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Index of Persons

156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

A. C. --to-- Ada Vera Aikins
John Earl Aikins --to-- Emily Phillips Aspinwall
George Woolsey Aspinwall --to-- Noah Bennet (Jr.)
Rebecca Bennet --to-- Andrew Laurence Brown
Andrew Winsor Brown --to-- Rufus Canfield
Sally Canfield --to-- Sarah Coggeshall or Cogshall
Cecilia Agnes Coggins --to-- Eleanor Cuzlis
Cheryl Elizabeth Cwelich --to-- Hannah Durand
Herbert A. Durand --to-- Eugene Franklin Fletcher
Eunice Fletcher --to-- James Patrick Gordon
James Randall Gordon --to-- Dinah Harris
Donald Harris --to-- Mary Hollister
Rachel Hollister --to-- William Martin Jenks
William Olney Jenks --to-- Mary Knowlton
Mary Knowlton --to-- William Henry Low (Jr.)
William Kinsley Low --to-- Elizabeth Medbury
Ellen L. Medbury --to-- Edward "Mick" Naughton
Masyn Nay --to-- Ebenezer Packard
Ebenezer Packard (Jr.) --to-- Agnes Arletta Phillips
Alberta Harriet Phillips --to-- Mary Lou Reid
Monica Kay Reid --to-- Philena S. Sawyer
Ravonda K. Sawyer --to-- Israel Smith
Israel Smith (Captain) --to-- Tammy Stewart
Thomas Stewart --to-- Paul Stralnic
Paul Stralnic --to-- Ralph Roy Tower
Rebecca Jane Tower --to-- John Waterman
John Waterman --to-- Charles Whipple
Charles Whipple --to-- Irena Angelina Whipple
Irene Whipple (twin) --to-- Otis E. Whipple
Otis Grant Whipple --to-- James Wilkins
James Wilkins --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin


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