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165405 individuals, 62788 families from file 20210613.ged (13 Jun 2021)

Ray Henry Whipple --to-- Reed Yeager Whipple
Reginald Joseph Whipple --to-- Richard Whipple
Richard Whipple --to-- Richard W. Whipple
Richard Wayne Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Robert Cutt Whipple
Robert D. Whipple --to-- Robert Lewis Whipple
Robert Lipsett Whipple --to-- Rodney J. Whipple
Rodney Lynn Whipple --to-- Rosco Whipple
Roscoe Purdue "Red" Whipple --to-- Ruba Whipple
Ruba Ann Whipple (twin) --to-- Ruth Whipple
Ruth Whipple --to-- Ruth Maxine Whipple
Ruth Mildred Whipple --to-- Samantha Whipple
Samantha Whipple --to-- Samuel Angel Whipple
Samuel Archie Whipple --to-- Sara Elizabeth Whipple
Sara Marie Whipple --to-- Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple --to-- Sarah "Sally" Whipple
Sarah "Sally" Whipple --to-- Sarah Frances Whipple
Sarah Francis "Fanny" Whipple --to-- Sarah Scott Whipple
Sarah Sly Whipple --to-- Sharlott Ann Whipple
Sharon Whipple --to-- Sidney Whipple
Sidney Beaumont Whipple --to-- Solomon Whipple
Solomon Whipple --to-- Stella Emma Whipple
Stella Estella Whipple --to-- Stephen Jon Whipple
Stephen Joseph Whipple --to-- Susan Whipple
Susan Whipple --to-- Susanna Whipple (triplet)
Susanna Whipple --to-- Tammy Whipple
Tammy Karen Whipple --to-- Theresa Whipple
Theresa Anna Whipple --to-- Thomas C. Whipple
Thomas C. Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Thomas Vearl Whipple
Thomas Vincent Whipple --to-- Tracy True Whipple
Travis Alan Whipple --to-- Venla Whipple
Vera Agnes Whipple --to-- Viola Juanita Whipple
Viola Lucille Whipple --to-- Wait "Waty" Whipple
Waitstill Whipple --to-- Walter Hutchins Whipple
Walter I. Whipple --to-- Warren Whipple
Warren A. Whipple --to-- Wellington G. Whipple
Welthy Whipple --to-- Willard Whipple
Willard Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Whipple
William Whipple --to-- William Bowen Whipple
William Bradford "Willie" Whipple --to-- William George Whipple
William Gerald Whipple --to-- William Johnson Whipple
William Jonah Whipple --to-- William R. Whipple (Jr.)
William Randolph Whipple --to-- William Wesley or Wesley William Whipple
William Wilford Whipple --to-- Winslow O. Whipple
Winsor Whipple --to-- Zoe M. Whipple
[Infant] Whipple --to-- Caleb Earle Whitaker (2d)
Caleb Earle Whitaker --to-- Edward Whitcomb
Edward Wilson Whitcomb --to-- White
White --to-- Chloe White
Chloe White --to-- Fannie White
Farnum White --to-- John G. White
John William White --to-- Mary Edith White
Mary Elizabeth White --to-- Sarah "Sally" White
Sarah Davis White --to-- Morris Rennie Whitehead
Munson Whitehead --to-- Betsey Whiting
Charles William Whiting --to-- Elizabeth Arnold Whitman
Ella M. Whitman --to-- Elizabeth Whitmore
Elvira Whitmore --to-- Ephraim Whitney (Jr.)
Ethel R. Whitney --to-- Nathan Whitney
Nathan Tyler Whitney --to-- Vesta Peronne Whittaker
William Halls Whittaker --to-- John Wickes (Jr.)
John Wickes --to-- Wales Wiggins
Mary S. Wigglesworth --to-- Ruth Wike
William Melzo Wike --to-- Florence B. Wilbur
Florice Wilbur --to-- Sarah Millard Wilbur
Sarah or Amelia Wilbur --to-- Horace Alexander Wilcox
Howell George Wilcox --to-- Susan Wilcox
Susan E. Wilcox --to-- Charles Wilder
Eliza Wilder --to-- Alfred Donovan Wilhelm (Jr.)
Charlene Wilhelm --to-- James F. Wilkins
Jane Elizabeth Wilkins --to-- Alfred Oziel Wilkinson
Almira Wilkinson --to-- Daniel Wilkinson
Daniel Wilkinson --to-- Freelove Maria Wilkinson
Garner or Gardner Wilkinson --to-- Jeremiah Aldrich Wilkinson

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