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155523 individuals, 58450 families from file 20170326.ged (26 Mar 2017)

A. C. --to-- Marion Elizabeth Aitken
Mathilda Aitken --to-- Alan Ray Atherley
Ida Atherly --to-- Cinderella C. Bennett
Clara Ella Bennett --to-- Arthur Lewis Brown
Arthur Wylie Brown --to-- Despanet Cantrelle
Michael Cantrelle --to-- Nathaniel Wheat Colburn
Paul Colburn --to-- Hannah Dake
James Robert Nathaniel Dake --to-- Fairfield A. Dusser or Dussen
Carl H. Dustin --to-- Charles E. Flint
Charles Furbush Flint (twin) --to-- Della Gorsline
Gorton --to-- James Hiram Harris
James Phillips Harris --to-- Jennie E. Holmes
Jerusha B. Holmes --to-- Mary Ann Jennison
Samuel Jennison --to-- David Paul Kopacz
Frank Edward Kopacz (Sr.) --to-- Almeda Lunt
Anthony William Lunt --to-- Elizabeth Menagh
Christopher Joseph Mendiola --to-- Meredith Bernita Nelson
Mildred May Nelson --to-- Mehitable Snell Packard
Melzar Packard --to-- Ruth Adelaide Phillips
Ruth Mabel Phillips --to-- Frederick Revere
Helen Reverel --to-- Martha Sayles
Martha Sayles --to-- Lucilda Marie or Lucinda Marie Smith
Lucille Smith --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Barbara Lynn Strong
Bertha May Strong --to-- Sally Grace Treadway
Abigail Treadwell --to-- Submit Alvord Watkins
William Watkins --to-- Chloe Amelia Whipple
Chris Whipple --to-- James H. Whipple
James Halley Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Rachel Ray Whipple
Rae D. Whipple --to-- Mary Arline Wilkinson
Mary C. Wilkinson --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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