watson
Michael Kevin Watson --to-- Katherine Grace Way
Matthew Way --to-- Emma Brown Weatherhead
Enoch or Enock Weatherhead --to-- Charles H. Weaver
Cheryl Weaver --to-- Ann Webb
Ann Eliza Webb --to-- Raymond Webb
Richard Franklin Webb --to-- Adaline May Webster
Alice Bridge Webster --to-- Roger John Webster
Rufus Durkee Webster --to-- Benjamin Herbert Weeden
Chester Earl Weeden --to-- Sally Weeks
Samuel Charles Weeks --to-- Orlando Weight or Wright
Viola Weight or Wright --to-- John Albert "Bert" Weitemier
Lorraine Evylon Weitemier --to-- Josephine Welch
Laura Welch --to-- Mary "Flossie" Weller

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