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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Olive Aldrich --to-- Sarah Aldrich
Sarah Aldrich --to-- Charles E. Alexander
Clara Wright Alexander --to-- Tiffany Joy Alioto
Diane Allaire --to-- Augustus Oliver Allen
Austin Allen --to-- Debra Joy Allen
Delbert E. Allen --to-- George Cushing Allen
George Edmund Allen --to-- John Gordon Allen
John Gordon Allen --to-- Mary Allen
Mary "Molly" Allen --to-- Richard Congdon Allen
Richard J. Allen --to-- William B. Allen (2d)
William Harrison Allen --to-- Fred Allison
Howard Allison --to-- George O. Almy
Hazel Gertrude Almy --to-- Clarence H. Amburn
Charles Philip Ament --to-- Lucy P. Ames
Lydia Whipple Ames --to-- Heinrich Ammermann
Inez Lillian Ammermann --to-- Gustav Andersen
Harry Ove Pepke Andersen --to-- Clyde Merrill Anderson
Cole Jacob Anderson --to-- Lillie Anderson
Linda Anderson --to-- Alice Anderton
Anne May Anderton --to-- Caroline B. Andrews
Celia Jane Andrews --to-- Frank Sydney Andrews
Frankie Andrews --to-- John Andrews
John Andrews (Colonel) --to-- Norris E. Andrews
Obed Andrews --to-- Willie Andrews
Zata or Zattu Andrews --to-- Albert Angell
Albert Angell --to-- Anna Angell
Anna Emma Angell --to-- Caroline M. Angell
Caroline Randall Angell --to-- Deborah Angell
Deborah Angell --to-- Emor Angell
Emor Angell --to-- Gideon Angell
Gideon Angell --to-- Ira H. Angell
Irene P. Angell --to-- Jessee Harland Angell
Jessie Angell --to-- Llewellyn Burrill Angell
Lois Shepard Angell --to-- Mary Angell
Mary Angell --to-- Nelson Angell
Newton E. Angell --to-- Rosina Angell
Rufus Angell --to-- Sophia B. Angell
Sophronia Lincoln Angell --to-- Walter L. Angell
Washington M. Angell --to-- John Annable
John Annable --to-- Hannah Anthony
Humphrey Anthony --to-- George M. Appleby
George Sayles Appleby --to-- Nanci Orpha Araiza
Traci Araiza --to-- Ralph Arias
Sheila Malia Rei Arias --to-- Jane Armstrong
Job Armstrong (Jr.) --to-- Abraham Arnold
Abraham Arnold --to-- Anthony Arnold
Anthony Arnold --to-- Charles H. Arnold
Charles Henry Arnold --to-- Edward Henry Arnold
Edward William Arnold --to-- Florence Arnold
Florence E. Arnold --to-- Harriet H. Arnold
Harriet Lippitt Arnold --to-- Job Arnold (Jr.)
Job Arnold (Jr.) --to-- Lena I. Arnold
Lesley Arnold --to-- Martha M. Arnold
Martin Arnold --to-- Nancy Arnold
Nancy Arnold (twin) --to-- Reuben Allen Arnold
Reuben M. Arnold --to-- Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold --to-- Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold --to-- William B. Arnold
William Birket Arnold --to-- George Edward Ashcroft
James Ashcroft --to-- Homer Hoxie Asquith
Eliza Astington --to-- Frances Myrtle Atkinson
Frank Walter Atkinson --to-- Phillipia Atterby
Thomas Atterby --to-- William Baccus Atwood
William Mitchell Atwood --to-- Evelyn Violet Austin
Francena Austin --to-- Gideon Averill
Hiram Nelson Averill --to-- John Avery
John Roy Avery --to-- Elijah Ayer
Elisha Ayer (Sr.) --to-- Julia A. Ayres
Lovice Ayres --to-- George Babcock
George Babcock --to-- Stephen Babcock
Stevens Babcock --to-- Emma Maria Bacon
George Bacon --to-- Martha A. Badger
Nellie Badger --to-- Anna L. Bailey
Annie Laurie Bailey --to-- Lyle Robert Bailey
Mae Bailey --to-- Abiel Baker

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