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Index of Persons

155273 individuals, 58344 families from file 20170212.ged (12 Feb 2017)

A. C. --to-- Langford T. Alden
Lillian Alden --to-- Joyce Austin
Julia Cora Austin --to-- Bertie Berry
David Berry --to-- James Brown
James Brown (Elder, Reverend) --to-- Alfred Bennett Carr
Alvah Carr --to-- Frances Conant
Frank A. Conant --to-- George W. Davis
Gilbert Davis --to-- Jeptha Elderkin
Nancy A. Elderkin --to-- Desire Freeman
Donald Wellington Freeman --to-- William Greene (Governor)
William Greene (Jr.) --to-- Haynes
Haynes --to-- Almira Huffman
Barbra Jean Huffman --to-- Carrie Judd
Elmer Edward Judd --to-- Johnny Ledford
Julia Mae Ledford --to-- Byron Mathewson
Calista Mathewson --to-- Maude Morrical
Morrill --to-- Ethan Olney
Ethan Olney --to-- William de Percy
William de Percy (Lord) --to-- Orinda Putnam
Peter Putnam --to-- Lillis H. Rounds
Lucy Rounds --to-- Edith Sisson
Florence Agnes Sisson --to-- Elizabeth Stearns
Elizabeth Stearns --to-- Osborn Stone
Oscar Stone --to-- Tiffany Tillison
Travis Tillison --to-- Earnest Ward
Edward Ward --to-- Benjamin Whipple
Benjamin Whipple --to-- Helen H. Whipple
Helen Irene Whipple --to-- Nellie Elizabeth Whipple
Nellie Esther Marie Whipple --to-- Sarah Brown Wilcox
Simon Gates Wilcox --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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