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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Alfred Oziel Wilkinson --to-- Daniel Wilkinson
Daniel Wilkinson --to-- George Wilkinson
George Wilkinson --to-- Joab Wilkinson
Joan Wilkinson --to-- Lucy Capron Wilkinson
Lydia Wilkinson --to-- Pardon Whipple Wilkinson
Patience Wilkinson --to-- Susannah Wilkinson
Susannah Wilkinson --to-- Anna Willard
Anna Bell Willard --to-- Francis Porter Willard
Frank Willard --to-- John Dayton Willard (Reverend)
John Dayton Willard --to-- Olive Althea Willard
Oliver Leland Willard --to-- Marye Willett
Mercy Willett --to-- Amey Ann Williams
Ammon Barnes Williams --to-- Dana Williams
Daniel Williams --to-- George Washington Williams
Gladys E. Williams --to-- John Williams (Jr.)
John Williams --to-- Margaret Williams
Margaret Williams --to-- Patrick Murphy Williams
Paul Williams --to-- Samuel Williams
Sara Ann Williams --to-- William Williams
William Williams (Reverend) --to-- Elizabeth Martha Willis
Ella Lenora Willis --to-- Mary Alvina "Allie" Willyard
Sarah E. "Sally" Willyard --to-- Anna F. Wilson
Anne Mitchell Wilson --to-- Frank M. Wilson
Fred Wilson --to-- Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson --to-- Rachel Louise Wilson
Rebecca Wilson --to-- Hannah Winch
Luther Winch --to-- Deborah Wing
Deborah Wing --to-- Francis Gale or Gale Francis Winne
George Henry Winne --to-- Winsor
Winsor --to-- Asenath Winsor
Augustus Winsor --to-- Elizabeth M. Winsor
Ella Gertrude Winsor --to-- Ira Winsor
Ira Winsor --to-- Lucina Winsor
Lucina Winsor --to-- Olney Winsor
Olney Winsor --to-- Susan Smith Winsor
Susannah Winsor --to-- Alice M. Wippell
Alice Mary Wippell --to-- Louise Wirz
Mabel Wirz --to-- Dylan David Witcher
Josie Elizabeth Witcher --to-- Denet Withington
Elmer Withington --to-- Hazel Gertrude Woletz
Alexandra Anne Wolf --to-- Grace Finetta Wolven
William B. Wolverton --to-- Dana Wood (twin)
Daniel Wood --to-- Ira Wood
Isaac W. Wood --to-- Mary Wood
Mary "Polly" Wood --to-- Stuart Thomas Kucera Wood
Stuteley or Stukley Wood --to-- Harriett Woodbury
Henrietta Augusta Woodbury --to-- Rodger Claude Wooding
Sandra Jane Wooding --to-- Edwin Belle Woods
Elizabeth Woods --to-- Ebenezer Woodward (Deacon)
Edith May Woodward --to-- Rhoda Woodward
Ruth Amelia Woodward --to-- James T. Woolley (Jr.)
Justin D. Woolley --to-- Jessie Mae Worlein
Abraham S. Worley --to-- Desire Worthington
Nettie Worthington --to-- Charles Horton Wright
Charlotte E. Wright --to-- John W. Wright
John W. Wright --to-- Thomas Ronald Wright
Vera Wright --to-- William Howard Wyckoff
Isaac Wycoff --to-- Dean Yanausch
Anna C. Yanavitch --to-- Mary Ann Yeaw
Mehitable Yeaw --to-- William Yoder
Helen E. Yohn --to-- Young
Young --to-- Carrie Young
Catherine Curtis Young --to-- Ethel Young
Ethel Young --to-- Hubert Argyle Young
Hugh Young --to-- Katy Claire Young
Kimball Young --to-- Murray Young
Myron Albert Young --to-- Susan Amelia Young
Susan Lynn Young --to-- Trena Louise Zahn
Alvin Daisy Zaic --to-- Elsie Margaret Zimmerman
Eunice Ptegomani Zimmerman --to-- Lena Zuckschwert
Elizabeth Zug --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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