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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Oliver Cromwell Wilbur (Sr.) --to-- Dorothy Elizabeth Wilcox
Ed Wilcox --to-- Raymond Wilcox
Raymond Wilcox --to-- Adelaide Wilder
Alexander Wilder --to-- Merritt G. Wilgus
Gertrude M. Wilharm --to-- Julie Wilkins
Linda Elaine Wilkins --to-- Anawan Wilkinson
Andrew J. Wilkinson --to-- Edwin Ruthven Wilkinson
Eliza Wilkinson --to-- Hiram Wilkinson
Huldah Wilkinson --to-- Joseph Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson --to-- Mary Chace Wilkinson
Mary Elizabeth Wilkinson --to-- Sarah Spencer Wilkinson
Shubael Wilkinson --to-- Aaron Willard
Aaron Walter Willard --to-- Eulah May Willard
Eunice Willard --to-- John Willard
John Willard --to-- Oliver Leland Willard
Oren Charles Willard --to-- Abel White Willey
Ada Francis Willey --to-- Anne Priscilla Williams
Annis "Annie" Williams --to-- Edgar Remington Williams
Edgar Thomas Williams --to-- Henry Clay Williams
Henry D. Williams --to-- Josiah Williams
Josiah Sartell Williams --to-- Mathewson Andrus Williams
Mathilda Christenia Williams --to-- Robert Seton Williams
Robert Seton Williams --to-- Thomas Edgar Williams
Thomas Lanier Williams --to-- Bethiah Willis
Caleb Willis --to-- Irene Willyard
James Willyard --to-- Anna Wilson
Anna F. Wilson --to-- George Wilson
George Wilson --to-- Kelly Wilson
Kenneth Sydney Wilson --to-- Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson --to-- Prudence Winchester
Sarah Winchester --to-- Elizabeth Winger
Wingert --to-- Helen Brightie Winslow
Henry Clarke Winslow --to-- Amey Winsor
Amy Winsor --to-- Delma A. Winsor
Duty or Dutee Winsor --to-- Henry B. V. Winsor
Henry Edgar Winsor --to-- Leonard A. Winsor
Leonard M. Winsor --to-- Obed Winsor
Olney Winsor (Jr.) --to-- Tabitha Burlingame Winsor
Thankful Winsor --to-- Constance E. Wippell
Edith F. Wippell --to-- Henry Wise
Henry Wise --to-- Robert C. Witham
Thelma Witham --to-- Daniel Brigham Witt
James D. Witt --to-- Lorie Wolfgang
Michael Wolfgang --to-- Benjamin B. Wood
Betsey Wood --to-- George Olney Wood
Gertrude May Wood --to-- Malinda Wood
Manning Wood --to-- Sarah Adelade Wood
Sarah E. Wood --to-- George H. Woodbury
George W. Woodbury --to-- Sandra Jane Wooding
Sheila Kay Wooding --to-- Jacquiline Genevieve Woods
Jason Anthony Woods --to-- Frank Woodward
Frank R. Woodward --to-- Helen P. Woodworth
Jeremiah Woodworth --to-- Catherine Annie Woolverton
Henry Woolworth --to-- Frederick Tilden Worrell
Judith Anne Worrell --to-- Anna Wright
Anne Wright --to-- Handman P. Wright
Hannah Rebecca Wright --to-- Sally Wright
Sarah Wright --to-- Lucy Wyburn
William G. Wyburn --to-- Edwin C. Yale
Eloise Yale --to-- Mehitable Yeaw
William H. Yeaw --to-- Matilda Yorgensen
Aaron Mereon York --to-- Alffales Young
Alice Young --to-- Clarissa Maria Young
Clint Young --to-- Florence Ellen Young
Frances Elizabeth Young --to-- John Young
John Brigham Young --to-- Malvina Adelaide Young
Manfred Irving Young --to-- Robert Howard Young
Robert Jesse "Bobbie" Young --to-- Mary Ruth Youngman
Willis Blake Youngman --to-- Alice Zimmerman
Andrew Zimmerman --to-- John Henry Zook
Adolf Zuber --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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