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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Sarah Adams --to-- Shawna Adamson
Virgil Myers Adamson --to-- Henry Richard Ahrens
Henry Richard Ahrens (Jr.) --to-- Eugene H. Akley
Henry Akley --to-- Rhode Albro
John Albrough --to-- William Alden
William Alden --to-- Alvira Aldrich
Alvira Isabell Aldrich --to-- Charles F. Aldrich
Charles W. Aldrich --to-- Ernest Richard Aldrich
Esek Aldrich --to-- James F. Aldrich
James Franklin Aldrich --to-- Marion W. Aldrich
Martha Aldrich --to-- Peter Aldrich
Peter Aldrich --to-- Sarah Ann Aldrich
Sarah Ann Aldrich --to-- Anna Alexander
Ardella Alexander --to-- Florence Alger
Frank Alger --to-- Amos Hall Allen
Andrew Dean Allen --to-- Clarissa Allen
Clark Allen --to-- Emma F. Allen
Ephraim Allen --to-- Helen Allen
Helen Ida Allen --to-- Larry Neil Allen
Larry Neil Allen --to-- Mary L. Allen
Mary Louise Allen --to-- Richard J. Allen
Robert Allen --to-- Wilber George Allen
Wilber Price Allen --to-- Kirsten Alling-Dam
Knud Alling-Dam --to-- John Henry Allyn
John Lyman Allyn (Jr.) --to-- José E. Alvarez
José E. Alvarez --to-- Daniel Ames
Daniel French Ames --to-- Ruth Ames
Sarah Ames --to-- Sarah W. Ammidon
W. N. Amonett --to-- Cathy Ann Andersen
Charles Andersen --to-- Caroline Lena Anderson
Carrie Anderson --to-- James Elmer Anderson
James K. Anderson --to-- Ronda Kay Anderson
Rosalie Ruth Anderson --to-- Abiezer Albert Andrews
Abraham Andrews --to-- Clem Lewis Andrews
Cornelia Augusta Andrews --to-- George A. Andrews
George H. Andrews --to-- John Cooke Andrews
John Francis Andrews --to-- Naomia Andrews
Nathan Andrews --to-- Viola Alberta Andrews
Violet Margaret Andrews --to-- Abner Angell (Jr.)
Abner H. Angell --to-- Amey Angell
Amey Angell --to-- Asahel S. or Ansel S. Angell
Asenath Angell --to-- Charles Henry Angell
Charles Henry Angell --to-- Dorinda Angell
Dorothy Mann Angell --to-- Emor Angell
Emor Angell --to-- George Angell (Dr.)
George Angell --to-- Herbert Fithian Angell
Hezekiah Angell --to-- James Halsey Angell
James K. P. Angell --to-- John Henry Angell
John Jay Angell --to-- Lydia Angell
Lydia Angell --to-- Mary Dexter Angell
Mary E. Angell --to-- Nicholas W. Angell
Olive Angell --to-- Robert Angell
Robert B. Angell --to-- Sarah S. Angell
Sarah S. Angell --to-- Thomas Angell
Thomas Angell --to-- William R. Angell
William Randall Angell --to-- Olney Annis
Samuel Annis --to-- Mary Anthony
Mary Stafford Anthony --to-- James Appleby
James Appleby (Jr.) --to-- Leo Acedo Araiza
Nanci Orpha Araiza --to-- Richard Charles Archibeck
Carol Belinda Archuleta --to-- Carroll Wright Armstrong
Charles Carroll Armstrong --to-- Edna L. Arney
Arnold --to-- Amey Arnold
Amey Arnold --to-- Baxter Arnold
Baxter S. Arnold --to-- Christopher Arnold
Christopher Arnold --to-- Edwin Wallace Arnold
Eleanor Arnold --to-- Ezekiel Arnold
Ezra Holden Arnold --to-- Hannah Arnold
Hannah Arnold --to-- James Arnold
James Arnold (Jr.) --to-- Joseph Arnold
Joseph Arnold --to-- Lucy Dexter Arnold
Lucy Lippitt Arnold --to-- Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Nathan Arnold
Nathan Arnold --to-- Rebecca Arnold
Reuben Allen Arnold --to-- Sarah Arnold

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