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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Ada Wiggins --to-- Martin Salisbury Wightman or Whitman
Polly Wightman or Whitman --to-- Esther Eleanor Wilbur
Florence B. Wilbur --to-- Susan Wilbur
Susan Wilbur --to-- Jesse R. Wilcox (Jr.)
Jesse Randall Wilcox --to-- Deborah Wild
Deborah Wild --to-- Lucy Wilder
Martha Wilder --to-- Frank Austin Wilkins
Frank Eugene Wilkins --to-- Alpha W. Wilkinson
Amanda Wilkinson --to-- David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson --to-- Hannah Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson --to-- John Wilkinson (Jr.)
John Wilkinson --to-- Martha Wilkinson
Mary Wilkinson --to-- Samuel Scott Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson --to-- Winfield Scott Wilkinson
Monica Wilks --to-- Ella Willard
Ella Willard --to-- Isaac Willard
Isaac Augustus Willard --to-- Mary Elizabeth Willard
Mary Wood Willard --to-- Herbert Willett
Hezekiah Willett --to-- Amos Williams
Amos B. Williams --to-- Ebenezer S. Williams
Ebert Demontrus "Mont" Williams --to-- Harriet L. "Hattie" Williams
Harris Williams --to-- Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams --to-- Mary Williams
Mary Williams --to-- Rea Audrey Williams
Rebecca Williams --to-- Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams --to-- Asenath Willis
Augusta Willis --to-- Armenia "Nin" Willyard
Earl C. Willyard --to-- Anna Wilson
Anna F. Wilson --to-- H. Jennette Wilson
Hannah Wilson --to-- Loretta Ann Wilson
Lucretia Wilson --to-- Urana Frances or Frances Urana Wilson
Valentine Wilson --to-- George Edward Wines
Kolten Virgil Wines --to-- Ralph Paul Winn
Robert Winn --to-- Warren Allyn Winslow
Wealthy Winslow --to-- Anson P. Winsor
Anson Potter Winsor --to-- Edwin Herbert Winsor
Eleanor Leah Winsor --to-- Henry Winsor
Henry Andrew Winsor --to-- Julia Ann Winsor
Julia G. Winsor --to-- Mercy Winsor
Mercy Winsor --to-- Sarah Josephine Winsor
Sarah Sweet Winsor --to-- Lucy Winthrop
Joseph Wipf or Whipp --to-- Wipple
Wipple --to-- Lois Wiswell
Daisey Mae Witchey --to-- William Withington
Mary Withrow --to-- Herbert David Wolff
Maria Wolff --to-- Bathsheba Wood
Benjamin Wood --to-- George Mackay Wood
George Olney Wood --to-- Malinda or Malina Wood
Manning Wood --to-- Sarah Adelade Wood
Sarah E. Wood --to-- Hannah Woodbury
Hannah Woodbury --to-- Emma Judith Woodman
Emma Lucretia Woodman --to-- Sally Woods
Sally Woods --to-- Jonathan Woodward
Joseph Woodward --to-- Jane Woolen
Sidney Woolett --to-- Ester Worden
Francina Worden --to-- Lucy Worth
Lydia Worth --to-- Clarinda Fenn Wright
Clarissa Henrietta Wright --to-- Martha Wright
Martha D. Wright --to-- Lucian Wyatt
Lydia Wyatt --to-- Hideo Yamamoto
Tokuko Yamamoto --to-- Sanford A. Yeomans
Wightman Yeomans --to-- Lucy May York
Lyman L. York --to-- Arthur Young
Austin F. Young --to-- Edwin Dowden Young
Edwin O. Young --to-- Harriet Maria Young
Harriet May Young --to-- Julia Young
Julia Ann Vilate Young --to-- Murray Young
Myron Albert Young --to-- Tom Young
Troy Young --to-- Victor George Zeman
Zemeskas --to-- Wayne Zoerink
Zollinger --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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