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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Sarah Bailey --to-- Asa Baker
Avery Baker --to-- Frederick Earnest Baker
Freelove Delia Baker --to-- Maria Baker
Marianna Frances Baker --to-- Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker --to-- Lewis Balch (Jr.)
Lewis P. W. Balch --to-- Lucille Baldwin
Lucy P. Baldwin --to-- James Bradley Ball
James Bradley Ball (Jr.) --to-- Sarah Ballard
Semantha Ballard --to-- Amanda Ballou
Amanda Ballou --to-- Caroline Matilda Ballou
Carrie Lincoln Ballou --to-- Eliel Ballou
Eliel Michael Larkin Ballou --to-- Freelove Ballou
Freelove Ballou --to-- Ichabod Ballou
Idarella Ballou --to-- Katherine Ballou
Keziah Ballou --to-- Martha Ballou
Martha Ballou --to-- Noah Ballou
Noah Ballou (Jr.) --to-- Reuben Ballou
Reuben Ballou (twin) --to-- Silas Ballou
Silas Ballou --to-- Willard Alfred Ballou
Willard J. Ballou --to-- Florence Stone Bancroft
Harriet Bancroft --to-- Henry H. Banta
Malinda Banta --to-- Marie C. Bard
Arthur Byron Barden --to-- Julia Barker
Leroy E. Barker --to-- Emily Davidson Barnard
Frank M. Barnard --to-- Earl Frederick Barnes
Eber Barnes --to-- Mary Barnes
Mary Barnes --to-- Rebecca Barnett
Vernon Jay Barnett --to-- Ruth Barrell
William Barrell --to-- Alvin Winchester Barrows
Arthur Jerome Barrows --to-- Jeremiah Barrus or Barrows
Barbara Virginia Barry --to-- Arthur M. Bartlett
Asel Phetteplace Bartlett --to-- John Bartlett
John Bartlett --to-- Robert Bartlett
Robert Bartlett --to-- Emily L. Barton
Frank P. Barton --to-- Joseph Basford
Joseph Basford --to-- Francis L. Batchelder
Francis Lowell Batchelder --to-- Aurilla Bates
Barbara Irene Bates --to-- Moses Bates
Moses Bates --to-- Ruth Battey
Ruth Battey --to-- Louisa Maria Baum
Maria Baum --to-- Joseph Beach
Nellie L. Beach --to-- Warren H. Beaman (Reverend)
Hannah Beamsley --to-- Clifford Oscar Beardsley
Clinton Beardsley --to-- Mary Young Beatie
Nelson Ross Beatie --to-- Anni Andersen Bech
Christian Andreas Bech --to-- Arzelia Jenks Beckwith
Benjamin Franklin Beckwith --to-- Charlotte Beebe
Emily Beebe --to-- Lena Charlotte Behrens
William Henry Behrens --to-- Frederick Bell
George Charles Bell --to-- Belmont
Max F. Below --to-- Harold Blair Benedict
John Benedict --to-- Almena Bennet
Cynthia Bennet --to-- Eleanor Bennett
Elhanan "Chet" Winchester Bennett --to-- Maria A. Bennett
Martha Bennett --to-- Gordon Carmi Benoit
Marie Louise Benoit --to-- Hannah Eliza Bentley
Harry Henry Bentley --to-- Bergeron
Alice Anne Bergeron --to-- Birdie M. Berry
Birdie Myrtle Berry --to-- Sarah Bessett or Bennett
Francis Manton Bessette --to-- George Betterley
George Betterley --to-- Daniel Beverstock
Daniel Oscar Beverstock --to-- Richard Bickford
Samuel Bickford --to-- Hepsibah Bigelow
Humphrey Bigelow --to-- Edson Stanton or Edson Stanley Bilby
Harriet Ann Bilby --to-- Peter J. Billings
Raphael Billings --to-- Bernhard Bing
Judy Bing --to-- Fannie Birchard
Horace Birchard --to-- Hazel Marie Bisbee
Hubert Altheron Bisbee --to-- Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop --to-- Job Bishop
John Bishop --to-- Peter "Deacon Peter" Bishop (Sr.)
Phanuel Bishop --to-- Catherine Bissell
Champion Bissell --to-- Carl Fritz Bjorn
Elmer Gottfird Bjorn --to-- Mary Ann Blackinton

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