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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Susanna Street --to-- Henry Philip Streeter
Herbert Elmer Streeter --to-- Paul Streeter
Percy Anna Streeter --to-- Inez Striegal
Lenore Striegal --to-- Todd Strother
William Henry Strother (III) --to-- John W. Stubbs
Julia Ann Stubbs --to-- Louisa Sturm
Abbie Eudora Sturtevant --to-- James "Jimmy" Suisse
James Sherwood Suisse --to-- Melissa Sumner
Moses L. Sumner --to-- Frederik Rusch Svendsen
Frida Svendsen --to-- Stuart H. Swallow
William C. Swallow --to-- Carrie M. Swanker
Caroline Swann --to-- Abigail Sweet
Albert B. Sweet --to-- George T. Sweet
George Willard Sweet --to-- Mary A. Sweet
Mary A. Sweet --to-- William Byron Sweet
William Howard Sweet --to-- Stephen Swett
Wilbraham W. Swett --to-- Tracy Jo Switzer
Jacob Switzer or Snitzer --to-- Tamzin Symons
Margery Symson --to-- Taft
Taft --to-- Henry Taft
Huldah Taft --to-- Samuel L. Taft
Sarah Taft --to-- Frederic Talbot
George Talbot --to-- Charles Tanksley
Charles Andrew Tanksley --to-- Raymond Tanner
Raymond J. "Cheechee" Tanner --to-- Horace Tarleton
Matthew Tarleton --to-- Alta Taylor
Alyssa Taylor --to-- Ellen Ann Taylor
Elois Floreine Taylor --to-- Jo Lyn Taylor
John Taylor --to-- Nathaniel Taylor (Deacon)
Nelson Taylor --to-- William Taylor
William Taylor --to-- Charles H. Tefft
Emily Tefft --to-- Ecco Effie Tenney
Edwin P. Tenney --to-- Nancy A. Terry
Nathan Terry --to-- George Washington Thatcher
George Washington Thatcher (II) --to-- Deborah Thayer
Delia Thayer --to-- Joel Whipple Thayer
John Albert Thayer --to-- Rufus Thayer
Rufus James Thayer --to-- Harold Thiem
Johann George Thiem --to-- Anne Thomas
Anthony Thomas --to-- George Henry Thomas
George Orman Thomas --to-- Opal Thomas
Orsemus Thomas --to-- Annie Thompson
Annie Thompson --to-- Hannah Thompson
Harriet Thompson --to-- Martha Stone Thompson
Mary Thompson --to-- Winfield Thompson
Comfort Thompson or Thomas --to-- Hannah Thornock
Heidi Thornock --to-- Dollie M. Thornton
Donald Kenneth Thornton --to-- John Thornton
John Delaney Thornton --to-- Steve Frank Thornton
Susan P. Thornton --to-- Thomas Throope
William Throope --to-- Jane R. Thurber
John Thurber --to-- Cora Thurston
Dorcas Thurston --to-- John Cooke Tibbetts
John Waterman Tibbetts --to-- James Leonard Tier (Jr.)
William Tier --to-- John Tilden
John Tilden --to-- Henry Tillinghast
Henry E. Tillinghast --to-- Sarah Tilton
Sarah Ann Tilton --to-- Lewis N. Tingley
Louis Lippitt Tingley --to-- Vashti Virginia Tipton
Elvin Drew Tirrell --to-- Julia Frances Tobey
Mary Elizabeth Tobey --to-- Olive Emma Ritz Todd
Paula Jean Todd --to-- Horace R. Tompkins
Mary Tompkins --to-- Sarah Toppan
William Toppan --to-- Hope Tourtellot
Jesse Tourtellot --to-- Andrew T. Tower
Ann Eliza Tower --to-- Cynthia Tower
Cynthia Tower --to-- Emma J. Tower
Emma Orpah Tower --to-- Harvey Tower
Harvey Lee Tower --to-- John Dexter Tower
John Howard Tower --to-- Lucy A. Tower
Lucy Ellen Tower --to-- Nancy Tower
Nancy Tower --to-- Ruth Tower
Ruth Tower --to-- William Henry Tower

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