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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Robert Lippitt Beckwith --to-- Sally C. Beels
Alice Beem --to-- Elisha Belcher
Elizabeth Belcher --to-- John C. "Jack" Bell
Joseph Bell --to-- Erne D. Beltzer
Artemisia Beman --to-- Ellen H. Benedict
Florence Perkins Benedict --to-- Rose Benjamin
Simeon Benjamin --to-- Charles Bennett
Charles Herbert Bennett --to-- John Bennett
John Bennett --to-- Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett --to-- Mary Lucinda Benson
Melonia Benson --to-- Julia Bentley
LaVer Walser Bentley --to-- Erik Isak Berg
Eva Lena Berg --to-- Karen Kristine Berildsen
Agnes Berington --to-- Maria D. Berry
Mark Berry --to-- Reed W. Best
Ronald Clinton "Ron" Best --to-- Ernest Clarence Betterley
Ernest Orin Betterley --to-- Violet Amanda Betterley
Wayne Elmer Betterley --to-- John Bezzo
Sarah Bezzo --to-- Olive Bicknell
Peter Bicknell --to-- Louisa Carrie Bigelow
Lucretia Bigelow --to-- Ralph Mansfield Bilby
Willard Ralph Bilby --to-- Mary Ann Billings
Mary Jane Billings --to-- Sara Bilyea
Steve Bilyea --to-- Horace Binney
Mary Woodrow Binney --to-- Orvald Edwin Birks
Orvald Jay Birks --to-- Arthur Bishop
Arthur Bishop --to-- Ellen Burnside Bishop
Ellen Stanley Bishop --to-- Jeremiah Bishop
Jesse Lewis Bishop --to-- Naomi Bishop
Nathaniel Bishop --to-- Thomas Bishop
Thomas Bishop --to-- Amos Bixby
Asa Bixby --to-- Margaret Black
Maria Black --to-- Abel E. Blackmar
Abel Trowbridge Blackmar --to-- Polly Mac Blackmar
Ransom Blackmar --to-- Montgomery Blair
Phillip T. Blair --to-- John Blake
Julia Ann Blake --to-- Delores Blalog
Blanchard --to-- Nellie May Blanchard
Nelson L. Blanchard --to-- William Augustus Blazo
John Maxwell Bleakie --to-- Theodore Harrison Bliss
Thomas Bliss --to-- Madana Blodgett
Margaret Blodgett --to-- Kathryn Marie Bloomer
Renea Bridgette Bloomer --to-- Elizabeth Boardman
Elizabeth Boardman --to-- Clarence Edward Bode
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Bode --to-- Humphrey de Bohun (Earl of Herefordshire)
Clara Boice --to-- William Bolster
William Bolster --to-- Mary L. Bond
Mary S. Bond --to-- Paul W. Bonny
Vaudis Bonny --to-- Matthew Scott Booth
Payton Booth --to-- John Joseph Borie
Maria Borino --to-- Lucias Bosworth
Lydia M. Bosworth --to-- James Nelson Bourne
John Bourne --to-- Hester Ann Bowe
Ida May Bowe --to-- Constance Bowen
Crawford Wayne Bowen --to-- Hattie Mildred Bowen
Helen Cordelia Bowen --to-- Mercy Rice Bowen
Michael Bowen --to-- William Bowen
William Bowen --to-- Martha Emaline Bowlin
Jean Bowlus --to-- Robert Boyce
Robert Boyce --to-- William Boyd
William Boyd --to-- Isaac McGuire Bozarth
Roma Lee Bozarth --to-- John Brackett (Captain)
Joshua Brackett (Dr.) --to-- Perez Bradford
Rebecca Clymer Bradford --to-- Ward Bradley
Whipple B. Bradley --to-- Charles G. Brainerd
Charles L. Brainerd --to-- Darrell Lloyd Branson
Branstetter --to-- Francis R. Brayton
George Bailey Brayton --to-- James Jerald Bremer
Robert Bremer --to-- Adam Rufus Brewer
Ahijah Rittenhouse Brewer --to-- Edward Cox Brewster
Elizabeth Jane Brewster --to-- Amey Briggs

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