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160580 individuals, 60653 families from file 20190519.ged (19 May 2019)

Aaron Basford --to-- Brandon Bastow
Joseph "Jay" Bastow --to-- Joseph Bate
Winifred Margaret Batease --to-- Esther Bates
Eveline Bates --to-- Olney Bates
Ora Sterre Bates --to-- Lydia "Sal" Battey
Mary Battey --to-- Eliza Jane Baum
Elizabeth Baum --to-- Jere Baxter
Jere Baxter --to-- Jane Beagle
Jo Ann Beagle --to-- Eri Benjamin Beaman
Frank Gardner Beaman --to-- Abigail Beardsley
Adelaide Beardsley --to-- William Platt Beardsley
Zechariah Beardsley --to-- Elizabeth Beauchamp
Elizabeth Beauchamp --to-- John Byron Beck
Karen Virginia Beck --to-- Peter Ephraim Beckstrom
Beckwith --to-- Vern Beckwith
Warren Irving Beckwith --to-- Dilla Beeman
George Henry Beeman --to-- Delia Florence Belcher
Elisha Belcher --to-- Gregory Ronald Bell
Harold B. Bell --to-- Mowry Bellows or Ballou
Mowry A. Bellows or Ballou --to-- Carsten Bendtsen
Connie Bendtsen --to-- John E. Benge
Nina Benge --to-- Bennett
Bennett --to-- Ellis Bennett
Elmer Bennett --to-- Leita Lorraine Bennett
Leonard R. Bennett --to-- Sandra Lee Bennett
Sandra Louise Bennett --to-- Stanford Robinson Benson
Stuart Graham Benson --to-- Joseph Ivins Bentley
Joseph Lindsay Bentley --to-- Bogdan Aleksander Bereda
Ryszard Bereda --to-- Roberta Jean Berglin
Wilma Jane Berglin --to-- Birdie Myrtle Berry
Charles L. Berry --to-- James Sidney Besemer
John Edwin Besemer --to-- Alfred J. Betterley
Alfred W. Betterley --to-- Jason D. Betterley
Jeanette Betterley --to-- Charles Beurmann
Charles Emil Beurmann --to-- Carl Evert Bibler
Carol Bibler --to-- Olive Bicknell
Olive Bicknell --to-- Hepsibah Bigelow
Humphrey Bigelow --to-- John Priest Biggs
Megan Biggs --to-- Evelyn Yvonne Billings
Ezra Billings --to-- Paul Billiot
Robert Billiot (Jr.) --to-- Frances "Fannie" Bingham
George Joseph Bingham --to-- Eliza Jane Bird
Elmer William Bird --to-- Michael Birmingham
Birnie --to-- Arthur Bishop
Arthur A. Bishop (Jr.) --to-- Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop --to-- Howard Wendell Bishop
Irene E. Bishop --to-- Lydia Sheldon Bishop
Lyman Bishop --to-- Samuel Bishop
Samuel Bishop --to-- George Perkins Bissel (Colonel)
Sarah Bissel --to-- Nell Elizabeth Bixby
Neomi Bixby --to-- Laura Lucille Blackburn
Lester Blackburn --to-- Anna Blackmar
Anna Blackmar --to-- Orrin Blackmar
Orville Hurd Blackmar --to-- Harry Mitchell Blair
James Blair --to-- George Blake
Gertrude Blake --to-- Zaidee Peronne Blakeney
Blakeslee --to-- George M. Blanchard
Gustavus P. Blanchard --to-- Thomas Blanchard
Ursula Blanchard --to-- Mary E. Blish
Nicholas Blish --to-- Edna Bliven
Ellen Bliven --to-- Mary Etta Blodgett
Mildred Garfield Blodgett --to-- George Clyde Bloomer
James Bloomer --to-- James S. Blyton
Seymore Blyton --to-- John Bocock
John Bocock --to-- Catherine Bogardus
Robert L. Bogardus --to-- Ada May Bolger
Loretta Bolin --to-- Alma E. Bond
Benjamin C. Bond --to-- Sarah Bonham
Sue Bonhot --to-- Philip Dorlon Bontecou
Reed Bontecou (twin) --to-- Rita Marion Booth
S. Booth --to-- Urs Victor Borer
Marie Borge --to-- Frank Bosworth
Frank H. Bosworth (Dr.) --to-- Preston Bourgeois
James E. Bourn --to-- David Bowdish (Captain)
Jane Bowdish --to-- Anne or Anna Bowen

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