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166807 individuals, 63399 families from file 20211126.ged (26 Nov 2021)

Ellen C. Stone --to-- Emma Cornelia Stone
Emma Eugenia Stone --to-- Ethel Huldah Stone
Ethel M. Stone --to-- Fannie Cordelia Stone
Fannie Elizabeth Stone --to-- Francis Dwight Stone (Captain)
Francis F. Stone --to-- Freda Louisa Stone
Freddie Willie Stone --to-- George Dorr Stone
George Edward Stone --to-- George Whitefield Stone (Reverend)
George William Stone --to-- Hannah Stone
Hannah Stone --to-- Harriet Louisa Stone
Harriet Louise Stone --to-- Helen M. Stone
Helen Margaret Stone --to-- Henry S. Stone
Henry Warren Stone --to-- Howard Paul Stone
Howard Wilkins Stone --to-- Jacob Stone
Jacob Stone --to-- Jane Stone
Jane Stone --to-- Joel Stone
Joel Stone --to-- John Crafts Stone
John E. Stone --to-- Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone --to-- Josephine Arabella Stone
Josephine E. Stone --to-- Kenneth L. Stone
Kenneth Lee Stone --to-- Leon Vose Stone
Leonard Stone --to-- Lincoln Ripley Stone (M.D.)
Linda Charlotte Stone --to-- Lucinda Stone
Lucinda Stone --to-- Luther Stone
Luther Stone --to-- Manasseh Stone
Manon R. Stone --to-- Marjory Isabel Stone
Mark Almeron Stone --to-- Mary Stone
Mary Stone --to-- Mary Ann Davis Stone
Mary Ann Hapgood Stone --to-- Mary S. Stone
Mary Slade Stone --to-- Mildred Alice Stone
Mildred C. Stone --to-- Moses Stone
Moses Stone --to-- Nathaniel Stone
Nathaniel Stone (Deacon) --to-- Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone --to-- Persis Angeline Stone
Persis Ellen Stone --to-- R. Elizabeth Stone
Rachel Stone --to-- Richard Stone
Richard Stone --to-- Ruth May Stone
Ruth Sybil Stone --to-- Samuel Freeman Stone
Samuel G. Stone --to-- Sarah Florence Stone
Sarah Green Stone --to-- Simon Stone (Captain or Deacon)
Simon Stone --to-- Sukey Stone
Sukie or Susan Stone --to-- Temperance Stone
Thankful Stone --to-- Waldo James Stone
Waldo Lewis Stone --to-- Willard Phelps Stone
Willard Wilberforce Stone --to-- William G. Stone
William Garrett Stone --to-- Zuri Williams Stone
twin Stone --to-- Lorenzo Dow Stophlet
Marietta Stophlet --to-- John Story
John Story --to-- Sarah Whitcomb Stow
Elizabeth "Betsey" Stowe --to-- Nicholas Stowers
Sarah "Sallie" Ann Stowers --to-- Alice Holman Stratton
Amelia Stratton --to-- Jennings Bryan Strebel
Streck --to-- Hannah E. Streeter
Harold Streeter --to-- Orlando Lyman Streeter
Oscar Alonzo Streeter --to-- Walter Strickland
Caroline Strickrott --to-- Lillian Elizabeth Strope
Mary Isabell Strope --to-- Cassie Jean Stubbs
Donald Connet Stubbs --to-- Sally Sturgeon
Benjamin Sturgess --to-- Mary Sudbury
Jamie Noel Sudik --to-- Sean M. Sullivan
Walter Mason Sullivan --to-- Anna Mae Sutherland
Bertha A. Sutherland --to-- Ann Marie Swain
Annie G. Swain --to-- Clara Legrand Swan
Constantine V. Swan --to-- Maria Bowen Swann
Mary Mercer Swann --to-- Alice Maud Sweet
Almira Sweet --to-- George Willard Sweet
Gilbert Aldrich Sweet --to-- Mary Sweet
Mary Sweet --to-- William Sweet
William A. Sweet --to-- Ethel Stearns Swett
Frank Osgood Swett --to-- Brian Edward Switzer
Carl Switzer --to-- Mary Symonds
Mehitable Symonds --to-- Adelaide Tabor or Hannah Adelaide Tabor
Phoebe Tabor or Taber --to-- Ellen A. Taft
Ellen Frances Taft --to-- Peter Taft
Phebe Taft --to-- Eleanor Tait
George Andrew Tait --to-- Russell Lawrence Talley

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