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166471 individuals, 63235 families from file 20211017.ged (17 Oct 2021)

Louise Mariette Stone --to-- Lucy Stone
Lucy Abel Stone --to-- Lydia Stone
Lydia Stone --to-- Marcella B. Stone
Marcia Stone --to-- Marie or Mary Stone
Marietta Stone --to-- Martha Jane Stone
Martha Jane Stone --to-- Mary Stone
Mary Stone --to-- Mary Bemis Stone
Mary C. Stone --to-- Mary Lois Stone
Mary Loretta Stone --to-- May Stone
May Stone --to-- Minerva Stone
Minnette deS. Stone --to-- Moses Judson Stone
Moses P. Stone --to-- Nathan E. Stone
Nathan E. Stone --to-- Nina Stone
Noah Elijah Stone --to-- Orren Stone
Orrin Stone --to-- Peter Michael Stone
Phebe Stone --to-- Prescott Bainbridge Stone
Prescott H. Stone --to-- Rebecca Eliza Stone
Reliance Stone --to-- Roger Kenneth Stone
Roger Pomeroy Stone --to-- Sally Stone
Sally Stone --to-- Samuel Stone
Samuel Stone --to-- Sarah A. Stone
Sarah A. Stone --to-- Seth Stone
Seth Stone --to-- Simon Stone
Simon Stone --to-- Stephen Winchester Stone
Stephen Winchester Stone --to-- Susie Amelia Stone
Susie J. Stone --to-- Thomas Yale Stone
Thornton F. Stone --to-- Walter Burnham Stone
Walter Channing Stone --to-- Wilbur A. Stone
Wilfred Eugene Stone --to-- William Buckley Stone
William Bucknam Stone --to-- William Richard Stone
William Riley Stone --to-- Ellen Stoner
Maud Alice Stoner --to-- Lorenzo Dow Stophlet
Lorenzo Dow Stophlet --to-- Andrew Story
Bertha Mabel Story --to-- Ethel Adair Stoughton
Grace Isabelle Stoughton --to-- Abijah Stowell
Abijah Stowell (Jr.) --to-- Sarah "Sallie" Ann Stowers
Christine Strachan --to-- Philip Strange
Rachel Strange --to-- Shirley Ann Stratton
Susan F. Stratton --to-- Annie R. Streeter
Asa Streeter --to-- Harry G. Streeter
Harry Melvin Streeter --to-- Martha A. Streeter
Martha A. Streeter --to-- Amy Lynn Streu
Darcy Kay Streu --to-- Lynn Schreiner Stringham
Richard Stringham --to-- William Strope (Sr.)
William Strope (Jr.) --to-- Frank Stuart
Helen Stuart --to-- Charles Henry Stuller
Everett Rogers Stuller --to-- Daniel Sturtevant
Eleanor Eliza Sturtevant --to-- Philip Suhre
Aaron Taylor Suisse --to-- Mary Sullivan
Nancy Sullivan --to-- Bernard Glen Sundberg
Edward E. Sundberg --to-- George Howard Suttle
Grover Cleveland Suttle --to-- Daniel Clifton Swain
Daniel Thompkin Swain --to-- Agnes H. Swan
Albert Francis Swan --to-- Sally Swan
Samantha P. Swan --to-- Dean Michael Sward
Holly Ann Sward --to-- Benjamin Sweet
Benjamin Sweet --to-- Fred Arnold Sweet
George Henry Sweet --to-- Julia Sweet
Laura Sweet --to-- Robert Edgar Sweet
Ruth Angell Sweet --to-- Bowen Sweetland
Charles Sweetland --to-- Eliza Swett
Elmer Isaac Swett --to-- Rose Swift
Russell B. Swift --to-- Sykes
Bonnie Mae Sykes --to-- Bethany Jean Szabo
Stanley Szajkowski --to-- Thomas Tabor
Adelaide Tabor or Hannah Adelaide Tabor --to-- Dandridge Gordon Taft
Dandridge Gordon Taft (Jr.) --to-- Lucy Ballou Taft
Lurancy Taft --to-- Sarah Taft
Sarah Taft --to-- George Andrew Tait
Harry Richardson Tait --to-- Carol Davis Taliaferro
Edwin Pendleton Taliaferro --to-- Dana Kay Tanksley
Donna Marie Tanksley --to-- Lynn Marie Tanner
Margaret Tanner --to-- Nancy Ann Tappan
Sarah Tappan --to-- Donald Tate
Dorothy June Tate --to-- Alta Taylor

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