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160908 individuals, 60799 families from file 20190817.ged (17 Aug 2019)

Martha Beckwith --to-- Rebecca Beecher
Lilly Mae Beecroft --to-- Roberta Piehl Beighlee
Ann Julia Beina --to-- Hattie May Bell
Heather Bell --to-- Erne D. Beltzer
Artemisia Beman --to-- Frank Benedict
Frank Donald Benedict --to-- John Benjamine
Alexandra Benmerrchouce --to-- Cinderella C. Bennett
Clara Ella Bennett --to-- John Bennett
John Bennett --to-- Roxanna Bennett
Ruth Bennett --to-- Betsey Bent
Carrie E. Bent --to-- Michelle Bentley
Milton Bentley --to-- Henry Berger
Bergeron --to-- Daniel W. Bernd
Theodore J. Bernd --to-- Metta Chathrine Berthelsen
Nancy J. Bertol --to-- Mabel Bethom
James Betlem --to-- Grace A. Betterley
Grady Edward Behm Betterley --to-- Hallie Lou Beurmann
Janet Beurmann --to-- Lisa Ann Bickel
Lola Bickel --to-- Jeannette Ann Bidwell
Lucy Bidwell --to-- Samuel Bigelow (Jr.)
Samuel Bigelow --to-- Kaye Elizabeth Billeter
Melissa Billeter --to-- Susanna Billings
Timothy Billings --to-- Bingham
Abigail Bingham --to-- Eliza Jane Bird
Elmer William Bird --to-- Thomas Noyes Birnie
Walter Birnie --to-- Charlotte Bishop
Cheryl Bishop --to-- Floyd Florien Bishop
Frances A. Bishop --to-- Joshua Bishop
Joshua Bishop --to-- Rachel Bishop
Rachel Bishop --to-- William Henry Bishop
William M. Bishop --to-- Nathan Bixby
Nell Elizabeth Bixby --to-- Helen Frances Blacker
Robert Blacker --to-- Elizabeth Blackmar
Emma Blackmar --to-- Sally S. Blackmer
Timothy Blackmer --to-- Samuel Blaisdell
Sarah A. Blaisdell --to-- Ida Belle Blakeman
Isabella B. Blakeman --to-- Elizabeth Blanchard
Ella Blanchard --to-- Thomas Blanchard (Jr.)
Thomas Blanchard --to-- Carl Frederick Bliss
Caroline "Carrie" Bliss --to-- Joanne Block
Chester Buck Blodget --to-- Anna Blood
Bertha Blood --to-- Maude Lucinda Blue
Bess S. Blum --to-- Mary A. Bock
James Albert Bockeloh --to-- Henry Eric Boelter
Otto Richard Boelter --to-- Myrtle Boley
Ada May Bolger --to-- Daniel Bond
Daniel Bond --to-- George Alan Bonner
Jill Dee Bonner --to-- Marion Z. Books
Austin Packer Booles --to-- Louise E. Borden
Mary Anstis or Mary Anstres Borden --to-- Mabel Edrie Boston
Catharine M. Bostwick --to-- Jane Frances "Fanny" Boulester
Warren Boulester or Boulster --to-- Charles G. Bowdish (Jr.)
David Bowdish (Captain) --to-- Bebee Bowen
Benjamin Bowen --to-- Ephraim Bowen (Jr.)
Ernest W. Bowen --to-- Lucinda J. Bowen
Lucy Bowen --to-- Samuel H. G. Bowen
Sarah Bowen --to-- Benjamin Bowker
Charles Henry Bowker --to-- William Bowskill
William Bowskill (Jr.) --to-- Lucinda Boyd
Malcolm E. Boyd --to-- Ella Boynton
Hannah Boynton --to-- Clarence S. Brackenbury
Claudie Brackenbury --to-- Isaac B. Bradford
James C. Bradford --to-- Karen Bradley
Katharine Bradley --to-- George Bragg
Henry Bragg --to-- June Mildred Brandon
Lucy J. Brandon --to-- Abby Brayman
Richard Brayman --to-- Kent Duffy Breen
Kevin Paul Breen --to-- Samuel Brett (Lieutenant)
Sarah Adelaide Brett --to-- Louis Frank Brewster
Martha J. Brewster --to-- Caroline Cordelia Briggs

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