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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Arthur Payzant Aitken --to-- Lois Albee
Lucy Morton Albee --to-- Cynthia Louisa Alden
David Alden --to-- Aaron Robinson Aldrich
Abbie Ann S. Aldrich --to-- Asahel Aldrich
Asahel Aldrich --to-- Eber Aldrich
Edward Kimball Aldrich --to-- Harold Irvin Aldrich
Harriet Augusta Aldrich --to-- Lucius Harrison Aldrich
Lucy Aldrich --to-- Nora J. Aldrich
Obadiah Aldrich --to-- Samuel Aldrich
Samuel Aldrich --to-- Nathan Aldridge
Mary Jane Alds --to-- Daniel Alger
Elizabeth Alger --to-- Amanda Allen
Amelia Allen --to-- Clark Allen
Clark H. Allen --to-- Everett Allen
Ezekiel Allen --to-- Huldah G. Allen
Increase Allen --to-- Lillie B. Allen
Linda Allen --to-- Moses Allen
Moses Allen (Captain) --to-- Sarah Allen
Sarah A. Allen --to-- George Alley
Linda Marie Alley --to-- William Charles Allison
William Shelmire Allison --to-- Isaac Cook Almy
John O. Almy --to-- Matthias Ambrose (Reverend)
William Eliphaz Ambrose --to-- Levi Ames
Levisa L. Ames --to-- Perley Amidon
Philip Amidon --to-- Susan Anchutz
Andelin --to-- Axel T. Anderson
Betty Elinor Anderson --to-- Harry Anderson
Holly Anderson --to-- Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson --to-- Abiezer Albert Andrews
Abraham Andrews --to-- Dennis Rivers Andrews
Don Wilford Andrews --to-- Grace H. Andrews
Guy Edmund Andrews --to-- Joseph Andrews
Joyce F. Andrews --to-- Penelope Bennett Andrews
Perry Andrews --to-- Daniel Andrus
George Everett Andrus --to-- Adeline F. Angell
Albert Angell --to-- Angeline A. Angell
Ann Angell --to-- Betsey Angell
Betsey Angell --to-- Daniel Angell
Daniel Angell --to-- Elizabeth Angell
Elizabeth Angell --to-- Frances Adelaide Angell
Frances C. Angell --to-- Henry E. Angell
Henry Gilbert Angell --to-- James Angell
James Angell --to-- John Angell
John Angell --to-- Lydia Angell
Lydia Angell --to-- Mary B. Angell
Mary Cushing Angell --to-- Oliver Angell
Oliver Angell --to-- Rosina Angell
Rufus Angell --to-- Silas Washburn or Cylus Washburn Angell
Smith Angell --to-- Truman Osborn Angell
Victoria Angell --to-- Ruth Angier
Sibyl Angier --to-- Atala Lee Anthony
Caleb Wilbur Anthony --to-- Donna Mae Antons
Henry Antons --to-- Bethiah Appleton
Catherine Appleton --to-- "Jamie" Archibald
Adams George Archibald --to-- Howard Alan Armknecht
Raymond Henry Armknecht --to-- Norman Armstrong
Pat Armstrong --to-- Albyn Arnold
Aletha Arnold --to-- Asa Arnold
Asa Arnold --to-- Charles Henry Arnold
Charles Lippitt Arnold --to-- Edna Arnold
Edward Arnold --to-- Eunice Arnold
Evelyn F. Arnold --to-- Hannah Arnold
Hannah Arnold --to-- James Arnold
James Lyon Arnold --to-- Joseph Arnold
Joseph Arnold --to-- Lydia Arnold
Lydia Arnold --to-- Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold --to-- Olney Arnold
Olney Arnold (II) --to-- Robert H. Arnold
Robert Haff Arnold --to-- Shubael Manuel Arnold
Silas Arnold --to-- Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold --to-- William Henry Arnold
William Rhodes Arnold --to-- George Edward Ashcroft
James Ashcroft --to-- Mary Rebecca Aspinwall

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