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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Nancy Blackinton --to-- Lucy Blackmar
Lucy Blackmar --to-- Estelle Blair
Esther Blair --to-- J. J. Blake
Jacob Blake --to-- Samuel Blakeslee
Sarah Blakeslee --to-- Minnie Blanchard
Molly Blanchard --to-- Jesse John Blauer
Blaylock --to-- Zenas Bliss
Zenas Bliss (Jr.) --to-- Sarah Williams Blodgett
Sophia C. Blodgett --to-- James Hulbert Blower or Bloor
Blowers --to-- Sarah Boardman
Stephen Boardman --to-- Erwin Walter Boelter (Jr.)
Henry Eric Boelter --to-- Willa Bollanger
Bolles --to-- Edward Bond
Elfleda E. Bond --to-- James Magnus Bonny
Joseph Smith Bonny --to-- Simon Boothby
Boothe --to-- Bruce Bosse
Floyd Donald Bosserman --to-- Geneva Bouchard
Jean Bouchard --to-- Charles G. Bowdish (Jr.)
David Bowdish (Captain) --to-- Benjamin Bowen
Benjamin Bowen --to-- Evalyn Louise Bowen
Faith Bowen --to-- Mahala Bowen
Marcus J. Bowen --to-- Stephen Bowen
Stephen James Bowen --to-- Mary C. Bowles
Mary Katherine Bowles --to-- Robert Boyce
Rosa Mae Boyce --to-- Darius Boyden
Dorothy Ann Boyden --to-- Clarence Wilfred Brace
Clayton Kenneth Brace --to-- Bessie Philene Bradford
Caroline Angell Bradford --to-- George Edward Bradley
George James Bradley --to-- Elaine Braham
Thomas Braham --to-- Emma Brandt
Mary Brandt --to-- Arthur Theodore Carl Breager
Maurine Breaky --to-- Mehitable Brett
Mehitable Brett --to-- Anna Louisa Brewster
Austin Brewster --to-- Albert P. Briggs
Alda Margarite Briggs --to-- Maude Melvina Briggs
Minerva A. Briggs --to-- Leah Rae Brikerhoff
Sue Briles --to-- Laureate Britton
Olney Britton --to-- Mary Estella Brom
Dorothy Broman --to-- Mary Elizabeth Bromley
Mary Ellen Bromley --to-- H. E. Brooks
Henry Brooks --to-- Samuel Brough
Sarah Brough --to-- Ahna Luella Brown
Albert Brown --to-- Ann Eliza Brown
Ann Eliza Brown --to-- Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown --to-- Charles Edward Brown
Charles Fowler Brown --to-- Darling W. Brown
David Brown --to-- Effie Della Brown
Elba Brown --to-- Elsie Chloe Brown
Elsie Melissa Brown --to-- Frederic Lothrop Brown
Frederick Brown --to-- Harriet Susan Brown
Harriett Brown --to-- Huldah Anne Brown
Huston Brown --to-- Janet Ruth Brown
Jean Butler Brown --to-- John James "Johnnie" Brown
John Nicholas Brown --to-- Katherine Brown
Kenneth Brown --to-- Lurial Brown
Lusina or Lucy Brown --to-- Martin Van Buren Brown
Martin Van Buren Brown (Jr.) --to-- Mary L. Brown
Mary Louise Brown --to-- Nathan Miller Brown
Nathaniel Brown --to-- Phebe Brown
Phebe Brown --to-- Rufus Brown
Ruth Brown --to-- Sarah Joy Brown
Sarah Neomi "Nim" Brown --to-- Thomas Brown
Thomas Blackledge Brown --to-- William Fenner Brown
William Finley Brown --to-- Benjamin Brownell
Benjamin Brownell --to-- Marlay Delceil Brownson
Martin Julian Brownson --to-- Orrie Jack Brunner
Hilgarde Brunnow --to-- Joyce N. Bryant
Laura A. Bryant --to-- Costellow D. Buck
Cynthia Buck --to-- Charles or Chung-way-we-dung Buckanaga
Jane Catharine Buckey --to-- Rachel Bucklin
Ruth Bucklin --to-- Sarah Bucknam
Sarah Bucknam --to-- Robert Everett Budlong
Sarah Rhodes Budlong --to-- Milton Lippitt Bugbee
Nellie Mabel Bugbee --to-- Emiline or Emmaline Charity Bullin

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