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Index of Persons

163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Samuel Chase Wilkinson --to-- William H. Wilkinson
William Henry Wilkinson --to-- Doris M. Willard
Ebenezer Scott Willard --to-- Henry Willard
Henry Ellis Willard --to-- Mariah Willard
Mariette Amelia Willard --to-- William Willard
William Blodgett Willard --to-- Williams
"Hannah" Gay Williams --to-- Charles C. Williams
Charles C. Williams --to-- Ethel M. Williams
Eva Williams --to-- Jeanette Eva Williams
Jeanette Louise Williams --to-- Lizzie Frances Williams
Lizzie Reed Williams --to-- Morgan Williams
Myra Williams --to-- Roy Dean Williams
Roy Dean Williams --to-- Thomas R. Williams
Tom Williams --to-- Caleb Willis
Caleb Geer Willis --to-- Erwin Louis Willyard
George Willyard --to-- Alice Dunn Wilson
Alicia Lydia Wilson --to-- Euphemia Haldane Wilson
Evelyn Keach Wilson --to-- John Wilson
John Wilson --to-- Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson --to-- Jack A. Wilty
Scott A. Wilty --to-- Elmer Louis Winfield
Lawrence Winfield --to-- Pauline Essie Winn
Phyllis Winn --to-- Shadrack Winslow
Warren Allyn Winslow --to-- Anson Potter Winsor
Arthur Winsor --to-- Elizabeth Winsor
Elizabeth Winsor --to-- Ira Winsor
Ira Winsor --to-- Lucina Winsor
Lucretia E. Winsor --to-- Paris Winsor (Jr.)
Paulina Winsor --to-- Thomas King Winsor
Waite Winsor --to-- Constance E. Wippell
Edith F. Wippell --to-- Debra Ann Wise
Earl Willard Wise --to-- George Witham
Jennifer Rose Witham --to-- Nathan Noyes Withington
Paul Withington --to-- Alice Wolfe
Allen Wolfe --to-- Albert N. Wood
Alexander Selkirk Wood --to-- Emery Wood
Emma A. Wood --to-- John A. Wood
John Arnold Wood --to-- Orpha E. Wood
Otis Wood --to-- Harriet Colesta Woodard
Jason Lee Woodard --to-- Sarah Josephine Woodbury
Simon Woodbury --to-- Jennie C. Woodmansee
Sarah Melinda Woodmansee --to-- Sally Woods
Sandra Kay Woods --to-- John Woodward
John Woodward --to-- Clinton Woodyatt
Dorothy Eleanor Woodyatt --to-- Minnis Amelia Wooten
Benjamin Worcester --to-- Roy Westcott Worrell
Margaret Worsham --to-- Anna Wright
Anne Wright --to-- Gordon Wright
Grace Wright --to-- Rebekkah Wright
Reese Wright --to-- Sarah Wyatt
Sarah J. Wardell Wyatt --to-- Zebediah Wyman
Judith Mae Wyndham --to-- Trevor Yates
Trevor Crandall Yates --to-- Douglas Richard Yester
Richard Yester --to-- William Nevin Yost
Will Youell --to-- Brigham Bicknell Young
Brigham Heber Young (Jr.) --to-- Emeline Free Young
Emily Augusta Young --to-- Helena Roseberry Young
Henrietta Young --to-- Julia Dean Young
Junia Young --to-- Moses Young (Captain)
Murray Young --to-- Susan Amelia Young
Susan Lynn Young --to-- James Edward Zaic
James Jerome Zaic --to-- Frank Zimmerman
Frederick Zimmerman --to-- J. W. Zumwalt
James Kenneth Zumwalt --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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