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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Rebecca Jane Tower --to-- Wallace Tower
Walter Bowman Tower --to-- Charles F. Towne
Deborah Towne --to-- Clarence Tracy
Cyrus Tracy --to-- Brainard Packard Trask
Charles H. Trask --to-- John Treadwell
John Treadwell --to-- Trefler
Sarah Elizabeth Trefry --to-- Raymond Richard Triebold
Richard Ralph Triebold --to-- Theresa Yvonne Trimmell
Wayne Trimmell --to-- Michelle Marie Trombley
Albert Trone --to-- True
True --to-- Patrick Alan Tryon
Stephen Lewis Tryon --to-- Jerusha Tucker
John Tucker --to-- Electa M. Tuller
Mary Tully --to-- Charles P. Turner
Clara Turner --to-- Olaff Turner
Oliver Turner --to-- Anson S. Tuttle
Augustus S. Tuttle --to-- Lydia Twitchell
Mary Twitchell --to-- James Grayton Tyler
James Henry Tyler --to-- Alpheus Tyning
Charles Tyrrell --to-- Ella Underwood
Elmer Underwood --to-- Ludowick G. Updike
Nancy Updike --to-- William Ford Upson
William Hazlett Upson --to-- Arthur Lawson Valentine
Bertha Valentine --to-- Letitia Van Antwerp
James Ira Van Auken --to-- Alonzo Van Duzer
Ann Elizabeth Van Duzer --to-- John Van Gorder
Martin Van Haren --to-- Darius Van Slyke
Estella Ora Van Slyke --to-- Lillian Vanatta
Mary Keith Vanatta --to-- Wellington Vanduser
William Vandyne --to-- Sarah Sprague Vaughan
Wanton Vaughan --to-- Emily Renee Veilette
Michael Veilette --to-- Lois Vernum
Mary Vernum --to-- Michelle Viers
Scott Viers --to-- Guy C. Vincent
Harriet Elmira Vincent --to-- Rhoda Vinton
Robert Vinton --to-- Ralph Emmett Vogt
Robert Laverne Vogt --to-- Walter Irving Vose
Margaret Vose or Balter --to-- Ellen A. WIlkinson
Hope Rosale WIlkinson --to-- Esek Olney Wade
Ethel Marion Wade --to-- Sukey Wade
Susan Wade --to-- John Wadsworth
John Wadsworth (Jr.) --to-- Nancy Wagener
Samuel L. Wagener --to-- John Paul Wahrenberger
Jonathan Wahrenberger --to-- William Lewis Wakefield
Wyman Wakefield --to-- Moses Walcott
Nancy Walcott --to-- Henry A. Waldron
Juliam Waldron --to-- Alberta Emma Walker
Alford Walker --to-- Elias Walker
Elijah Walker --to-- Jesse Walker
Jessie Agnes Walker --to-- Mary Eliza Walker
Mary Goodenough Walker --to-- Tyana Walker
Waity Maria Walker --to-- Nathaniel Wallace
Nellie C. Wallace --to-- Eber Walling
Eber M. Walling --to-- Aaron Wallis
Abigail Wallis --to-- Patricia Walsh
Peter A. Walsh --to-- Jessica Elizabeth Walton
Jill Renee Walton --to-- Marsha Ann Warath
Christy Jan Warburton --to-- Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward --to-- Lydia Pearl Ward
Lysander J. Ward --to-- William Ward
William Asa Ward --to-- Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner (Captain) --to-- Phebe Warner
Phebe Warner --to-- Daniel Henry Warren
David Warren --to-- Josephine or Jessie Elizabeth Warren
Julia Ann Warren --to-- Sylvester Warren
Tabitha Warren --to-- Roscoe Clifton Washburn
Roscoe Stetson Washburn --to-- Abraham Atwood or Abram Atwood Waterman (Jr.)
Abraham Winsor Waterman --to-- Byron Harold Waterman (Jr.)
Byron Levi Waterman --to-- Frances Thomas Russell Waterman
Francis Joseph Waterman --to-- John Waterman

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