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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Herbert Albert Babcock --to-- William Henry Babcock (Sr.)
William Henry Babcock (Jr.) --to-- Jane Bacon
Jeremiah Bacon --to-- Elizabeth Baer
Emma Doris Baer --to-- Bert B. Bailey
Betsy Bailey --to-- Lyle Robert Bailey
Mae Bailey --to-- Baker
Baker --to-- Edward Baker
Edward Baker --to-- Joseph B. Baker (Jr.)
Joseph Maybin Baker (Dr.) --to-- Nancy Maria Baker
Narcissa Baker --to-- William Baker
William Edgar Baker --to-- Daniel Joseph Baldus
Adelle C. Baldwin --to-- Rosemary Ann Baldwin
Sarah Baldwin --to-- Lucius Ball
Lucius W. Ball --to-- Albert Ballentine
Minnie A. Ballew --to-- Amey Ballou
Amie Ballou --to-- Charles Fales Ballou
Charles Frederic Ballou --to-- Elizabeth Whipple Ballou
Ella Ballou --to-- George W. Ballou
George William Ballou --to-- James Ballou
James Ballou --to-- Leonard Seguine Ballou
Levi Ballou --to-- Mary Edna Ballou
Mary Eliza Ballou --to-- Owen Ellsworth Ballou
Oziel Ballou --to-- Sabin Ballou
Sabin Alexander Ballou --to-- Susanna Ballou
Susanna Ballou --to-- William S. Ballou (Reverend)
Willie Wallace Ballou --to-- Robert Baney
Roberta Baney --to-- Joyce A. Barb
Helen Cassandra Barbar --to-- Daniel B. Bard
George Bard --to-- James Barker
James Barker --to-- Dean Clinton Barnard
Doris Barnard --to-- Cora May Barnes
Corintha Lucinda Barnes --to-- Lucy Barnes
Lucy Barnes --to-- Moses Barnet
Nathan Ray Barnet --to-- Florence Wilke Baron
Allan Stone Barr --to-- Dorothy Enid Barron
Elmer Walter Barron (M.D.) --to-- Tracy Hand Barrows
Truman V. Barrows --to-- Bartlett
Bartlett --to-- George Bartlett
George Belknap Bartlett --to-- Munroe Bartlett
Muriel Bartlett --to-- Benjamin Barton (Jr.)
Benjamin Barton --to-- Michelle Suzann Barus
Robert Louis Barus --to-- Joseph "Jay" Bastow
Justin Bastow --to-- Rachel Bateman
Ranae Bateman --to-- John Bates
John Bates --to-- Alvin D. Battey
Amos Peasley Battey --to-- Linda Marie Bauer
Madison Baughman --to-- Harriet Baxter
Helen Baxter --to-- Barbara Beal
George Beal --to-- John Bean
Joseph Bean --to-- Leland Ralph Beardsley
Lucy Beardsley --to-- Homer Mast Beattie
Jay Beattie --to-- Vesta Pearl Bechtel
Anna Margrethe Beck --to-- Amelia Beckwith
Amey Brown Beckwith --to-- George E. Bedurtha
Henry J. Bedurtha --to-- Sidney Alexander Beers
Drucilla Beesley --to-- Stephen Belknap
Bell --to-- Mary Lucy Bellows
Mercy Jane Bellows --to-- Steen Bendtsen
Theis Tage Bendtsen --to-- William Benham
Kimberly Marie Benigni --to-- Bill Bennett
Brady Jay Bennett --to-- Jeremiah Bennett
Jeremiah Bennett --to-- Rhoda Maria Bennett
Richard Bennett --to-- Ruth Doul Benson
Stanford Robinson Benson --to-- Mary Grace Bentley
Michelle Bentley --to-- Alice Anne Bergeron
Annette Bergeron --to-- John Anthony Bernhardt
John Anthony Bernhardt (III) --to-- Amy Berwick
Robert Berwick --to-- Alfred A. Betterley
Alfred Edson Betterley --to-- Joseph W. Betterley
Julie Anne Betterley --to-- Barnard Scollay White Bever
Mary Louisa White Bever --to-- William Walter Bickett
Bickford --to-- Catherine Bigelow
Charles Amos Bigelow --to-- Thomas Bigge
Walter Bigge --to-- George Billings

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