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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Lemuel Tucker --to-- Rose McKee Tuller
William Niles Tuller --to-- Beverly Julie Turner
Caroline M. Turner --to-- Martha Turner
Martha Ann B. Turner --to-- William Durban Turville
William S. Turville --to-- Carol Twigg
Margaret Twiggs --to-- Emma Louisa Tyler
Eunice Tyler --to-- Rispah or Rezpah Tyler
Robert Vogel Tyler --to-- Linda Rutlege Ultang
Robert Umfreville --to-- Rebecca Ann Abigale Underwood
Richard Donald Underwood --to-- John Upham
John Upham --to-- Stella Catherine Usselman
Catherine Ussher --to-- Frederick Joseph Valentino
Frederick Joseph Valentino --to-- Lulu Estella Van Camp
Orlando Van Camp --to-- William Henry Van Duzer (Jr.)
Van Dyck --to-- Benjamin Van Leuven
Benjamin Van Leuven --to-- Alice Clorinda Van Winkle
Clarisa Van Winkle --to-- Dennis Wayne Vance
Eric Shane Vance --to-- Rebecca Vannest
Linda Sue Vannordstrand --to-- Christine Anne Vaughn
Christopher W. Vaughn --to-- Nick Vella
Matthew Velora --to-- Nathan Verry
Nathan Verry (Jr.) --to-- Ada Jane Viersen
Anna Estella Viersen --to-- Henrietta Vincent
Hiram Hurlburt Vincent --to-- Sarah Vinton
William Vinton --to-- Marilyn Hirst Vogt
Paula Joyce Vogt --to-- John Mason Vose
Laura A. Vose --to-- Wilbert C. Vyse
Adeline W. Cowan --to-- Edith S. Wade
Edna M. Wade --to-- Sarah Wade
Sarah Wade --to-- Jacob Wadsworth
James Wadsworth --to-- David S. Wagener
George W. Wagener --to-- John Lloyd Wagstaff
Linda Wagstaff --to-- Polly Waite
Samuel A. Waite --to-- Harriet Whipple Walcott
Henry Howard Walcott --to-- Florence B. Waldo
Frank W. Waldo --to-- Kyle Nicholas Waley
Laura Lawson Waley --to-- Cecil Walker
Cecil Walker --to-- George Walton Walker
George Whitfield Walker --to-- Linda Jane Walker
Lloyd Walker --to-- Quinn Walker
R. C. Walker --to-- April Wallace
Audrey Wallace --to-- Amanda Waller
Ann H. Waller --to-- John Walling
John Walling (Jr.) --to-- Karen Walls
Lynn Walls --to-- Candice Ann Walter
Louis J. Walter --to-- Peres Walton
Rachel Walton --to-- Elizabeth Wanton
Elizabeth Gardner Wanton --to-- Dolly May Ward
Dorothy Marian Ward --to-- Laura E. Ward
Lee Ward --to-- Sarah H. Ward
Sarah Jane Ward --to-- Edith A. C. Waring
Katharine Ball Waring --to-- Luke Warner
Margaret Warner --to-- Bertha Warren
Bertha L. Warren --to-- Horace Warren
Horrace Warren --to-- Peter W. Warren
Phebe Warren --to-- Amelia Washburn
Anson Washburn --to-- Lemira C. Waterhouse
Leslie F. Waterhouse --to-- Anna Irene Waterman
Anna Maria Waterman --to-- Elisha Amaziah Waterman
Elisha Pratt Waterman --to-- Henry Waterman
Henry Waterman --to-- Leola F. Waterman
Louisa Waterman --to-- Mercy Waterman
Mercy Waterman --to-- Sarah Waterman
Sarah Waterman --to-- William Shaw Waterman
Zeno Waterman --to-- Frederick Watkins
Helen Watkins --to-- Bessie Florence Watrous
Bessie Kate Watrous --to-- Edris Joanne Watrous
Edward Arnold Watrous --to-- Hannah Mary Watrous
Harold Alden Watrous --to-- Kenneth Sherwood Watrous
Kenneth Stillman Watrous --to-- Nathan Watrous
Nathan Watrous --to-- Sarah Elvira or Sarah Emma Watrous

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