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150401 individuals, 60005 families from file 20221126.ged (26 Nov 2022)

Mary Taylor --to-- Susanna Taylor
Susanna Young Taylor --to-- Susanna Teele
Raymond L. Teerlinck or Teerling --to-- Isabelle Tennant
Jody Tennant --to-- Joshua Terry
Joshua Parshall Terry --to-- Guy Thatcher
Kathryn Thatcher --to-- Dorothy F. Thayer
Ebenezer Thayer --to-- Joseph Thayer
Josephine Thayer --to-- Samuel Erastus Thayer
Samuel W. Thayer --to-- Harold Thoma
James Thoma --to-- Emma F. Thomas
Etta M. Thomas --to-- Mehitable Thomas
Mercy or Mary Thomas --to-- Annie Thompson
Arlien or Arlen Garfield Thompson --to-- Israel Thompson
Israel Thompson (Jr.) --to-- RoyAnne Thompson
Ruth Thompson --to-- Ebenezer Thorn
Elizabeth Thorn --to-- Clara Edith Marie Thornton
Clifford K. Thornton --to-- Jesse Smith Thornton
Jessie May Thornton (twin) --to-- Solomon Whipple Thornton
Stephen Thornton --to-- Mercy Throope
Thomas Throope --to-- John Thurber
Joseph Thurber --to-- Frank T. Thurston
Frank W. Thurston --to-- Abraham Tice
Gertrude Ella Tice --to-- Mary Tiffany
Mary Tiffany --to-- Thomasen Tilden
Winifred Tilden --to-- William Tillinghast (Jr.)
William Earle Tillinghast (Captain) --to-- Beulah M. Tingley
Celia Lippitt Tingley --to-- Zenas Tinkham
Lou Amy Tinkler --to-- Edna Maude Tobey
Elizabeth Tobey --to-- Rachel Todd
Robert C. Todd --to-- Ira Otto Tomson
Mary Elizabeth Tonera --to-- Clarence "Clair" Torney
Dean Torney --to-- William Case Tourtellot
Amy Tourtellott --to-- Bertha Jane Tower
Bessie Tower --to-- Edilda Tower
Edith May Tower --to-- Frederick Ward Tower
Frederick William Tower --to-- James Emmet Tower
James Harvey Tower --to-- Levi Tower
Levi Tower --to-- Mary Emily Tower
Mary Inez Tower --to-- Reuben Tower
Reuben Tower --to-- Wanda Hymer Tower
Wanton Tower --to-- Ichabod Towne (Jr.)
Jacob Towne --to-- Erastus Tracy
Ethel Tracy --to-- Hepzibah P. Trask
James Trask --to-- Mary Treadwell
Mary Treadwell --to-- Norman Rutter Trezise
Philip Harold Trezise --to-- Elijah Tripp
Elmira Tripp --to-- Edmund Trowbridge
Edmund Trowbridge --to-- Lou Truitt
Mabel Irene Truitt --to-- Augustus Tucker
Augustus Tucker --to-- Royal Tucker
Sally Tucker --to-- Charles O. Turl
George Albert Turl --to-- John Turner (Dr.)
John Turner --to-- Elizabeth Lanier Turnure
Catherine or Kathrin Turpin --to-- Simon Tuttle
Sylvia Emeline "Minnie" Tuttle --to-- Eunice Tyler
Frances "Fanny" Tyler --to-- Jonathan Tyng
Lucy Tyng --to-- Elizabeth S. Underwood
Ella Underwood --to-- Polly or Mary Updike
Richard Updike --to-- Lucy Charlette Upson
William Ford Upson --to-- Alfred A. Valentine
Arthur Lawson Valentine --to-- Harriet Van Buskirk
Helen H. Van Buskirk (twin) --to-- Joseph Guy Van Duzer
Kenneth Robert Van Duzer --to-- Tammy Denelle Van Houten
William Courtney Van Houten --to-- Josephine S. Van Vleck
Louis Gordon Van Vleck --to-- Addie N. Vance
Agnes M. Vance --to-- Raymond Varde
Erastus Bradley Vardenburg --to-- Robert David Vaughn
Ruben Vaughn (Jr.) --to-- Marjorie L. Vermilya
Ruby J. Vermilya --to-- Josephine Vickery
Phebe Ann Himes Vickery --to-- Jane Vincent
Jennie Belle Vincent --to-- Nelson Vittum
Stephen Vittum --to-- Janette Vorce
Jesse Vorce --to-- Carlton Vrooman
Elizabeth Vrooman --to-- Clara Estella Wade
Clara Louise Wade --to-- Olive Wade

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