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150941 individuals, 60280 families from file 20230324.ged (24 Mar 2023)

Andrew Jackson Danforth --to-- Rosa Daniels
Ruth Daniels --to-- Sewall Darby or Derby
Stillman Darby or Derby --to-- Hattie May Darling
Henrietta May Darling --to-- Peter Darling
Phebe Darling --to-- Lovie E. Dash
Abner Dassanee --to-- Vinna David
Davidson --to-- Alathear Davis
Albert Davis --to-- Clarence Delwin Davis
Clarissa Davis --to-- Ellwood Redding Davis
Elma L. Davis --to-- Helen Matilda Davis
Helen Patricia "Pat" Davis --to-- Jonah Davis
Jonathan Davis --to-- Mary Davis
Mary Davis --to-- Peter G. Davis
Phebe Davis --to-- Susan Helen "Susie" Davis
Susan Louise "Susie" Davis --to-- Elsie Loretta Daws
Guy Arthuer Daws --to-- Lucy Day
Lucy Day --to-- Samuel Jack De Lapp (Jr.)
Josephine De Liberto --to-- Charles Henry Dabney DeWolf
Cornelia DeWolf --to-- Mary Dean
Mary Dean --to-- Marie L. Death
Lizzie A. Debauffer --to-- Annabeth Leigh Deem
Arlene Deem --to-- Orville Joy Deem
ParCeil Deem --to-- Corintha Delevay
Eva Dell --to-- John Denison
Margaret Denison --to-- Samuel S. Dennis
Sanford Dennis --to-- Anna Derby
Daisy D. Derby --to-- William Deveraux
Anan or Annon Devereux --to-- David Dewey
Edward Dewey --to-- Albert Dexter
Albert Augustus Dexter --to-- Benjamin Dexter
Benjamin Dexter --to-- Edward A. Dexter
Edward C. Dexter --to-- George R. Dexter
George R. Dexter --to-- James H. Dexter
James Messenger Dexter --to-- Lois Dexter
Louis Burnside Dexter --to-- Mary Medora "Miriam" Dexter
Mary or Marcy Dexter --to-- Samuel Dexter
Samuel Allen Dexter --to-- Timothy Walker Dexter
Waite or Waitsill Dexter --to-- Clarence Elmer Dibble
Ira Dibble --to-- S. Stoors Dickinson
Sarah Dickinson --to-- Dennis Lynn Dies
Clifford Elmer Dieten --to-- Franklin L. Dimmick
Lot L. Dimmick --to-- Manasseh Divoll
Mary Jane Divoll --to-- Katie W. Dobbs
Marie Elenor Dobbs --to-- Daniel Dodge
Deborah Dodge --to-- Mary Dodge
Mary A. Dodge --to-- Susan A. Doherty
Ruth Theodora Doiran --to-- Mary Donelan
George Donelson --to-- Michael Shawn Dop
Samantha Sue Dop --to-- Jodi Dorst
Raymund Edmund Dory --to-- William Bernard Dougall
William Bernard Dougall (Jr.) --to-- Daisey Dow
Duane Dow --to-- Esther Jane Downey
Harry Strong Downey --to-- Drake
Drake --to-- Patrick Alan Draves
Alonzo Dreachmer --to-- Annie Elizabeth Drinkwater
Joyce A. Drinkwine --to-- Olive Drury
Sarah Belle Drury --to-- Elliot Dudley
Elvira Judson Whipple Dudley --to-- Jay Robinson Duff
John Duff --to-- Francis Dunbar
Freeman Dunbar --to-- Lois Emma Duncan
Loren Duncan --to-- George Whipple Dunham
Greta Dunham --to-- Levina Dunn
Louisa P. Dunn --to-- Dupre
Agnes Dupre --to-- Anne Elizabeth Durham
Imogene Durham --to-- Austin Dutton
Benjamin Blanton Dutton (Sr.) --to-- Harvey Dye
Henry R. Dye --to-- Priscilla Dyke
Dykeman --to-- Mark Eames
Milicent Eames --to-- Ralph Baker Earle
Sarah Earle --to-- Russell Eastman
Sarah Eastman --to-- Lucien Eaton

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