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Index of Persons

161345 individuals, 61013 families from file 20191109.ged (9 Nov 2019)

Howard Clifton Stone --to-- Israel Stone
Israel Stone --to-- James Samuel Stone
James Savage Stone (M.D.) --to-- Jessie A. Stone
Jessie Charlotte Stone --to-- John Andrew Stone
John Arthur Stone --to-- Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone --to-- Joseph Watson Stone
Joseph Watson Stone --to-- Katherine Phetteplace Stone
Katheryn Augusta Stone --to-- Leila Grace Stone
Leland Francis Stone --to-- Liberty Stone
Lilla Madora Stone --to-- Lucian Henry Stone (Captain)
Lucille Stone --to-- Lulu Mabel Stone
Lura E. Stone --to-- Madelyn Caroline Stone
Madison Jordon Stone --to-- Marion A. Stone
Marion Belle Stone --to-- Mary Stone
Mary Stone --to-- Mary Ann Stone
Mary Ann Stone --to-- Mary Louise Stone
Mary Lucina Stone --to-- Merton Lincoln Stone
Mia Grace Stone --to-- Moses Stone (Major)
Moses Stone --to-- Nathan Pearce Stone
Nathaniel Stone --to-- Olive L. Stone
Olive Mae Stone --to-- Percival Mason Stone
Percivall Angus Stone --to-- Priscilla Stone
Priscilla Stone --to-- Rhoda G. Stone
Rhoda J. Stone --to-- Ruth Belle Stone
Ruth Cynthia Stone --to-- Samuel Stone
Samuel Stone --to-- Sarah E. Stone
Sarah Eaton Stone --to-- Simeon Stone
Simon Stone --to-- Stephen Franklin Stone
Stephen Kittredge Stone --to-- Sylvia Stone
Sylvia Ann Stone --to-- Virginia Wales Stone
Vivian Bess Stone --to-- Whipple Stone
Whipple Stone (Jr.) --to-- William Emerson Stone
William Enos Stone --to-- Zelotes Stone
Zilla M. P. Stone --to-- Katie Stophlet
Lendorf Charles "Jim" Stophlet --to-- George Washington Story
Grace W. Story --to-- Jonah Stow
Judith Stow --to-- Wallace Stowell
William Stowell --to-- Adaline Charlotte Stratton
Alice Stratton --to-- Jennings Bryan Strebel
Streck --to-- Hannah E. Streeter
Harold Streeter --to-- Orlando Lyman Streeter
Oscar Alonzo Streeter --to-- Walter Strickland
Caroline Strickrott --to-- Nellie Adeline Strope
Viola Josephine Strope --to-- Donald H. Stubbs
Edson Leroy "Roy" Stubbs --to-- Edward Sturgis
Helen Sturgis --to-- Philip Suhre
Aaron Taylor Suisse --to-- Jane Summers
Othel Edward Summers --to-- Helene Barnard Sutliff
Jacqueline Ann Sutoski --to-- Marcia Diane Swain
Marian Esther Swain --to-- Joseph Swan
Joseph A. Swan --to-- Dean Michael Sward
Holly Ann Sward --to-- Daniel A. Sweet
Delia Sweet --to-- Jesse Brown Sweet (III)
Jesse R. Sweet --to-- Sanford Nichols Sweet
Sarah Sweet --to-- Thomas Sweetland
William Sweetland --to-- Luna Swift
Lusana Swift --to-- Sybelle Sykes or Sikes
Sylvester --to-- John R. Taber
Justin Allen Taber --to-- Chloe Taft
Chloe Taft --to-- Marianna Field Taft
Martha Elizabeth Taft --to-- William Taft
William Taft --to-- Ruth Talcott
S. Visscher Talcott --to-- Alice Virginia Tanner
Angeline E. Tanner --to-- William Tanner
William Tanner --to-- Rowland Tasker
Thomas Tasker --to-- Benjamin Franklin Taylor
Betsey Taylor --to-- Fally Taylor
Fannie Taylor --to-- John Rawls Taylor
John S. Taylor --to-- Olney Taylor
Oren D. Taylor --to-- William Henry Taylor

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